Stickman Readers' Submissions May 29th, 2018

Invisible Bidders

Sometimes experienced expats offer a lady a monthly allowance.

If you are new to Angeles or Thailand’s Pattaya these days, cruising the bars it may seem difficult to find the miracles we all enjoyed back in golden age, a period which is now some 10 + years in the past.  Economies seem to have improved in both Thailand and the Philippines, so often  thegirls eat western fast food and the lean girls of yesterday’s stages are seldom to be encountered. Chubby girls seem to dominate.

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But, if you live in these areas over time you get to meet some incredible beauties, maybe in the first week or in an off the beaten path bar. The temptation is often to set up the allowance thing.

Maybe you barfine her and are amazed at your luck, and told she has no relatives to worry about.  When you go looking for her again someone has paid her out. So she gets popular and the guy grows weary of paying over the odds as the upper echelon girls are aware of their power.

And over a couple of years she occasionally reappears and sees you, and an allowance is recommended. You can lay down your rules for the allowance, and the dance starts.

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You may notice her getting itchy feet and complaining to try a few big score.

You may be a victim of the unseen or invisible bidder.  He’ll be raising the stakes. She may be calling you new fondness names. My least favorite is “babe”. Obviously, one she has gotten from that bidder you have not been told about….. Babe reminds me of that pig movie from about 20 years back.  It certainly is not a Filipino word. Another clue is that the bidder is foreign.

There is not much defense unless you want a bidding war. Only the girls win – but not for long as the payer grows weary..

So it is pay for play….

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Now, the most successful employer / employers things work when some stabilizing ground rules are firmly established. The model I have enjoyed the most success with (unless her gold digging is more rabid than most) goes like this. Three conditions to continue that once a week Friday afternoon payment:

1. No increased requests for money above the agreed upon weekly amount.  Oh, of course in your presence you are the payer for entertainment and food.

2.  No jealousy – a tough rule when either side feels insecure. And…

3.  No lies.  This would not imply an interrogation over last night’s actions (see rule number 2), but is in regards to more serious things like when they are showing up or did they get their health check-up etc.

These have disintegrated over cash advances ahead of schedule or any of seemingly thousands of portrayed catastrophic tragedies.

Obviously, integrity is not the highest quality among bargirls seeking short-times where they can grab them…so one can only keep track by watching the money.

No matter how long one does this, occasionally one gets her claws in deep enough to make the rule-maker wish he had just stuck to short time only as she will get competitors wanting to stand next to her fire, and ratchet up the numbers.

She may be shy to ask you, or promised the other guy won’t snore…just saying this because we may not see it coming.

The calling you new nicknames or criticizing you more than normal are good indicators that the scales of injustice are not leaning your way.

Watch out for all and good luck. I just lost one I liked, but the lies and failure to follow budget guidelines caused failure, the new player may regret his bids.

We just go back to the cave lick our wounds, maybe write to Stickman, grab a new one of those you are considering.

One fact I know with certainty. If she is a hot-bodied, good-looking bar girl, you will get out-bid.

After 17 years.. still better than the homelands any way you go…

Pattaya Gary, I guess now Angeles Gary.

Stick‘s thoughts:

This is very good advice.  NEVER get in to a bidding war – you might win this time but next time around you might not be so lucky.  Any lady who encourages this sort of thing and plays off suitors against one other is probably not the sort of lady you want to be in a long-term relationship with.

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