Stickman Readers' Submissions May 26th, 2003

More On Paedophilia

Is it possible to be a pedophile and to not be a pedophile at the same time? Of course it is. IN THAILAND. Let me explain:

Your Isaan stunner gets off the bus in Bangkok. She is met by her girlfriend(s) and they take her to a bar in Nana Plaza. On the trip to the bar they coach her on what to say. At the bar she lies to the bar owner about her age (if he even asks), and she lies to the mamasan about her age (if she even asks). Her I.D. card is issued and of course it is a lie <how is this a lie? I'm nto clear on thisStick> She is now a ticking time bomb set to go off in any innocent farang's face. She is UNDERAGE.

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Later on, you are in the bar. You meet her and you invite her to your place. She does not look or act underage. You have to assume the bar is a responsible employer. In front of the elevators in the Nana Hotel, she gives her I.D. card to the security police. They examine it and approve it. On the way up to your room you should be able to relax. You should be safe from charges of paedophilia if she is underage. You are not safe. You are in Thailand.

If a situation develops and the police get involved, she will immediately tell them that she is underage. That is what she was taught to do by the other girls at the bar. The onus of social responsibility now falls 100% on you. You are now a PEDOPHILE. No mention will made of how this happened. No investigation will be run. No attention will be paid to the circumstances. Her girlfriends have counselled her wisely. She gets to walk and you are going to a Thai prison. In my case I wouldn't live long. I wouldn't be able to defend myself. This is girl power at its most frightening. You are now an international criminal. You will lose your freedom and you will lose your dignity. You will lose your money, your family, your job, your passport, your standing in the community, the love of your children, and possibly your life. All because of some underage liar. If the Thais understood the concept of 'accident' your risk would not be so great. But if you look up the word 'accident' in the Thai dictionary you see the word 'farang'.

And how easy is it to be fooled? Very easy! People aren't like trees. You can't count their tree rings to know their age. Some people grow up and mature much much faster than others. Let me give you some examples:

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1. I was once sitting at a table with friends at a Club Med resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. One of the wives pointed to a woman at the bar and asked us to guess her age. She already knew her age but she wanted us to guess. We all guessed that she was probably in her mid twenties, 24 or 25 or 26. She was 15! We misjudged her age by 10 years. That was 27 years ago but I still remember the way she looked. She was sexy, mature, sophisticated, and womanly looking. She was also a player. And she was a legal time bomb.

2. Personally, I once lived with a woman who was a grandmother at 32. She had gotten married at 14. She had her first child at 15 and her second child at 16 and raised them to successful adulthood. She was a very advanced human being at a very young age. Was her husband a pedophile? Apparently not because he married her. But if you are spending time with a woman you might marry; you are a pedophile.

3. To give you another example, I was once escorting a woman named Lek into the Nana Hotel lobby. She looked young so I asked her age. I always ask if they look marginal. In her fractured English I thought I heard the word 'seven'. Christ, I thought; this stunner is only 17! So I gave her taxi money and said "Choke dee". I'm very careful. Later on I found out that she was really 27. I had misjudged her age by 10 years.

But no matter how careful you are regarding this issue, the odds and the charges are stacked against you. Everyone likes to talk about how dangerous AIDS is, but no one ever talks about this issue. Thailand is a very dangerous place for the nice man who just wants a woman's attention. Let me throw out an idea that I bet none of you have thought of. Suppose Thai politicians decided to use the Farang Pedophile issue to get votes. And they put underage undercover police (deputized whores) in the bars. You would get caught. The fact that it is entrapment and circumstantially and legally insupportable legal behaviour will carry no weight. It's Thailand. You are now a criminal. Be careful guys. I love you all. If she looks marginal; RUN.

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Stickman says:

I would guess that somewhere between 2 – 4% of the girls in the farang sector are underage so if true, there is a very real chance that punters could get in trouble. There are a few unscrupulous bars who employ underage girls and there are underage girls freelancing. You are so right that this is something that is dreadful, and if one was caught and their photo plastered all over the newspapers and TV in their own age for having sex with underage girls, then one would have to question how they would be able to deal with it. I maintain that there is something not quite right about couples with a major age difference.

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