Stickman Readers' Submissions May 12th, 2003

My First Trip To LOS

By Tererai

I made my first trip to LOS and am much impressed by what I saw. I flew into Bangkok on a Friday morning and checked in at Jade Pavilion on Sukhumvit soi 22. I immediately began my exploration of the city. There wasn't much to see that morning as all places were closed. City of Angels is a dirty place with the traffic congestion of the motorcycles, tuktuk and the small roads.

He Clinic Bangkok

In the afternoon I started to crawl to the pubs that were opening early and I saw the first of the life so acclaimed in Bangkok. The beer bars were slowly opening. Close to the hotel he gogo bars were a nice place to drink beer from with the atmosphere quite electric. The girls' movements were aptly described by you as "shuffling "instead of dancing. Soi Cowboy was quite interesting with the gogo bars. I liked the Dollhouse as the girls were totally nude. I was taken to Patpong the next evening and what a sight it is. The girls were taking out things from their vaginas. The one that really had me perplexed was this girl who seemed to pull out a string to which were attached razor blades. I would estimate about 15 of them. Having overcome my shock she had a piece of paper in her hand which she began to cut using these razors from her vagina. Just to show how sharp these razors are. I didn't see much of Nana Plaza except in the afternoon where a lot of farangs and the Thai girls were already drinking. The barfines seemed to range from 400-500 baht with the girls asking for about 1000 baht for long time.

I visited a massage parlour and forgot which massage you had recommended not to take because of the pain associated with it. I selected the Thai massage and I could have sworn the roof off the establishment as this girl pulled, pushed, twisted every joint that I owned. I was in so much pain at the end of it all. To forgive my transgressions I had a Turkish bath the following day. This offset me 3000 baht but was worth every penny. It is the best bath I have ever received from a woman. She gently washed, massaged and fucked me. She was so beautiful too. It was unfortunate that I had gone early in the afternoon as I was leaving when the girls were beginning to fill the fish bowl and that would have made my choice more interesting or difficult.

Phuket was much the same except the girls spoke better English. I met a ladyboy while I was going for short time with one of the bar girls, they shared the same house <come on, tell us the truth you did a ladyboy, didn't youStick>. Ss I entered the house I spotted her on the steps and said to myself that this was the most beautiful girl that I had ever seen. The bargirl I was with most probably read my thoughts and told me that it was her cousin and a ladyboy including most of the residents of that house. She took me to see her and told her that I didn't believe that she was a lady boy though she had some features they were not conclusive. She told me she was a lady boy though had not yet had the penis cut off unlike her friend who was sat beside her. I looked at the friend who suddenly spoke and I could tell she was male by her voice. To make things worse I was still sober. If I had been drunk with the beautiful looks she / he possessed I might have taken her home.

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Pattaya was much the same with its dirty beaches. In Pattaya you can pick up a prostitute from almost anywhere not necessarily just the bars. While shopping a number of girls were attempting to get eye contact with me. When I finally spoke to one of them in the shopping mall I ended up sleeping with her.

In summary Stickman thank you for taking time to compile the guide. It was such an invaluable source of information making my visit to LOS much easier. The Thai girls are the most beautiful, pretty and petite Asians I have seen in a while. The girls in the bars make you feel so much at home unlike the western ones. The Thai women make an effort to please you even if they are just after your money. [I almost got a freebie in Phuket but I insisted she take the money]. Thai women are so clean with all the bar girls requesting to bath before and after any hanky-panky. On the issue of a second trip to LOS, I am already planning one. I can understand why you live there.

Stickman says:

A sex tourist is born.

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