Stickman Readers' Submissions May 27th, 2003

What’s Happening?

Anonymous Submission

What follows is not a reader's submission as such, but contents of two emails sent to me by a reader, including my response to the first of the two emails. It serves as a warning of just what can happen when you deal with these girls. Remember, this is prostitution and you are dealing with people on the verge of the underworld! I have changed the girl in the story's name, although I considered publishing her real name…

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I hate to bother you because I know you probably get a lot of requests from readers for advice but I'm writing for a close friend who has gotten himself into something that, at the very least, will probably ruin his marriage. All I'm looking for is any advice or comments you may have on the following story. I'll try to keep it as brief as possible.

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During one of our teaching trips my friend started seeing a girl who works 2 doors down from the Long Gun, maybe the Cactus, I'm not sure of the name. Her name is Nok. I've met her on a few occasions and she seemed very nice. My friend was honest with her and told her he was married. He never misled her or promised her anything. They kept in touch by e-mail and he would see her whenever we passed through BKK, a total of maybe three times, usually for two to four days at a time. On one trip he even took her to Pattaya for a few days just for a change of scenery. After his last trip he returned home to the US around April 11 of this year and continued to correspond with her by e-mail. He also sent her a small gift package, which contained an inexpensive CD player. He also sent he $100 on another occasion. I read one of the e-mails she sent to him and it said it wasn't necessary to send any money because she knows he doesn't have a whole lot to start with. It was also very lovey dovey with no indication of anything wrong. He replied back saying it was OK and sent the money anyway.

Out of the blue two weeks ago my friends wife gets a phone call from someone claiming to be an investigator who goes on to tell her about her husbands affair with a young Thai girl. On a subsequent call to her a few days later this person goes on to say that Nok is pregnant and that he has all the e-mails that were sent to her. My friend swears up and down that he always used a condom, additionally it had only been about a month since he was last with her. We don't see how she would even know so soon if she were, in fact, pregnant.

My friend used his caller I.D. to trace the call and it traces back to a number in Missouri, USA, where a lady answers and has no idea what my friend is talking about.

Then, a few days ago my friends’ wife received a package containing all the e-mails my friend had sent to Nok. You can imagine the sweet talk that was sent back and forth. Aside from the sheer embarrassment to him, it continues to undermine his marriage.

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There has not been any e-mail from Nok since this all began.

I'm not condoning what he did, but something is wrong with this whole story. If this person were in fact an investigator, why would he call and expose the whole thing to my friends’ wife? If it were to extort money I would think he would have called my friend directly and tell him what he knows, then ask for money to keep quiet. Too many things don't add up here. This also does not seem like something Nok would do. I mean, she used to meet my friend at the airport, with flowers, when he came to BKK. I could be wrong, because I've read on your site how unpredictable and cleaver these girls can be.

Have you ever heard of goings on like this? Can you offer any advice or comments? This guy is a good person who has made a big mistake and he acknowledges that. But what's going on here doesn't make any sense, yet. He also wanted me to ask you if by some strange coincidence she were in fact pregnant, what are the laws regarding someone from another country? Aside from the moral obligations, that is.

I've also told him about your bargirl investigations service if he chooses to pursue this from that angle. He is totally beside himself and is not sure what to do next.

I can't thank you enough for any comments you might have on this situation. At the very least, I'll owe you a dinner to go along with that beer we've been talking about for some time now.


It's nice to hear from you, but sad to hear the situation that your friend has got himself into.

It's very hard to know quite what is going on here, but to me, it sounds quite sophisticated by Thai bargirl standards. I assume that your friend never gave either his postal address or phone number to this girl and I cannot see any Thai bargirl being able to find such details so she must have had some assistance. My guess is that this girl that your friend has been seeing has a farang friend – or possibly even boyfriend, who is at best a shit stirrer or at worst, someone into blackmail. I would guess that this is an effort to extort money, though with the emails already sent, it would seem that the extortion attempt is over. It is really hard to work out quite what is going on. However, I would bet that a farang of dubious character is involved.

As far as the pregnancy thing goes, if your friend used a condom all the time then she is NOT pregnant. Period. If he didn't use a condom and she is pregnant, there is no way for sure for her to know that the unborn child is his. Having said this, I'd put money on it that she is not pregnant. The "I'm pregnant" scam is a big one amongst bargirls and I VERY much doubt she is pregnant. If you're friend really wants to know if she is pregnant, I could go and have a nosy around.

Now, as far as the legalities of it go, it is awfully complicated. Basically, there is not much she could do without good legal advice and these girls don't get that. The orders of a Thai court are not enforceable outside of Thailand as far as I am aware, but then I know that some states in the US are a bit funny about this. An American friend of mine once said that if a guy from California (or other state with similar policies) gets a Thai girl pregnant then he may end up paying for it.

It really is hard to know what is going on… But I'd put a big bet on it that this girl is speaking rubbish.

I hope this is of some help.



Well, I think we finally got to the bottom of my friends problem. Another friend of mine sees a girl who knows Nok and she was able to talk to her. And yes, it was a jealous boyfriend who made Nok tell him everything about my friend. It turns out that Nok didn't do any of this, it's been the boyfriend all along. It's funny, he even went so far as to look up my friend's records from the Majestic Hotel and send those documents to my friend's wife. Unbelievable! I suppose that's where he obtained the address and phone number from. I guess everything IS for sale in Thailand. haha. The phone calls, as it turns out, are from Thailand because when my friend told me the number (662-XXX-XXXX) I Immediately recognized the 662 as Thailand. It was just a coincidence that that number also works in the US with 662 being an area code in Missouri.

Regarding the phone number, are there any ways you know of to trace it in BKK? My friend is hoping that this person is also married and wants to return the favour. Can't blame him, this guy could have handled things differently.

My friend is probably going to change his phone number to an un-listed, un-published number and try to forget everything now that he knows most of the truth. He told me to thank you very much because your comments along with my friends comments from the girl he knows have pretty much put his mind at ease.

My friend and his wife are rebuilding the marriage and want to move past this issue. I hope they can do that.

Stickman says:

Not much to add really, but this was a new one for me. I'd never heard of anything quite like this before, and thought you'd enjoy reading it, hence the submission. Shame on the Majestic Suites for giving out information.

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