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Saturday Night In Bangkok

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.


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What a difference the weekend makes. I started my evening with a buddy in tow at Country Road on Cowboy. It was going to be a long night, so I started with 2 vodkas and Red bull. It was happy hour, so the drinks were only 80 baht each. Once again, I sat at the rail and watched the pretty ladies arriving for work. I had not seen my buddy for 4 years and he had flown in from Chang Mai to meet up with me. During that time my buddy had transitioned to a female so there was lots to catch up on. Hey, it’s Thailand.

After about an hour we set out for Dollhouse to confirm my opinion that the B Team was indeed overweight. We arrived at about 8 PM and the stage was filled with lovely slim ladies, with perhaps 2 being pum pui. I stand corrected. On the weekend, Dollhouse fields a strong lineup of beauties.

While at the Dollhouse I hit it off with a 40ish Australian who had fallen in love with Bangkok. This was his 4th trip to Bangkok in a year. He was very interested in the girl dancing on the pole in the corner, but she was pretty new to the bar scene and quite shy. I suggested he invite her down and I would invite another girl down (with a gorgeous smile) and perhaps she would loosen up.

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As usual, that is exactly what happened and we bar fined both girls and I suggested we go to Nana as I had some exploring to do. I said my regrets to my buddy and sent her off on a motorcycle back to her hotel.

So, what is a married guy like me doing bar fining a pretty lady? This is something I do fairly regularly these days. I explained to her that she was fun, and I was fun, and that we would search out fun tonight and I would pay her for her time, but I would not boom boom her. As I have mentioned before, the routine gets boring for the girls and they are often willing to just go party.

We decided to walk from Cowboy to Nana (good test of how much fun they will be) and arrived at Nana about 15 minutes later. Soi 4 was as busy as I have ever seen it, and this was low season! I suggested Billboard and we managed to get four seats at the soapy tub. Billboard was packed and it turns out my girl knew a couple of the Billboard girls, so it was lots of fun. Billboard is definitely back to its pre-Covid popularity. A stunning collection of ladies.

After about 90 minutes we left Billboard and set out for Butterflies. Butterflies was busy as well but if the girls at Billboard are 10s, at Butterflies they are 8s. There were also a few jabba zombies on stage. Turned out my lady knew the pole dancer who was scheduled to put on a performance in minutes. She was a decent pole dancer and joined us for a few drinks afterwards.

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The Aussie’s lady was quite loose now, and I suggested we finish off the night at Hillary 2. It was about 11:30 PM and Hillary 2 was packed with the usual variety of customers. I was somewhat dismayed that I did not know any of the band but was happy when the band changed over at about midnight to see a long time friend playing with the next band.

Lots of laughing, lots of drinking, lots of sharing conversations around us. Hillary was, and is, my go to bar in Nana. Simply the best 😊

I baled at 2 AM and grabbed a motorcycle taxi back to my hotel. It was a great night, with great people, having a great time. Has Bangkok really changed since Covid in the last 3 years?



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