Stickman Readers' Submissions February 18th, 2020

Pattaya This Week

To compensate for the dearth of info from Sin City, here’s my take. I am currently on the spot due to an attack of boredom.

Soi 6

Fantastic line-up of girls all down the street. I was there mid-afternoon. Initial asking prices were 1,000 baht plus 300 for the room. Beers 95 and girl drinks 130. No need to buy drinks if you just want a quickie.

He Clinic Bangkok

Not many customers around, but it was early. The girls are very friendly, probably because there is a lot of competition.

Later on I meandered around the other main bar areas. Geez, it was quiet (in terms of customers) and the music was very loud.


I have sat down in places like this, bought a lady drink and the girl remains sitting inside the bar. Beer 80 baht or so, lady drink 150 in this place. Impossible to have a conversation due to the noise, with each bar trying to out-volume the next one. Waste of time and money. This is, IMHO, not a concept with a future.

CBD bangkok

In Soi 6 the girl will sit or stand close and be much more friendly. Can bonk on site, good concept.

Soi LK Metro was a lot more fun. Draft beer for 60 – 70 baht, lady drinks 130 or so in the gogo bars.

At least one gets to see some boobs and bums shaking. LK Metro was by far the busiest place in terms of customers. Clearly a show and low-priced beers is a winner. Indeed, they are cheaper than the beer bars. Some gogos were full of customers.

But thumbs down for Queens Club gogo. I was persuaded to go in by the pretty and petite “harrow welcome” girls, who are not representative of the older and bigger girls inside. The serving staff were mostly six or seven burly and sullen guys. Ordered a draft beer, which was put in front of me without a smile. The guys either stomped around or leaned on the edge of the stage, arms folded looking out at the customers. It felt vaguely threatening.

wonderland clinic

One punter had the most attractive girl sitting next to him. He bought her a drink, but she was then immediately called up to dance. A few minutes into her routine one of the surlies pulled her off the stage and sent her to another customer, where she spent the next 25 minutes sitting on his lap being groped all over. The original punter didn’t look too happy at this development. And neither would anybody, I reckon.

Surely the unwritten rule is as long as the girl has a drink unfinished, the punter is buying her undivided time?

Anyway, after the groping session she came back to the original punter, by which time he had finished his drink, so he ordered another plus a lady drink, as the girl downed her leftover drink in one go. I would have departed already.

Won’t be going back there. It didn’t have a “happy vibe”.

Walking down Soi Buakhao, another successful concept is the restaurant / bar selling farang food, cheap beer, quiet music, sports on TV, with few or no working girls. They pull in a lot of older guys, and older guys with oldish partners.


Gentleman’s Club

On Soi Buakhao this gogo / bar opened a couple of months ago. I like this concept as well. A line-up of attractive and very forward girls, a stage with poles, the first beer is 95 baht. After that it is 150 baht for a lady drink AND a beer.


Loud music

A lot of places are playing music at an incredibly high volume. Working in that environment eight hours every day the girls are going to sustain serious hearing damage. At the very least they should be made aware of this and offered earplugs.

I always have earplugs firmly inserted, and still end up with tinnitus. As an experiment, put in earplugs and go to a loud bar or gogo. After a few minutes take out the plugs to experience just how loud these places are.



There are no more Chinese walking around. But the coronavirus hasn’t affected the Indians, who always walk around in tribes, sorry, small groups of three to five guys. Quite often I see them trying to organise a group discount with the girls on Beach Road. I wonder what the plan is when they find a willing girl. Do they have at it simultaneously, or do they take turns with the others cheering on and offering advice and directions, or is it one-to-one with the other guys waiting and listening outside the room?

I’m not sure I really need to know, but I am curious.



There is a huge number of ladyboys in Pattaya. They range from the ghastly, to the raptors, to barely disguised men and the feminine.

After two decades in Thailand I have always been able to tell fairly quickly which gender a person belongs to. However, I have to admit I was completely deceived by one this week in a gogo bar. I bought her a drink and even after 30 minutes of fondling and chatting I noticed absolutely nothing to indicate her true gender. Total demure femininity. For whatever reason she whispered, “I am ladyboy”. It was a jaw dropper. But I was completely amused by that little episode. Thailand, where reality dances with the smoke around the mirrors.

nana plaza