Stickman Readers' Submissions September 25th, 2003

A Good Start

By Barry

After many years of experience with bar-girls I had to devise some rules. I shouldn’t be behaving as a newcomer anymore, I should control myself. Rules of contact, rules to increase the pleasure of the whole affair, rules about safety, rules for everything. But the most difficult rule of all to follow was my two night rule. Stay with a lady you like very much more than 2 nights and if she is clever enough and experienced to avoid behavioural ‘mistakes’ you soon find yourself in deep shit. Emotionally and financially that is. Usually, it's becoming a kind of a drug addiction. You know its inappropriate, potentially harmful but when you are high on it, the hell with all the rules and reason. You are a happy ma! Alas, in most of the cases, this is only temporary.

Free Party at Cloud nine

She caught my eye almost instantly. Was it the fact that as a waitress she had to wear some clothes on her fine body? Was it, that after all these years I was really tired and not excited a bit with the view of all these naked women dancing around on stage? Probably. She was really tall, a very young looking face, long black hair, white skin, slim, flat stomach, long legs. Definitely a nine. She looked really sexy in her tight blouse and mini tight skirt.

Well, from about 50 girls in the bar I decided I liked only her. I tried to make eye contact but to no avail. I called the mamasan pointed at her and asked if I could buy her a drink. She went to talk to her but then she wouldn't come. Damn I was not rejected very often. Especially in these places and with a pocket full of money. Ten minutes later, frustrated, I gave up looking at her and started to watch a boring on-stage show, when she came and sheepishly sat next to me. I did not touch her which for me is a little unusual. I bought her a “Spy”. We had some small talk for ten minutes to break the ice. She told me she was only 20 (proved to be 19 later on), working in this place for just a month. I asked her if she would come out with me.

-I never go hotel with farang. Two time before I only go dinner and see movie.
-Why don’t you go? You don’t like farangs? Are you a virgin maybe (laughing)?
-No, no! I have one Thai boyfriend before, now finit. I afraid go hotel with farang. I young lady. I can go out with you, but tour only!

– Sorry but I think you are too sexy just to have dinner with you. I like we go out together, have dinner, another drink maybe. But then we'll go surely to my hotel and have sex. A lot of sex. Maybe one time, maybe two times, maybe three. I don’t know. Phom chawp tam lak, kao jai mai?

-I don’t know…But , …I need money to pay for my room… How much you give me?
-I’ll give you 2000 baht, but you will leave in the morning. Not in the middle of the night, not 6 o’clock when the sun rises, but about 10 or 11. And in the morning maybe we’ll have sex again, if I like. Is that OK with you? Mai chawp short time, long time only.
-( thinking for 3 seconds ) OK! OK! You wait me I put my clothes.

And off we went. I usually don’t buy this “inexperienced lady” and “you are my first customer” shit, but this one looked genuine. Very little knowledge of English, no mobile phone, no fancy gold jewellery. The signs surely matched.

Back in the hotel an hour later. She spent about forty minutes in the bathroom. All this time, except the first 5 minutes, I could not hear any water running or any other noise. What the hell was she doing in there? Thinking? Not sure of what she was doing with me? Finally she came out, put her clothes and underwear on the sofa in a neat pack and came to the bed with a fake smile, wrapped in her white towel. Interestingly she did not ask for the light to be turned off as I expected. But then she closed her eyes. She was letting me do to her whatever I liked. I took her towel off first.
-Nau! (cold).

-OK! I’ll turn the aircorn off for a while.
God, was she beautiful! A body to die for! Anatomically perfect ! They must be using some good old recipe up there in Isaan. She did not now how to take the sexual positions, clumsy with her legs, a little tight down there, bad kisser, did not mention anything about condoms. (But, as always, I used two, with plenty of K-Y). Foreplay and sex lasted for an hour, maybe more.

The verdict : very beautiful, but inexperienced (experienced women are very good for sex but unsettling for the romantically oriented male. And the sex was average too. But I liked her! A lot!

In the morning the same act was repeated. But then she was oh so shy to have a shower together.
-You want see me again tonight mai?
-Yes, but I thought I made you a little tired last night. Are you sure?
-Me sure, me like you. Khun chawp mai ?
-OK. Can you come bak to the hotel at 7 o’clock? (to save the barfine of course )
-Sir, your lady is downstairs. Can she come up to your room?
-Well, yes, why not.

The two day rule was badly broken. And badly bruised. We spent one month together. She decided to stop working (she was making only 5,000 a month plus tips anyway). Every night we would go out and have fun and then back to hotel for sex. There was only a problem at the beginning, a bit serious from my point of view : I could not convince her to have sex more than twice a day. Initially she wanted once a day only. She said, with her Thai boyfriend before, it was only like 2 times a week and lasting only 10 minutes. Me, I needed to do it with this woman at least 3 times a day, each session lasting an hour or more (I thought I was misjudging the time so I used a chronometer to find out!). She never said she liked it, she didn’t seem to hate it either. But when we got familiar enough, a few days later, her juices were flowing uncontrollably (do I detect a hint of exaggeration hereStick). She must have felt something, to say the least! I didn’t know where the hell I was getting that energy from. Back in Farangland it was like once a week, at the most. I must have really liked this chick. After a few days she complained that she hurt. Oh! Excuses! I did not believe her. I thought sex for her was only work , so naturally she wanted to work less during the day. One day, fed-up, I told her to pack and leave my room at once, but she cried and wouldn't go whatever I said. A selfish bastard trying to take advantage of a poor young girl? Maybe, but I was not ashamed. Sex meant a lot for me and felt no guilt about it. I had come far away for this shit, I was with a woman I wanted like crazy and not getting enough was making me mad. But at the end I compromised. A bad sign indeed!

We stayed together practically all day, everyday. She wanted to take formal lessons on English and computers. I bought her a mobile phone and many clothes. Her little sad story, very common with bargirls: orphaned from father at young age, a mother struggling to meet ends , she managed to finish high school, went to the big city to help the family, got a descent job in a beauty salon but the money was very little, then she started working in the bar.

There was no talk of love between us .I was 20 years her senior, I knew I took her from a bar, I never forgot I was paying money to have sex with her. It would have been ridiculous to be thinking otherwise. I’ve done the same many times before. Nearly always I managed to be in control of my emotions, to escape intact. I told her, yes, I liked her very much, but one day I had to go back home, maybe for good. I wanted to pay her money every day in the morning but she declined. She was only asking for small amounts and every time she had to buy something, it was from a cheap discount store. Not a big spender, no family problems that she needed money for. Before my scheduled departure back home, we went to Phuket for a week. I realize now that, unconsciously, I wanted to live this dream in a more proper, more romantic setting. It was a dream holiday for sure. Swimming in fine beaches, walking hand in hand in the tropical sunset, sex in between and after. Many people were looking at her. And at me (lucky bastard !). At times I caught myself feeling proud walking with her. I had to fight these emotions.

On return to Krung Thep I had to kiss her goodbye in Don Muang airport because my plane was leaving soon. She was teary eyed. I wondered why. Did she have any feelings for me? I quickly dismissed that thought. She would be missing the easy life for sure, that’s why, I thought.

I gave her discreetly a pack of thousand baht notes, about 2000 for each day we had spent together. She did not count it, put it in her purse and said thank you with a wai. She wiped her tears. I asked her if she anted to see me again. She said yes, so I promised to come back in 2 months. She said she was going to wait for me, did not want to go back to work (her idea, not my suggestion) but surprisingly did not ask me for a monthly allowance as is usually the case. But now she had enough money anyway.

A hug, a quick kiss in the lips. I watched her walking down to the taxi stand in her tight white dress, her jet black hair glowing in the morning sun. And it hurt.

Oh, shit ! There’s that familiar feeling again!

(to be continued in Part II : The Bitter End )

Stickman says:

I fail to comprehend how a guy could keep a girl with him who obviously doesn't want to be there. And how can sex be fun if the other person really doesn't want to do it? I'll reserve judgment until we have read part 2, but frankly, this is all sounding pretty fucked up to me. Irrespective of whether you are paying a girl for sex, if she doesn't want it, just quite what does that make it?