Stickman Readers' Submissions May 1st, 2003

14 Years Ago

By Mr. Happy

Hello stickman

He Clinic Bangkok

I guess no one really knows your real name.

Reading your site reminds of all the things I did for the 14 years that I lived in Thailand but I am amazed at the amount of guys that fall hard for some of the girls that work the bars.

I would never deny the fact that over the 14 years that I lived there and the multitude of girls I had sex with I did indeed have emotions for some of them.

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There where some that I got hung up on but I was wise enough to know that it was a sexual thing really, because after I had had sex with them several times I was bored with them and —well you know Thailand— there are so many girls, what sense does it make to get all emotional over a girl when you are not looking to get married or fall in love.

I never made the mistake of trying to be like the Thais and or try to figure them out for that matter and I realised that like all people everywhere in the world "they are a product of their environment" and what you get is what you get!!

I did learn to speak the language quite well and that makes a world of difference and I found out that most Thai women like you a lot more simply because they can talk to you and they are not going to bullshit you the way they will some one who does not speak the language at all.

Especially the bar girls.

That may seem obvious to some of us but until you learn to talk the talk and walk the walk you will never be able to really understand half of what they think or what goes on in the mind of a Thai girl.

Not to say that I did not have to listen to them try to bullshit me and I found it rather amusing sometimes but it seldom ever upset me to any notable degree.

Not like some of your readers who I sense have a certain amount of animosity towards women in general.— it seems that way by what they are saying

one of your submitted stories is from a guy who said the bars girls liked him because he drank orange juice rather than alcohol and I can relate to that.

I do not drink or smoke and that actually does win points in a positive way with bar girls because– you are in their eyes– somewhat opposite of the typical beer guzzling bozo who clowns it up in the bars.

You do not have to be around alcohol every evening the way they do and see the stupid antics that go on.

Myself I simply liked the thought of having more money to spend on sex rather than booze.

I would rather wake up in the morning with a woman as compared to a hang over.

But on the other hand the go-go bar scene–god bless it– would not be what is without all the abandoned inhibitions that alcohol creates.

wonderland clinic

I laugh to myself when so many of these guys try to compare western women to Thai women and the reverse of that and the comparisons do not fit.

I learned a long time ago that all women from every nation –poor or rich– have the same motivations concerning men and that is to better themselves –if they can– by association with men or a man —–no matter what level the age old game is played upon.

It is not rocket science– only modern day history and human nature and human needs feeding upon one another.

I at least had the common sense –most of the time– to realize the major difference between lust and supposed love.

But is hard to always be cold and callous towards a person who gives you the pleasures you seek and there is also the human factor and the age old interaction of man meets woman and all the ramifications that goes with it. Good and bad!!!

Some the guys talk as though they just discovered some profound revelation.

They would be well advised to read about history and the worlds oldest profession– both the good and bad aspects.

Actually there are some extremely interesting books and novels that surround the subject of prostitution and the historic male- female interactions that sometimes have developed into a necessary evil.

I also know many foreigners who married Thai women– from both walks of life– and they are still married to them and basically they have an understanding of one another and all that it entails and they work it out some way some how.

I applaud them because they certainly must have a lot more patience that I do in those kinds of matters because I noticed that all Thai women no matter what background they come from are a continual drama.—- an ongoing drama from day one.

Relaxed relationships are a rarity of rarities as far as I could observe over 14 years.

Volumes could be written on the subject but it would all be somewhat pointless because the thing that always has to be remembered is our emotions and dreams and aspirations lead our lives and the pursuit of sex and love and lust has it's down side as well as it's rewards.

I was never surprised –only disappointed and often caught of guard!!

Yeah– I had my heart broken by both prostitutes and good girls and I know I broke the hearts of numerous Thai girls over that 14 year period and I know that those girls believe they did not do anything wrong in their minds.

If anything I was more disappointed than broken hearted and I know that men more commonly disappoint women more so as women they usually see themselves as the innocents in the affair

I never held it against any of them but I did notice that the Thais are an emotional lot and overall immature in their handling of male –female relationships.

I hate you and total rejection is how they commonly end it amongst themselves and foreigners.

Some what brutal!!

For that reason alone I could never see myself actually marrying one of them and have to babysat an emotional, more or less immature, somewhat helpless female –but at the same time a clever little devil.

The ones I did like a lot or became emotional over ,where always my idea of the near perfect Thai girl–and believe me I had so many of them I could actually dispute that silly saying that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

actually, beauty is in the eye of comparison and when I met a Thai girl who had that perfect body balance and she had an excruciatingly tight pussy, then it was hard not too like her and want to be with her again and again.

Hell it was more than worth paying for it just for the anticipation of enjoying her body and if she was good at her work and had a good attitude then how could you not like her and have feelings for her– even if she was a good time girl and all the frustrations that go with it that fact.

For years I had a book with the names and numbers of girls that had tight pussies or something that was erotically outstanding about them and I would call them and they would come and see me in my apartment.

Of course as time went by they would move or their cell numbers would be cancelled and I could not contact them so I would simple move on to another girl and other adventures.

No mourning for lost love.

My friends used to tell their friends about me and all the girls that I had had sex with and even had an epitaph for me saying: "here lies mr.happy, he spent all his money on women and sex— the rest he just wasted!!"

that was o.k. by me and I never have and never will regret one penny I spent on all my sexual adventures.

It did make me reflect sometimes on the multitude of women I had been with in 14 years and it did seem like a lot but then again it was over a 14 year period.

Far, far more than all the other men that I knew or met while I lived in Bangkok.

I am surprised to this day that I did not contract the big one but over all I did practice safe sex — especially compared to so many guys I know who told me they seldom if ever wore a condom.

As for money — I did get dinged several times but it was always after I had sex with them.

I simply calculated it this way—- rather than costing me say 1000 baht each time, for say the 5 times I screwed her, it ended up costing me 2000 baht each time.

She was simply more expensive sex than normal.

I never got dinged for big money and I remember 200o baht here and 1500 baht there and one time 5000 baht to a girl in Pattaya who was definitely one of the better ones and her story was so good I thought she deserved it and knowing her well enough there was a 50 % chance she really did want the money to buy a washing machine to start a small service business.

What ever she spent the money on probably helped someone less fortunate than me.

No second thoughts– it was only money and I enjoyed her personality and company for as long as it lasted.

Sex for money was not an issue for me and I laugh at all those guys who think something of them selves because they pay nothing or very little.

During my 14 years, there where times when some girls would call me and want to see me and do a short time with me because I always gladly paid them a fair amount but sometimes when they called I did not have much money on me.

90 percent of the time I would tell them that I did not have the usual amount that I always gave to them and I let them decide if they wanted to come and see me or not .

Naturally most of them said they will come ( a polite little lie ) but they did not and although I found it frustrating– there I was hoping and anticipating some sex in the next 1 to 2 hours—- I did not expect anything less from them and I knew they where phoning me because they did not have any money.

Yeah!–phone happy –he is always good for 1000 baht or more.

I saw it this way—well thanks for thinking of me any how!!

On the other hand some did show up after I told them that I only had say— 400 hundred baht on me and I would give them 300 baht because I needed 100 baht for the next morning before I could get to the bank. Sometimes I really did not have the money and some of them would do me anyhow.

The ones that did– I treated somewhat differently than the ones that didn't but I never had any illusions that she or they came to see me because they liked me for my heart and all that nonsense. I understood them and they understood me and it was always amiable.

I could be like some of those guys who near brag about not paying anything and tell the girl to come over and then say I do not have the money and "what for anyhow" "don't you love me' and or "I like you a lot and I do not want you to be a prostitute" and all that other clever bullshit.

They know damn well the girl works her vagina as a means of making money and it tells me something about their shallow character and small minded way of thinking.

No apologies to those jerks as that is one of my only pet peeves amongst the "boys on the prowl club" and I would quickly berate them for that kind of shit when they so foolishly announced how they seldom paid for it.

It is a business –it is a service and it is a lively hood for all too many girls and I for one am happy for it in so many respects and all the good things it affords us men.

It just fucks things up for the rest of us and I know first hand by the numerous girls I met over the years who had developed a "don't screw with me" attitude and demanded the money up front because all too many weasels from numerous countries– I won't mention- think they are so clever because they did not pay for it and actually go around bragging about that stupid shit.

If there is one sure way to turn a girl into a hardened prostitute is by way of several dickheads thinking they are clever and toss the girl out of the room and not pay her along with a "who does she think she is" and "the nerve of the little bitch" asshole type attitude towards the girl and the girls in general.

A big black boot to the head is what those pricks deserve

not to say that all the girls are totally innocent and I met my share of girls that really tried my patience and they tried their best to manipulate the situation and do everything they could to get the money and do as little as they possibly could, resulting in a very frustrating and totally disappointing event.

Especially after having a long run of great and or amazingly satisfying girls, one after another and then you unfortunately come home with a real little shit head that forces you to stand your ground and you ask her to leave and only give her taxi money and that is all!!!

Sometimes if I had more money on me I would say " here take the money and forget it and tell them they really should not be in this business because so many others girls are so much better than you and you are really bad at what you do and your attitude really sucks.

I did not begrudge them and I blamed myself more so because commonly when I analyzed the situation I realised that many of the warning signs where obvious —but I just had to have sex with her because she had a perfect ass or she had the ultimate set of breasts or say –no hair on her pussy –and that was enough for me so out came the wallet and off we went.

But there are warning signs of a bad experience about to happen and if you do take the time to talk a little and ask a few simple questions you will actually be able to categorise the girls in relation to good attitude versus bad attitude.

I learned that the way they answered a few simple questions tells you a lot about them and their mood and or attitude.

Such as : I would ask them why do they not paint their fingernails as they had such lovely hands and it looks sexy.

The ones that retort : "chan my chop" ( I don't like ) and said it with verbal emphasis would indicate their attitude and it was not what they said but how they said it.

On the other hand the ones that would say: murh chan my suewoy ( my hands are not beautiful) and would say it in a puzzled way rather than a convicted and adamant way told me something positive about their attitude.

If I said: I think your hands are attractive but what you need to do is wear some fingernail polish and then, not only are they really attractive but many men think it is sexy and feminine.

If again they would retort with a: "my ow —chan my chop- my coy" ( I don't want –I do not like- never have ) and again it was not what they said so much but a matter of how they said it— like it was offensive or something— and they, in all their Thai girl wisdom ,would never do such a thing– never.

On the other hand if the girl would say to me: do you really think so because I never thought about it" or something to that effect I would then say :" tell you what, I would be happy to buy you a bottle of finger nail polish and I bet you would like it and you can see for yourself what I mean.

I would also tell them that they have beautiful lips and I would like to kiss them and ask them: do you like to kiss because foreigners like to kiss if they really like a girl"

once again what they said and "how' they answered would tell me all the more about their attitude.

If they answered in a positive manner I would then say: kaw jewp noi ( give me a little kiss ) and if they did not hesitate to kiss me them that told me a whole lot about good things to come.

Another indicator was just how ticklish they are and the ones that jump like they have just been electrocuted are sometimes a poor choice because when you get back to your room you find out they do not like to be touched and they are all tense and commonly do not like their nipples to be fondled or sucked because it is too ticklish too them.

Those and many other signs would tell me or forewarn me if the girl was going to willingly and smoothly accommodate me.

One bad sign is when they are really reluctant to go to your apartment and want to go to a hotel or short time room and complain your apartment is too far and they have to be back to work again and all the nonsense.

Anyhow sometimes I would come home and there would be a girl waiting for me and talking to the guard who would naturally spill the beans about me and all the different girls I would bring home nearly every night.

Even the motorcycle boys just outside my apartment would anticipate the girls I would bring home and sometime query me about this one or that one.

Nah lahk tee-soot— jurh tee nai ?? She is the cutest ever–where did you meet her???

I like to think the girls appreciated my honesty but I also was well aware that they where probably thinking I was bull shitting them and I had money but did not want to see them or worse yet, in their mind, I had another girl and the money issue was just a cover up for my being a butterfly.

I was not about to play that Thai bullshit game they like to play but good judgement dictated when and where I should lie and bullshit simply to save face— whether it be mine or theirs.

The truth can hurt and I learned that Thai women have an insane ability to outright torture themselves just having to know all the gruesome details about other women and actually seem to pride themselves on successfully forcing the truth out of you and then having to make you and her live with those revelations, furthermore making it an ongoing issue with moody animosity always attached to it.

No sex for you because you had sex with other women so know I am going to make you pay— with that type of small minded Thai girl games, antics and thinking.

And these are girls who where not even my girlfriends and I only had sex with them several times for money.

Although they may be prostitutes they still practice all those female traits of jealousy and using sex as a weapon to get what they want or influence numerous events.

Had I been their serious long time boyfriend or husband then granted– I would have been obligated to agree to with her way of thinking, in that respect, but when they play their hand so quickly they are doing you a favour by revealing their mind set and forewarning you of things to come if you want to actually peruse her admirations and affections.

Not that it happened often but I noticed that it was part of a pattern that sooner or later will and often does developed.

It is like they feel obligated to act that way to assert their position as the "woman" in a game of cat and mouse, forcing your hand just to see how far they can push the boundaries in a relationship.

I noticed that overall they are somewhat lazy but their minds are overly active and suspicious by nature like a spy vs. spy drama.

I personally did not see this as stimulating or mentally challenging and some guys I knew rose to the occasion trying to argue this as one of the more interesting aspects of a deep relationship with the average Thai women no matter what walk of life she came from.

Who needs that kind of headache– a battle of wits and clever tactics!! No thanks!!

Just my observations and experiences.

Also I never ever tried to hide the fact that I was a major womaniser and I can tell you from vast experience it is something that can and does work in your favour when you tell a Thai woman right from the beginning that you are a butterfly and yes you know other women before you met her and you can not stop them from calling you and you are just friends with them anyhow– nothing serious –just special friends!!

I even had numerous women spend money on me –both bar girls and good girls- because they simply liked me for some reason but most of them soon realised that I was the most disappointing and hopeless case of womanising they had ever met.

Not that I am proud of that but I was like a fixated kid in a candy store

but I am somewhat proud to say that I never broke it off with any of them in a nasty or negative manner–as is the way they commonly break off an affair– rather I just simply let it fade away in a polite manner and a friendly way.

I stayed friends with many of them and they understood I was simply a big butterfly– yet disarmingly charming at the same time.

I hesitated then and still do now refrain from using the words "whores" or "prostitutes" or "sluts" and "bimbos" to describe any of them and or any of the experiences I had with any of them –good or bad.

Rather I found myself somewhat fascinated by the whole girly scene, on all levels and never became bored with the whole affair at any time.

Although I often questioned my lifestyle and my insatiable appetite and fascination with women and the pursuit of finding another girl, day after day, I always reminded myself of just how good it was and why question it.

Believe me I was well aware of my ongoing good fortune.

It was like the beach boys said—an endless summer.

I was well aware the average man with the same or similar mind set would give almost anything to live the lifestyle that I was actually living on a daily basis.

Sometimes I thought I was in a dream like state and worried about it all coming to an end.

I once heard the name of a band or the song they sung called " my semi charmed life " and that is how I came to think of myself– every fortunate day I lived there.

I could not imagine myself staying home and watching TV. or reading a good book or going to an art museum, for that matter, when I could be at a go-go bar observing human nature in it's rawest form and loving every bit of it.

I always thought I would become bored with it but I never did for 14 years.

I did observe some things that I can adamantly dispute when I hear this or that statement made by the uninitiated or inexperienced.

For example: most Thai girls do not have good bodies on the average.

As I said earlier–beauty is in the eye of comparison.

I observed at least 10,000 girls over the years and I observed that only 5% of them have really stunning sexually erotic bodies.

Another 5% have good bodies and about 10% more have average bodies that any man would find appealing and certainly so for the men that are drunk and horny.

Which brings up the point that free flowing alcohol is an important factor benefiting the girls who are not that attractive when you observe them on a daily bases– as I did.

What I noticed is they commonly have something attractive about them but really when you look at them and realise that they are all on the young side, generally, you notice how out of shape so many of them actually are.

Something to note is that go-go bars afford you the privilege of seeing, up front, exactly what the girl looks like in the nude or near nude.

Where as the massage parlours and the hostess bars can commonly be somewhat disappointing and or disastrous finding out first hand —she looked great in the dress she was wearing but looks like hell in the nude.

My friends would always question why I would frequent the go -go bars and not try my hand at the other available venues ,as they would, far more often than I would.

I would point out to them that you can not go every where without considerable effort in Bangkok and myself, I commonly picked the wrong one– so to speak- at the more traditional places and was commonly disappointed.

Not with the service mind you but with the eroticism of the girl I picked who's body was nothing like some of the go-go girls who I had chosen.

All in all I was more than satisfied with the go-go bar girls most of the time.

You get to see what you are buying at the go-go bars.

Anyhow the words cute or pretty or feminine or petite are good descriptions of them over all but all too many looked burnt out or old before their time. On the average they are not that good looking and beautiful is not the word to describe Thai women.

Truly beautiful women start in India and move eastward from there. I am speaking facially as compared to Thai women who on the average probably have more appealing bodies as compared to the heavy stature of so many of the women when you move eastward

however so many Thai women have that eminently fuckable appeal about them.

I also remember some real cuties and less than one year later they looked like hell.

I also noticed how commonly a Thai girl or woman can go from skinny or slim to a porked out little whale in no time at all and amazingly be back to her former self in no time at all..

I learned that on the average most of them have tight pussies and you can not try to judge their external bodily features and calculate if they do– or do not have a tight pussy by that manner of judgement!

There is no standard– so to speak- but because they are small woman on the average you can be assured they will have small body parts and that includes a small pussy –often enough.

Yet so many of them had loose pussies- yet they where petite girls and then there where big Thai girls that had notably tight pussies also. Go figure!!

Tight pussy is good for you and I of course and there where so many girls I met and I remember them for their notable silky smooth tight pussies –even if the rest of them was not notable.

I sometimes believed god was on my side in my choice of girls because fortunately for me I commonly picked the ones that just so happened to have tight pussies and or naturally had no hair on their pussies. That or very little hair.

That and I was very choosy, more or less and I would roam from bar to bar to bar and all over the place until I found the right one that my sixth sense told me was the right one.

Not necessarily because they where really good looking or outstanding bodies but because I successfully judged their attitude first of all and the rest was all a bonus.

Attitude I learned was so, so important. I commonly turned down a notable amount of really good looking girls when I sensed that they had the wrong attitude or the wrong demeanour that night or in general.

Moodiness is another nasty trait of nearly all Thai women and that commonly relates to attitude.

90 percent of the time I was on my own and actually reluctant to hang around with the boys watching them get drunk and stupid or stay in a bar the whole night with girls that really did not attract me and they would get the girls drunk and then watch all the silly see saw dramas exaggerated buy alcohol which I learned does not mix well with Thai women.

One drink yes— anymore can be a mistake— but not always.

Over the years I advised numerous friends and new acquaintances the most important thing to try and judge the girl on is her attitude.

And most of them have a cynical attitude in general and would you not have a indifferent attitude having to do what they do nearly every night.

Think about it and the fact that they generally also have an upbeat attitude about all us guys even if it is for our money –who cares??

But the numbers are in our favour so if you know how to speak Thai you can soon learn about her attitude and or her mood and or her demeanour –at least on that particular evening that you first meet her.

With the ones that had terrific attitude I would commonly praise them on that fact and point out to them that attitude was so important in life and– it would help them make more money.

Although so many of them can become hardened little night mares I often tried to educate the recent new comers to the trade about the importance of attitude.

I pointed out how, in effect, they where sales persons of a sort and by putting on their best sales performance this is how they could financially make the best of something they would rather not be doing.

I would tell them no matter how bad you may feel or how bad it gets no one wants to know or hear about your problems and listen to your bullshit–certainly not the foreigners who came for a good time holiday—-rather a big friendly smile and a notable bubbly, sassy, feminine character with memorable attitude would do wonders for them and their bank accounts.

I would explain to them to expect the worse in some manners rather than live in a dream world and that some men will break your heart and some men will cheat you and some men may even hurt you physically but no matter what you must put on a show and do it with amazing attitude.

All of these girls and I mean all of them did not understand why or what men found attractive about them, as they them selves thought they were not attractive and or sexy.

Even the ones that had perfect bodies thought their bodies where ugly and they felt awkward about their sexuality.

I know for a fact that I sent many a girl out my door with a new found attitude and I know for sure that a notable number of them did practice what I had told them because when I would run into them at a later date they were all smiley and bubbly — as though they had not a worry in the world.

Sometimes they would confide in me and tell me all I had told them actually does work to the point where some of the other girls where angry and or jealous because of the business they where doing. Good for them I thought.

I would also observe how they would now be wearing fingernail polish and make up and high heel shoes and dress sexy and more or less act sexy and coy and gladly give a massage even if it did not gain them a drink.

And when they danced they would put on a bit of a show rather than hang off the pole like so many do—hell I vividly remember the days when the girls where more or less "required" to get up there and dance——I mean really dance –to hard driving rock and roll!!!!!

What the fuck ever happened to the most basic of all go-go formats????

Dozens of erotic Asian dancing girls that really turned your crank no matter what they looked like as long as they danced like only a woman can do!!!

You answer me that stickman and guys like you should be advocating this to all those limp dick bar owners who seemingly have forgotten the whole concept of a go-go bars is to create a party atmosphere and the way to do that is by having scantily clad girls up on a stage making go- go dancing a recognised and applauded art form!!!

You should take the trouble to remind everyone of just how it all got started and exploit that fact and the whole history and make some money at it while you are doing it.

Write a book on the subject– please!!

Any how I am off the track here but good point made.

But like I always said: memorable attitude is what truly makes a great good time girl!!!

You may very well have run into some of those same girls and I hope you paid them generously.

I also learned that most of them thought there was something wrong with themselves because they did not have hair on their pussies and desired to have lots of it like the western women do.

Over the years I had lengthy conversations with all too many of them and explained too them that hairless vaginas are far more appealing than bushy beavers and far more hygienic also.

As a matter of fact over the 14 years that I was there I personally had the distinct pleasure of shaving well over 100 beautiful Thai pussies—leaving not a stitch of hair to be seen.

There is actually a bit of an art form involved and some of the girls insisted I leave a little bit of hair above their pussy or they themselves would finish off that part to their own liking

most of them did not know what to think really and only about 10 percent of all the ones I did try to convince refused to let me do it.

Commonly I could sense the ones that would enjoy the whole affair as compared to the ones I sensed would refuse to partake in something that is erotic and sexually fascinating at the same time.

I figured they had a Thai boyfriend and would have to explain that one to the boyfriend.

Other than that it was a good way to learn if they did not have such a good attitude as we progressed.

After I shaved them I would try and convince them to shave their pussies on a regular bases because—-it makes them more money — and because most men like a shaved, well manicured beaver that looks clean and appetizing rather than hair all over the place.

I would also point out to them they really and truly do have a beautiful vagina and that is no word of a lie as 90 percent of Thai girls do have very attractive and appealing vaginas.

Some of them did shave on a regular basis afterwards but told me that after a few days it would feel rough and somewhat itchy so they let it grow back again simply because they where too lazy to keep their vagina well manicured.

So I would shave it again for them and dive right in afterwards.

I can even visualise some of their pussies.

Oriental women in general really do have admirable cookies.

You or some of your readers may have me to thank for possibly at least one or more of the shaved pussies you may have stumbled upon and had the delight of observing and or munching on.

Most of them thought it amusing as they would never of thought of doing that themselves and had never seen or thought about the double or triple blade razors that us guys use every day.

I also learned that most of them are more or less ignorant about their pussies and yeast infections are fairly common and they do not even know what you are talking about when trying to point this fact out to them in a matter of fact helpful way.

So I would tell them I was somewhat of a doctor and explain to them what they should and or had to do to take care of that problem between their legs.

Believe it or not, in Thailand at least, often enough the yeast infections that girls and women developed are caused by eating foods such as "som tum" and a few other dishes that for various reasons have high bacterial content in them and once in the stomach they create an imbalance of bad bacteria versus good bacteria in the form of an overwhelming yeast infection that eventually migrates to their vagina.

The end result is a vaginal yeast infection that is commonly mistaken as VD. or thought to be gonorrhoea.

That and the fact that many bar girls are on the pill naturally and the birth control pill also upsets the natural balance of good bacteria in the stomach allowing the bad bacteria to thrive and hence the development of a yeast infection in the vagina.

As I said before– commonly they do not even want to give a whole lot of thought to the object between their legs and have no idea what yeast infections are all about.

That and the fact they are stupidly shy about going to the doctor or even a pharmacy to talk to the pharmacist

development of yeast infections is a world wide common problem with women but when it is aggravated by ongoing sexual activity, such as a bar girl experiences, day in and day out, then you can expect to see it more often if you go with a lot of women.

All the more reason to wear your condom and you can and will get an infection of the urinary tract from her yeast infection if and when it is a right and proper full fledged yeast infection.

That is besides the standard infections you can get from such infections as properly diagnosed gonorea and or several associated STDs.

Just thought I would mention that to you and your readers because so many of the boys out their assume that the Thai girls are so clean and fastidious in all respects.

Not really so when it comes to vaginal maintenance.—-ignorance and too much sexual activity and lack of education are the main culprits here

although many do have the check ups –check ups do not stop the infection if she already has it and commonly it is only a yeast infection so they assume or believe it is alright to carry on with the business at hand. That and they need the money!!!

So along comes stickman and friends who refuses to wear a condom ( I am just supposin ) and dips his wick into the girl who just got checked up and— well what do you know several days later ( even in less than 24 hours) you get that funny feeling at the end of your dick and so you go to the clinic and you are diagnosed with– n-s-u !!

NSU–non specific urethitis, which is simply an infection of your urinary tract and it has no positive classification so hence the name "non specific".

Now get this–what most people do not realise is a girl can be a virgin and still give her lover an urinary tract infection from her yeast infection,

an infection is an infection and if you dip your wick in an infected vagina you have a very real chance of getting that infection,

depending on just how strong the infection is and just how well your immune system is functioning is in part the two main factors that decide whether you developed the infection or not.

But what is important to note is the fact that you do have it inside your urinary tract immediately after you have had sex with said infected girl and it is desperately trying to multiply in the end portion of you urinary tract — that part being— your beloved penis.

What it is actually trying to do is adhere it's self to cell membrane tissue on the inside wall of your penil urinary tract and along with the sperm residue that is present from your recent ejaculation, which is in a large part made up of protein and that along with sugary residue that is present inside your urinary tract, it finds inside that nice and cosy atmosphere a near perfect breading ground and a new home.

Now to make matters worse most of your readers are bar flies and heavy consumers of alcohol and alcohol is a form of simple carbohydrates which is in effect sugar by another name and that is just what bacterial infections want and need to thrive and multiply.

So when you take a piss and in effect flush out "most" of the infection some is left to thrive and multiply on the sugar from the booze.

Also medicinal science has learned that the good bacterial cells that are naturally present to help fight the bad bacterial cells naturally present are subdued by the alcohol by way of the alcohol molecule inhibiting the good bacteria cells from adhering to it's usual cell site allowing the bad bacterial cell to take it's place and quickly multiply.

It is similar to getting a cold and if you are drinking then it effects your ability to fight the bacterial yeast infection now present in your body.

But usually you do not take a piss right after you have sex and even if you do, if your piss is loaded with sugary alcohol you have a very good chance of making matters worse..

But commonly what happens is you do not even feel anything wrong for several days and most guys would assume the slight burning sensation they are experiencing is simply a result of too much raw sex!!!

And the end result is — you with the slight infection are passing it on to one or several other girls who also do not realise they have it —and round and round it goes and who it floors, no body knows.

So what is the point—wear that condom and or learn to recognise yeast infections and or do not assume the girl is clean and everything is okey dokey down there.

All part of heavy womanising my friends.

Any old how I have 14 years worth of womanising around Asia and I just thought you may be interested in what I have to add to your already interesting site.

So carry on and wear you condom my friend


Mr. Happy

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