Stickman Readers' Submissions August 15th, 2023

Return To Bangkok Part 4

I passed on the bar scene last night, although my wife headed out for some Thai nightlife with 3 of her friends.

However, what I have been doing is walking around Bangkok during the day. I am staying on Soi 24, (which is a fairly upscale soi) at the Davis Hotel (Corner Wing). I noticed that all types of people (tourists and young Thais) were taking photos of themselves in front of the Starbuck’s where a large lion statue (belonging to The Davis Hotel) is located. There was also a movie / television shoot inside the Starbucks and the Davis bar today, so I suspect it is a popular show that is being shot.

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I have walked Soi 24 about 8 times now and I see many single men out and about, sometimes with young Thai company, sometimes looking for Thai company, and often heading out in the early evening. They appear to be punters! Again, this is low season, so I am somewhat surprised.

I have also visited Soi 4 (Nana) during the day, and I sat at the rail of what used to be Hillary 4. Once again, the foot traffic appears to be punters walking by. The usual food stalls where not out during the afternoon but were there during the evening.

I also noticed that the Cowboy food stalls were doing a fairly brisk business during the afternoon and well into the early evening.

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Has the Bangkok I know changed from pre-Covid times? I would say no, and I am not surprised. I believe there will always be a naughty nightlife in Thailand, for 2 reasons. There will always be a demand from punters, and there will always be a supply of lovely ladies. It’s basically economics. The following quote talks to the supply.

‘Like in most countries, the education level in Thailand matters in getting a good salary. A 2022 report by the Bank of Thailand revealed that workers with a bachelor’s degree could earn at least THB 24,026.42 (US$692.80) a month, while master’s degree holders get up to THB 39,606.77 (US$1,142.06)’. Mar 31, 2566 BE.

Put yourself in the position of a beautiful, sexy, 18-year-old Thai. Assuming they have passed grade 12 (grade 11 and 12 cost money, so many stop at grade 10), they could pony up thousands of baht and 3 years to attend university and make less that 25,000 baht a month, doing a boring office job. Or, if they finished school at grade 10, they could enjoy a salary of 10,000 a month. Working 7/11 or a food cart.

Or, they could become aware, through social media, or an agency, or a friend, about how they could be hauling down 50,000 baht working in a bar or gogo bar. Girls no longer must go with customers to out-earn a college grad. If they like a customer, they can always say yes. Even gogo girls can say no, or simply quote a price that will send the punter walking.

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I know many ladies that work in the nightlife industry and they don’t hate what they do. They have good nights and bad nights and for the most part, their circle of friends are in the industry as well. They take vacations in Singapore and Japan, sometimes with customers and sometimes with friends. Sometimes they connect with a customer, move to another country, get married and have kids.

They are increasingly thinking about the future (not a Thai thing) and invest in land back in the village and build a house. Sometimes with the help of a customer, but sometimes with their savings. Sometimes they drink too much or take drugs and end up a casualty of the industry. They have a shelf life of about 15 years (20 to 35). I know a few who have saved, partnered with friends, and opened their own bar.

If anything, there is no stereotypical bar girl. However, there will never be a shortage, given the alternative work available to the youth of Thailand.

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