Stickman Readers' Submissions December 2nd, 2018

Some Thai Girl Advice… From Batman!

I appreciate that the Stickman community is populated by some old hands in the field of romance with Thai girls but, whilst that may be true, who could fail to appreciate a little extra reassurance from Batman himself?
The advice in the cartoon is sound enough and cannot be argued with – at least not if you are just intending on having some holiday fun in the land of smiles.

On the other hand…

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…if you go about things with some judgement and some knowledge of Thai culture then I’m going to have to commit the unspeakable blasphemy of declaring Thai girls to be worthy long-term love interests.

Apologies for this, and for the bulk of experienced guys who have been burned by a bar-girl or two I know that you are never going to agree with this opinion and that’s fine. I actually believe that some of the happiest guys in Thailand follow Batman’s sentiments and lead a single life and have a lot of female friends-with-benefits.

I have noticed though, that at some point the majority of western guys in Thailand end up being drawn to some sort of serious or semi-serious relationship. It’s almost as if we are built to throw caution to the wind when it comes to the opposite sex.

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I have written at length on the subject of finding, approaching, and impressing the best ladies in Thailand, and except for a few basics I won’t be witting much about it in this submission. I have, however, included a link to my eBook (see below) for anyone who wishes to delve deeper.

What I would like to write about is a few differences between Thai girls and Western girls and how different the typical mating-dance usually pans out…

How To Ask A Girl Out In Thailand

The difference between Thai girls and Western girls couldn’t be more contrasted when it comes to the age-old question about how to ask a girl out, and for those of you who are a little more introverted than the average guy, you’ll find that the correct approach in Thailand is much more to your taste.

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The whole rigmarole of making the first move is much less pressured in Thailand, and you can forget about any apprehension you might be feeling concerning the possibility of a rejection crafted to embarrass you to the max.

Granted, it’s only the worst specimens of Western womanhood that actually delight in destroying a guy for the crime of liking her, and most girls do take these things as a compliment even if they’re not actually interested in accepting a guy’s amorous approaches.

But, at the same time, the risk of a virtual public flogging is ever present if you step into the lair of the wrong western woman!

Any plausible attempt at figuring out how to ask a girl out in such a way as to eliminate this risk is doomed to failure, and you’re just going to need to accept the occasional public humiliation.

As a young man, well before I discovered the delights of Thai girls, I do admit to having had a good amount of fun with this game. When you crash and burn enough times you do lose some of your sensitivity to it and can even laugh at yourself from time to time.

My drinking buddies in my formative years were a bunch of similar minded, northern Englishmen, and we’d always enjoy a good night out together. We weren’t the most sympathetic bunch, especially to each other, and we always made sure that when a friend was vulnerable – we’d stick the boot in!

Opportunities for this were endless with regard to the opposite sex.

I recall one typical occasion when one of our group, a tall, slim, decent looking lad in his early 20s, approached a girl he’d been exchanging a few flirtatious glances with. He walked up to her and before he’d managed to say a single word she’d turned on him with a look of disgust. Her words to him: “look… just go away”.

His expression was priceless; he’d instinctively darted a look back towards us in a hopeless ‘please God, tell me they didn’t see that’ sort of way. Well we had seen it, and we were helpless…

If you’re unfamiliar with working-class northern England then you might think this a bit callous, it’s just the way young male friends deal with stuff, no one thought any less of him, and we all knew that the next time could just as easily be any one of us. It wasn’t that he didn’t know how to ask a girl out, he never even got the chance!

It wasn’t all embarrassing failures, there were a few successes thrown in but some of the rejections were just plain nasty and uncalled for.

Thai Girls And Your Pick Up Strategy

Like I mentioned above, if you are thinking about how to ask a girl out in Thailand, you’re going to feel much more comfortable about the whole thing if you have more of an introverted sort of character.

Taken during a river cruise along the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok

In fact, even extroverts might feel more comfortable with the standard pick up process if they are a bit out of practise in the dating scene.

A lot of guys are either divorced, separated or widowed by the time they turn their romantic attention to foreign shores, and for many of them it may have been years since trying to pick a girl up. Any rejection immunity that you’d built up in youth will be long gone by this time and like I said, there aren’t even that many attractive girls available in the West for men over a certain age.

Thailand is the stuff of dreams for western men when it comes to finding beautiful, younger ladies for dating fun. There are limits though, were talking about regular women here not sex workers, so don’t go thinking that all you have to do is flash a smile and they’ll go all fuzzy inside!

I’ve written about online dating opportunities in my eBook, and how to get the best girls there, but if you are actually in Thailand then there is a better way. There’s nothing to it and it couldn’t be simpler, but it does require a bit more courage than the online route.

The way to do it is:

  1. Find a girl that you like who works in a shop that serves Thai customers rather than tourists. Tourist areas are best avoided because a lot of the girls you’ll find there are not suitable for serious romance. MBK in downtown Bangkok is a good hunting ground and some of the shop workers there are university-educated, decent women.
  2. When you find a lady that you like, don’t approach her directly. It’s a much better idea all around if you approach a colleague of hers and enquire about the girl that you’re interested in. This might feel a bit cowardly and a bit juvenile but I can assure that Thai girls really would prefer you to do it this way.
  3. If the girl is interested her colleague will let you know, you can then approach her. Don’t bother trying to impress her with your best one-liner as she probably won’t understand it. Most forms of humour, especially sarcasm, will go completely over her head. Just smile, be friendly, and ask if you can have her phone number.
  4. It’s a good idea to send plenty of text messages, and wherever she arranges to meet you I’d be prepared for her arriving late – Thai girls are notoriously bad time-keepers! I suspect that it may be deliberate to see if you get angry; westerners have a reputation for getting angry and Thai girls want to avoid such guys.


The story I gave you above about my friend in England, and the ego-deflating rejection
he got, would be totally unimaginable in Thailand. A decent Thai girl would never, and I mean never, behave in a way that would belittle a man just for showing an interest in her.

Thais are ultra-sensitive about this sort of thing and they will do their absolute best to avoid embarrassing anyone or causing them to ‘lose face’.

That doesn’t mean that they’ll accept your advances of course, it just means that if they are unavailable or that they just aren’t interested in you, they will come up with an excuse that allows you to easily walk away without any reason to feel awkward.

If you would like to know more about how to ask a girl out in Thailand, how to bridge the culture gap and so on, then my eBook covers this in depth: Thai Dating Mega Book.

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