Stickman Readers' Submissions March 23rd, 2018

Pattaya, March 2018

” Take Care? Take off! There is no opportunity here…

Greetings, This submission may sound quite negative but hey, there are many things that one encounters in South-East Asia that are frustrating so painting a positive picture all the time would be just plain denial.

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I am in the mother of all brothels, Pattaya, at the present moment. I am middle-aged and in good shape and fairly handsome. Yes, I know we are all handsome men here in Pattaya. To give anyone a bit of perspective on myself, I have been here over 10 days now and been with one girl short-time – so clearly I am not a hard-core monger.

To be honest there are many other things besides hookers to keep a man occupied in Pattaya, and much more a healthy option too. I have been tired of hookers in general in South-East Asia as it’s the same old routine and bullshit that comes with them. I am aware of the problems that exist when one comes into contact with the lowest rung on the ladder of Asian society.

In the beginning I had the time of my life, that is until it became more and more apparent to me what the whole scene is really like and being a very honest guy that made it so much harder to associate with whores for even a short time to relieve myself. The girls can blame themselves for my hardened attitude now, as over time their no end of lies and deceit wears a good man down.

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I recently spent some time with a mate here in Patts who for some reason has made an ex-gogo girl his girlfriend. From what I can see he takes care – and boy does he pay for it. The family is apparently good to him, but he has made donations, home improvements etc. so yeah, he is paying. The two of them don’t have any trust between each other and he is always worried about what she is doing when he is away, as he doesn’t live here. From what I saw when we were out he always paid for everything twice, and the bills for drinks and dinner made me cringe and wonder why a man would do it.

She is a nice girl, yes, but who would want a life where you pay for everything twice and then some? A few of her old customers said hello to her in front of him and I could sense his discomfort – and not to mention the leering from what I saw as some seedy old whoremonger men. Good luck to them, but fu##ed if I would ever do it!

I did have some wild times in Pattaya, but the magic is long gone and anywhere I go in South-East Asia I always have to be in a self-protection mode to combat the daily opportunistic rip-off attempts I encounter. I am sure the dedicated mongers may disagree, but from what I have seen the general performance and attitude of the girls has changed – and not for the better.

When I was having my fun the girls were rarely on their mobile phones, but now its’ constant wherever I go, be it massage girls, bargirls and by far the worst are the everyday girls, good girls or freelancers, all seemingly running their respective lives from the damn phone leaving them almost oblivious to the present moment.

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I ask what is it with the selfie? I watch girls all the time, getting in the pose, themselves or friends taking the picture, and then a recap of the pic to check if it was the perfect shot to post on whichever site they choose and if it doesn’t fit the bill, another and another until they approve. I have never seen as much narcissistic, self-obsessed people in all of my life. It seems to exhibit such a need for others approval and the need to feed what appears to be a somewhat fragile ego.

I know there are some great women out there in the world but a man once told me that women are all selling the same and they just sell to the highest bidder which a lot of the time seems quite true. I feel sorry for men who end up with the selfie-loving, self-obsessed women, and the guys seem to put up with it as once in a while the girls hand the dog a bone as such. It’s amazing what mindless rubbish a man will put up with from a woman if he is getting a taste of pussy once in a while….it ain’t enough for me though, that’s for sure!



I have spent a couple of years living in the Philippines now and dating regular, good girls. I found a few to be pleasant and girlfriend material, but the biggest problem I encountered was their lax handling of the truth. I hear many guys say the Thais like to lie, but in my opinion, Filipinos are even worse, both women and men. There were so many grey areas when it came to the girls, and these were girls with jobs and their own money. It was like they couldn’t help themselves but lie. When first dating some girls I said my only rules as such were, don’t lie to me, “One lie and it’s goodbye”. That made no difference at all.

I think as with Thai society the better off Filipino guys are smart enough to keep the honorable girls and leave the rest for whoever wants them. A huge problem though is that oh so many young girls will be swooned by a shit-talking Filipino heart-throb, and as soon as she is pregnant, he is gone with the wind. Once this occurs she is damaged goods and the chance of a good man settling down with her is very slim indeed. Wealthy Filipino men would have never have given her the time of day anyway, and if on the off-chance they do, it’s just for sex, no strings. A long-term foreign resident friend living there once said, “If the girl from the slums is hot-looking there is a good chance some Dong (a male Filipino) has spurted one up em!” Take a look at how many poor single mothers there are in the Philippines.


Internet Dating

For a while now I have dabbled on and off with internet dating, free sites, mainly Date in Asia. In the Philippines I met a few good girls, but unfortunately their inability to earn any kind of decent money would have meant that I would have had to help financially with the shortfall, which is something I am just not prepared to do. I have to stand by the fact though that morally they were great people, much more generous than me. If I was to settle though, I want a girl with earning potential, as the take care thing is unappealing to me.

I am not sure so much about the paid sites but I am sure that a good portion of the girls are parasites wanting to attach themselves to a healthy financial host. I have honestly spoken with hundreds of girls and maybe the percentage rates of anyone worth continuing a conversation with is about one percent maybe? I have never in my life encountered so many brainless, mindless, parasitical, childish throwbacks in all of my life. To put it bluntly…most of them are complete c##nts!

I am only speaking from my experiences but the IQ of an average girl on Date in Asia, must be extremely low, and I am talking across the board in Asia. Again, I am sure a lot of the female population there are the ones that “John West Reject as such”. Mentally ill is an understatement. I think in a lot of cases it’s just the same old motto of sell to the guy making the biggest promises. The standard norm that happens to a lot of Filipinas online goes like this….. Guy chats with loads of girls from his home country, or as an expat. Meets the girl, gets sex, then moves to next desperate poverty-stricken soul. Filipinas get pumped and dumped constantly.

That’s not to say those types of girls are innocent either, as she is lying just as much as the foreigner, the result of the desperate need to feed her hungry bastard children, and the leeching, lazy family making the demands. I understand that it would almost be absurd for a decent foreigner guy to take on a poor Filipino family, but I don’t condone building up their hopes and then dumping them either, that’s something I have never done.

A lot of them also are what I call “The Holiday Hooker”, string along many guys, be their whore when they are on their two-week holiday, get as much as possible for free, and then move on to the next guy. Of course they will lie about what they really are doing to save face. At least the whores are upfront about what they do I guess.

I remember one of the rare times I paid for a couple of Filipina whores. I offered the two of them decent money for a short time, $25 each, more than they were worth, the three of us. They said it’s ok we are lesbian, and motioned that they were. No sooner do we get back to the hotel, than one says can we turn off the light, I said no you are lesbian remember. Of course in typical Flipper fashion it was a lie, but I made the most of the situation, even though there was no lezzo action, still to have two hotties in my bed was worth $50 anyway.

The next night I met one of the girls out at a bar. We spoke of the night before, and I told her that her friend was useless. She said she didn’t even know her, another big lie exposed. She said the other girl asked her to lie as she needed the money…. I told her it was bullshit! As she was hot though, I offered her 1000 peso, $25 for all night, she agrees.

So we do the business, so we have finished round one and she gets fully dressed? Huh? Long time was agreed upon? I said what are you doing? She said she was just going to lie in bed, I said bullshit, you were leaving. Again the little c##nt lies! I said fine you can leave, but I am not paying what we agreed. Then the little c##nt starts her bullshit. I said here is a fair short time rate of 500 peso. She says not enough….I say well you are not keeping our agreement?

(Expecting any honor from most Filipina whores ain’t going to happen!) So she doesn’t take the money and leaves, great, I got a freebie, but I know too much to think it’s over. It’s late at night and bear in mind that I don’t want this to spiral out of control, but I was leaving the next day anyway, and had no plans to ever return to the Phils. There is a knock at the door again, surprise it’s the little c##nt again.

She is determined to cause trouble, but am I not letting one of these low life bitches get the better of me. She is on the phone, throwing a few threats at me, I am unmoved by the whole thing. I am thinking, fu##ck this little bitch! However I want her the f##ck out of my room too. I throw another 200 peso on the table $5, less in US Currency. She is just determined to have a win despite totally disrespecting me and breaking the deal.

I get to the point of being tired of her shit now, and tell her either take the 700, or nothing, but get the fxxk out of here. Her threats were empty anyway, and by this time I didn’t give a fxxk! Finally the c##nt takes the money and leaves. Still cheap sex for me, but I made her accept a penalty for dishonesty. This isn’t the first time I have heard of Filipinas trying to do a runner, but I guess lots of guys don’t want trouble so they pay them the full amount, and they will do it again. F##cked if I am going to let some little tramp from the slums walk all over me.

I have met some nice hookers too, but it’s things like this that made me more cynical and hardened to the point of accepting no bullshit whatsoever from these little tarts! In my opinion, whores in South-East Asia are way over paid if you look at the average daily wage paid to a girl with no education, to work a 10 hour day in a menial job. For example a Filipina may work in a clothing store for 10 hours a day and might make 200 peso approx. $ 4.50 US.

So why really are guys paying whores $20 for an hour of sex? In the Philippines I say whores should be getting about five dollars an hour, nothing more, but as I say they are far too over paid, and that goes for most of South-East Asia. Compare whore wages to the average workers wage and if you are realistic you will see that guys are paying far too much! I say let’s boycott all hookers and get the price back down to where it truly belongs.

I heard in Cambodia that Khmer men never talk about money upfront with whores and give then what they think is fair for the quality of the girl and the performance. Again only hear say but I believe they pay around $10. Many dumb shit foreigners are paying $ 100 US dollars, which is bloody crazy. As with most things though, if the foreigner over pays then the precedent is set.

I thought 500 baht in Thailand is more than fair for a short time, given the current minimum wage for a day’s labour. I too have overpaid from the goodness of my heart, but as time went on I learnt that the extra money was totally wasted and probably went to some motorcycle taxi guy for booze or drugs anyway. ” A dollar in my pocket is better than a dollar in theirs”.

Here is some jargon used in some of the girls internet dating profile and my interpretation of it…..

* Good heart- gives away money

* Kind- gives away money

* Take care-gives away money

*Loves my family-supports my family

* Generous- gives away money

* They are online for love- translates to money

* Likes to travel- wants to travel on your money for free

* Willing to relocate- you pay for everything for me to relocate, eventually the family too, so we can earn you currency and send it back to the parasites.

There are of course exceptions to the rule, but they are scarcer.

I met a girl online on a Thai dating site, she was of course Thai. Pretty, had kids, a good job, house car etc. We chatted for a while, she was giving me all the I miss you etc. I was prepared to meet her in Thailand. She suggests we go away to Phuket together from Bangkok, she wants to fly. I am wary of this and assume I will be paying for the whole week holiday, which given current economic conditions would not have been cheap.

Buggered if I was going to pay for the whole lot. I thought before I wasted any more time on her I will ask nicely if she expects me to pay for the trip. Well, her mood totally changed after that, and she said ok we won’t go, I could sense her disdain for me though. We continued on talking for a few days, but I knew once she knew I wasn’t an ATM machine, it wasn’t happening between me and her. She just one day stopped replying, I asked her if she was ok, she said she was just busy, which was total bullshit!

Inside I was thinking though it was great she showed her true colours though, as it saved me a lot of time and money. It never ceases to amaze me at the audacity of some of these women….I think I have written enough now, and take it as you will….They are just some of my opinions.


Stick‘s thoughts:

I respect anyone who demands value for their hard-earned, but one should do it with class – and berating anyone who asks a price over and above what you think is fair isn’t nice.  My feeling is that you are rather too harsh with these women.  Yes, they’re not being honourable and are making false promises – but is that unexpected when it comes to working girls?  It sounds like you’re hanging around troubled ladies who are operating in low-end prices.  If you wish to avail yourself of working girls and know exactly what you’re going to get, head for one of the large massage parlours in Bangkok where you might pay around 2,500 baht and get 90 minutes – it will be made clear exactly what you will get for your money.

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