Stickman Readers' Submissions August 19th, 2003

A Shafted Welshman

By A Shafted Welshman (Funny that!)

I'm a Welshman who has been married to a Thai woman for 3 years. We are both in our forties and I did not meet her in a bar. I knew her for about 1 year before we were married and during that time she never asked me for and I never gave or sent her a penny. When she arrived in Wales she was and indeed still is a hard working woman. Working 6 days a week as a hairdresser and on weekend evenings working at a local Thai restaurant. After reading some of the horror stories on your website I felt I was a lucky man with a beautiful, hard working, Thai wife.

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Last year I foolishly gave her about £10,000 to set up a beauty salon in Thailand (after all she was my wife and I trusted her). The idea being that she went to Thailand and set up the salon and I would join her in LOS a year later and work as an English Teacher in Bangkok. However, she took my hard earned money and bought a bar, with assorted musical instruments and PA system etc, in Pattaya of all places. Obviously, the business quickly went bust and she asked for more money to bail her out. I was furious when she told me that she has bought a bar and not a salon with my money and I naturally refused to sent her the money. I felt cheated and lost all my trust in her. I told that as far as I was concerned it was the end our marriage.

A week or two later, when I had cooled down, I had a guilty feeling in that she had made one mistake and perhaps I was being too harsh to her. I therefore, confided in a Thai friend who has been married to a Welshman for over 20 years and is working here in Wales as a School teacher. She told me not to feel guilty and that my wife had been having a relationship with a Thai man for many years. He is a penniless musician working in Pattaya, hence the bar with all the instruments. The bar she bought was for her boyfriend. This story was confirmed as true by most of the Thai community living here in Cardiff. The members of Cardiff Thai community told me that they knew my wife was doing wrong, but found it impossible to tell me whilst we were still married. As soon as I mentioned my intention of divorcing my wife they revealed to me the full extent of her adultery and dishonesty. They also revealed the she also owes large sums of money to other Thai people here and that she was sending £300 every month to Thailand to support her boyfriend. She even bought him a car and pays rent on his apartment in Pattaya.

I phoned my wife in Thailand and confronted her with all my knowledge of her infidelity. She went nuclear and denied all the allegations. Her response was that the Thai people in Cardiff are all liars: they are all jealous: they like destroying our family etc. She said she would fly to Wales to speak to me, she even had the nerve to ask me for money to pay her airfare back to the UK. She eventually borrowed the airfare and flew back to the UK to see me a couple of months ago.

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I have asked her for a divorce on the grounds of her adultery. However, she vehemently and rigorously denies her adultery and goes through a well rehearsed performance." Me and Thai man are just good friends": "He helps me drive my car" it goes on and on with tears, then pleas followed by threats. These threats involve getting a lawyer to help get her grubby paws on half my property and pension. All I hear is denials and the blame put firmly on other people shoulders. I even get blamed for not being a strong enough man to dismiss all the "lies" that I'm being told. She also says that I don't understand Thai ways and that all Thai women like to be stir the shit. She always sounds very convincing and deserves an Oscar for these performances. Is this anything to do with her losing face? Or perhaps I should try a different tack? I just don't understand why she does not own up and say she's sorry. If she did I would feel a lot better and just put it all down to a bad experience. In the mean time I need to get a divorce as painlessly as possible.

Stickman says:

It is the actions of bitches like this that directly result in the life expectancy of men being less than the life expectancy of women. Cripes, this makes my blood boil.

Yep, you need a divorce and fast – and you also need some good legal advice. So, go off to see a lawyer pronto.

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This is a classic example of how simply avoiding a bargirl has no guarantees at all.

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