Stickman Readers' Submissions September 26th, 2003

Do Bargirls Enjoy Having Sex With Their Customers?

By Barry

Stick, this submission was partly triggered by the response I got from you on my last one (A good start). Why did I spend such a long time with a bargirl that did not seem to enjoy sex with me? Well the answer is obvious! Emotional attachment! And when that happens with a bargirl, yes, you are fucked up!

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But all this raises an interesting question: Do bargirls generally enjoy having sex with their customers? Is that a factor to be taken seriously? What is the subject here, their sexual satisfaction or ours?

Do we really want bargirls to enjoy sex with us? Do we need a bargirl’s testimony to increase our self-esteem as lovers? If their response is positive would you believe them? Is this a response in a healthy sexual relationship? Would you take seriously such a response? Would you believe that you are a great lover if a Thai bargirl says so? Is that what you really want to hear? Would you stay longer with a bargirl that seems to enjoy your sexual abilities? Would you pay her more money? Would you want to marry her? Do you think when they moan it’s for real? When they tell you “oh you selfish man, you didn’t wait for me to come to!” that’s true? Would you go to bed with a western prostitute and her sexual satisfaction would be a significant factor?

Only very naive people with a limited or non-existent sex life outside prostitution would believe such shit. Especially in a country where all kinds of negative critique is a strong social taboo. Thai bargirls will tell you exactly what you want to hear. And they know very well what that is. That you should be probably be acting in x-rated movies with such an enormous sexual ability. And then you would be a very happy man, wouldn’t you? I was very interested before in this matter. Partly because some of them showed to be enjoying sex with me a lot, a fact contrary to common sense since I was only a customer they just met. So I had to do my own statistics. My statistical specimen is about 800 Thai bargirls, so its fucking big.

Every time, I had one, I used to discuss this subject. And I got my answers. After a while, they can talk freely about this. Especially If you ask them what they think about sex with OTHER customers. They will usually not talk DIRECTLY about you, as there is a financial risk attached to it. You can easily extrapolate the findings to yourself if you can stand the truth.

So what do they think about it?

Well, sex is invariably considered part of the work they do. They rarely consider it as a form of satisfaction. They have persuaded themselves that is nothing important, say just like drinking a can of beer, so they can tolerate the mental trauma of having sex with any kind of man irrespective of their physical attraction or aversion to him. Young, old, slim, fat, bald, dirty, drunk. You can see them near bar closing time how choosy they are when looking for a customer for the night. They don’t fucking care as long as they get the money. For them in general terms, more sex is more work, end of the story. Ideally they would like the customer to dine them, entertain them and then go together to his hotel and have a good night’s sleep. WITH NO SEX. Next best thing, some old fart who would only touch them and jerk his brains off. Then, if sex is really unavoidable the best would be one time only, as little foreplay as possible and as quick as possible (3 minutes max). Premature ejaculators are for them the cream of the crop. Impotent customers are kings! Why do you think they rush to go 6 o’clock in the morning with the first sunlight? Why do they devise ways to make it a short time (oh my sister got sick tonight! oh I forgot tonight is my paying day and I have to go back to the bar! oh I forgot tonight is my best friends birthday) when the deal was for all night? Because they really want more sex from you? Because they need you to fulfil their sexual desires?

Do you think they prefer young customers than old? You are very wrong. Why? Because young guys can fuck them a lot, and that’s a lot of work for their overworked bodies. Older guys usually fuck less and pay more. Japanese men, are also considered good customers. They fuck little, they pay much.

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Very few of them enjoy sex. Maybe some newbies who are not hardcore yet, with a good looking customer. But they are rare exceptions to be taken into account. Because for a bargirl to enjoy sex she must be in the right mental state. And after a couple of months in the job in the right mental state they are definitely not! If a poor girl from the province enters this profession, after a few months her ideas about men, romance and sex change. PERMANENTLY!

This the most serious reason why most of the marriages to these ladies fail. Because they are not thinking in the same frequency as “normal” women anymore! So guys like me who use to fuck them a lot are not good customers. I have to warn them before they come out with me. Its gonna be all night and its gonna be hard work to earn their money. So there will be no surprises back at the hotel. And don’t think I ask for weird or kinky staff. But only a few can stand it more than 3-4 days in a row. They usually go, cause they can make money easier! Especially in high season. Some they do want to stay long, and they moan, and scream, and say and do all the “necessary to love them” stuff. But that’s because they’re hoping to secure their financial future. I do usually resist, but not always as my story proves. We are only humans and basically weak, no matter what we think about ourselves.

Stickman says:

To the question of whether bargirls enjoy sex or not, I cannot answer as it is different with every girl, and every customer.

However, when we think about the situation which you talked about in your previous piece ­ and which you also touch on here – whereby you believe that because you are paying them you can fuck them as much as you like irrespective of the fact that they obviously hate it, I would suggest to you that you are exactly the type of guy that the girls least like. I have seen girls with really heinous looking guys, but at least the guys treated them with a deal of respect and the girls may have actually had some fun. Believe me when I say this, if this submission is truly representative of who you are, you are exactly the type of guy that the girls most want to avoid. I don’t know how you can continually have sex with someone who REALLY doesn’t want to be there with you. Don’t you think this is borderline rape?

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