Stickman Readers' Submissions August 18th, 2003

Written In Confidence

I first went to Thailand January this year. Then April, and then July for 3 weeks. The latter of the 2 trips were to do diving certificates – in Samui. Well enough.

To make a long story short, I met a bargirl, called “Tak”. Originally from – or so I believe – the Northeast in a place called Udon Thani.

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We had a wonderful time together for 6 days or so – and I was in heaven. I would love to think it true. However , there were a few instances that made me think otherwise.

On the second or third day she was on the notorious cell phone speaking in EnglishTo someone and calling them “darling”, I said to her “who do you cal darling?”

She replies – my thai girlfriend likes me to speak English to her.

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(Sounds rather unlikely I thought). Never mind –was my consideration at the time, it doesn’t matter and I can let it slide. So – we have another 4 days of happy times and she says to me that she doesn’t like her job, etc and is thinking of going back home. I offer to buy her a ticket on the plane with me to Bangkok, as I was leaving on the 31st of August to return to England to a job I didn’t much like. (I put my notice in to quit as it happens for the 5th of September…fine)

Anyway, as we were collecting her things from this bar on Chaweng Beach Rd. – I was sat at the bar waiting for her – as we were flying the next day – to go back to Bophut guest house, everything hunky dory, and I hear her again speaking English on the phone and listening very hard – saying that word “darling” again, with the mention of certain calendar dates. Well she knew I heard this and as it were I made it to the scooter with a bit of a serious look on my face. She in the mean time clocked this and made it to a few of her friends to ( I believe) support an alibi for herself.

As we are heading up the coast road to Bophut, I am driving fast as the Monsoon rains are beginning to lap heavily – the thunder rolls etc… I need to hit the shop to buy some Samsung as it may be required… We get back to the room and I repeat what I have told you just now – what I heard. She goes for the bottle and tries to neck it – I take it away asking her to sit and talk reasonably. Again she insists that her girlfriend is to blame. I say – call girlfriend and prove it. No plomplem. OK.

Girlfriend is the girl in the bar we just left. I knew for sure. No doubt. I say to her – I am not so stupid you know. Tell me the truth as that’s all I need to know.

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Well, next thing I know is that all hell breaks loose and everyone knows about it. She is screaming her head off and I am stood there wondering what the hell to do.

“Bad girlfriend, bad” she screams. Mama Papa – help me”. At this point I say –m please stop this shouting, the other guest will be freaking out, and if you don’t – I will have to go for help to the security guard – or anyone else who can help. I may add that thirty minutes of this has occurred and the Japanese girl next door has vacated the premises for sheer fright. Glasses flying, total madness! I get security guard to come in and ask her to stop. No good. Craziness absolute still. In my embarrassment, I pick her up and carry her out of the guest house over to the beach bar on the other side of the road, for the sake of the other guests. Eventually she feigns unconsciousness after being ill in the road as I carry her and I lay her down on her side with a chair cushion beneath her head. The last thing I want is to damage this beautiful girl I am strangely in love with (stupid I know – but I’m just a man…). The taxi arrives and I give the security guard 400 baht to sort it out and send her back to the bar with her new suitcase which I bought her – which I told him exactly where it was. I didn’t know what else to do and I was getting rather frightened with all of this actually. & on my last night – this is not what I ever wanted. All I did was ask a simple question, and the roof caves in.

That evening – I drove to the city hotel – a cheap place near the Bangkok airways office on the Lamai Rd. – checked in to the cheap room – and went to bed at 2 AM absolutely shattered and totally bewildered. How I slept I don’t know. But the story isn't over!

At 6:30 that morning (4 or so hours later) I awoke to see my girlfriend at the foot of the bed. No shit! She searched all night and found the scooter and begged the concierge to tell her which room I was in. He gave in at 6 AM. I didn’t lock the room…

She said –“darling, I sorry. Angel falls weeps for me. My heart fucking breaks in a thousand million pieces.. Again – what to do. Turns out the big boss lady stole her thai ID and phone (with all clients on it, etc) and so me being me – after telling her she better not freak on me again, said I would help her. I ended up driving to Nathon police station to get her a temporary Id and then go to replace the electronic ticket for Bangkok Airways flight.

Thing is, I cave in when a woman cries… Can’t help it. I’m soft as shite on that one.

As the morning progresses, though, I am weary, I gently ply her for solution. I say – I know what you do, but we fly to Bangkok anyway and then we see what happens – ok. We go to airport and as she tells me she has never flown before – she is child like and fearful on take off…but as we land she behaves like a well travelled businessman who has landed a thousand times before and doesn’t flip an eye lid. What to think to these reactions I ask myself. Usually landing is where most people shit themselves – isn't it?

I just couldn't make it out. I didn’t know what to believe. My allusions of a love sick 35 year old for this – apparently 27 year old Bargirl, who tells me she is going to stay with sister and brother in law in Bangkok outskirts and then go to Udon Thani to stay with mama/papa until I return.

I meet sister/brother –in – law. They all stay until my flight leaves 4 hours or so later. All seemingly normal. Nice people. But are they who they say they are? I don’t know.

I fly home thinking that I know this girl has had many men before me, as I saw the address book, saw the email page with the Andrews, and whoever (which she denied – even to the last minute) etc…but she say she love me – everything me, every time, every minute, and very convincingly too. Say no more.

By the way – She never asked me for money, but as she lost everything apparently to the bar people when the taxi dropped her off there for a while, I gave her 5,000 baht to ease the journey home, via sister. The money she said she lost was about 10,000 baht sister gave her. So many twists in this tale.

I get home to my miserable fucking rented house in Newark and the phone rings and it is my woman.

As I tell you this, I am waiting to fly back to Thailand on the 7th of September. She is saying she is waiting for me and we are going to her parents in the Northeast. A strange thing again is this. There is 6 hours difference between here and there I believe. As she tells me that she has to walk 1 kilometre to get reception on her mobile from her dads house. Fair enough. I have occasionally tried to text a message and it fails. OK. She is at home.

But when I try to text at 0030 (English time) and again ½ hour later and it goes through ok without a “failed Message” – I think – she isn't at ma & pas place is she (6:30 AM Thai time). These things just don’t seem to add up and having read your website, my mind is aspin. In 3 weeks I am going there after forgiving her previously and whatever. Is this a classic set up do you think?

Stickman says:

These girls prey on nice guys, guys who give them more time of day than they deserve. This girl is no good – it is as simple as that. Forget her!

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