Stickman Readers' Submissions May 11th, 2003

The Equation

By O

Sick of the bar scene, tired of Thai girls who work in them, toying with the idea of going legit – a girl of the day as opposed to a lady of the night? Well hold for a moment, sit down with your abacus for a reality check. Why? Because you're really wondering whether or not a regular non bar girl relationship would be cost effective.

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If it's any compensation you may well rue the day you thought it was, having said that there again having read the following you may feel that you haven't done so badly.

For this exercise we are just looking at straight hard facts and discounting any emotional factors. So you're looking for the long time company of a different Bangkok lady every night of the week. No lady drinks, bar fines or any expenses of any description, a minimum figure of 10,000 Baht a week is required, in fact the word challenge springs to mind
here. 15,000 Baht seems a more realistic figure to play with, but you'd still have to be very conscious of what you're spending.

20,000 Baht now you can relax a little, the pressures off.

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So there we have it in hard cold figures, but what about the other side of the scales, well of course that is obviously very much down to the individual concerned. But take into considerations these factors before you proceed any further.

If you are from the West you might well be bringing with you certain pre-conceived expectations of how a woman should financially contribute to such an arrangement, unfortunately they don't apply here. In this two class society of inequality, where the
women lose on the swings for sure they make up for it handsomely on the roundabouts. Meeting a woman with earning capacity is really inconsequential. As the concept of sharing this potential has never crossed their minds. You are the male, and by definition the provider – lock, stock and barrel.

Her income is academic, at best it just relieves you from purchasing her excess whims and desires. In fact the opposite could well be true, that she could be still expecting an allowance from you to top up her salary. You will naturally be expected to meet all bills and expenses, wardrobe, holidays, annual gifts, a car and running costs, health care, and all this is not to forget to mention to support her immediate family if the need arises.

So did I hear a bid at the back for 20,000 Baht a week?

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Stickman says:

Couldn't disagree more. A decent Thai woman does NOT expect all that you mention. Many do not WANT to drive and thus don't want a car, though they would like to be driven around by you. The women you refer to are the shallow women…and yeah, there are plenty of them in Bangkok, but that is not all the Thai women.

And this 20K figure a week is madness.

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