Stickman Readers' Submissions March 15th, 2018

South-East Asia, 2018

Good day, readers. This piece is some of my opinions, experiences and observations of some of South-East Asia in 2018.

Indonesia, Bali….I really like Indonesia, the people and the culture. Bali is a nice island, with quite nice beaches, aside from Kuta. Kuta beach is full of rubbish and annoying touts looking to fleece you of your money. There are far too many tourists there and it doesn’t give a good impression of Bali at all. Kuta isn’t a great place to relax in my opinion as the locals’ thirst for your coin is just too much.

He Clinic Bangkok

I did meet some great locals. The nightclub scene there is not spectacular. So many white girls with their heads stuck up their own asses. It reminded me of the scene in Australia really. The whores there really over-value themselves too. I was approached by many fat, old wenches who seemed to think they were worth $100 US a night, for some strange reason.

At times I was asked for $ 150 a night US. To me this is absurd, especially when the average wage might be around $ 250 a month or thereabouts. To me an out of shape whore anywhere in Asia is worth $ 20 US a night maximum. That is good money for them to be spending a night in a nice hotel, with a polite, fit and in shape younger guy.

However, as with most whores I decline the offer due to unrealistic expectations and their inability to ask a price much closer to their true value. I think the fact that in the past there were a lot of young, dumb cashed up Australian miners with low IQs throwing stupid money at these hookers and a precedent has been set.

CBD bangkok

Now Sanur…thats a much nicer place, about 15 km away from Kuta. Lots more laid back, much cleaner, cheaper and with much nicer people – locals and tourists. It doesn’t have the party scene of Kuta, but there are still bars and brothels at normal prices, if that takes your fancy. It’s a cool place to spend a couple of weeks for sure.

The exchange rates in Indonesia are good too against Western currencies, as the Rupiah isn’t super strong like the Thai baht, for example. I want to see more of Indonesia and its islands, and will do so in the future.

Cambodia….a lot of the people were very nice and genuine. There were some of course who see white skin and want to fleece of course. They got very little extra if not fxxx all from me. Five days in Phnom Penh was enough. The river was nice as was the culture. All in all, too much tourist hassle there and foreigner over pricing.

I had a few nights out at some bars near the river, and was less than impressed. The highlight was the nice foreigners I shared a beer or two with. The girls were mercenary and again asking stupid money. Hookers seem to have no real idea of anything economic and their motto seems to be mostly, lie, cheat and steal the most money as possible…hardly good business sense, in my opinion.

wonderland clinic

I didn’t sleep with any Cambodian girls at all the entire trip. I am at the point in life where whores hold almost no appeal to me anymore. The opportunity to meet a good girl is there, but I fear it would take serious time to date them, and then to find one that doesn’t require financial support, would be another mission in itself.

There are lots of burnt-out foreigners in Phonm Penh who look like they havent got $10 to their name. A result of many poor decisions and a lack of self-control in most cases I would think. It makes me laugh when a 60-year-old foreigner is asking a young man like me for money… older foreign men usually have more money in the bank than younger guys. I give the fools nothing. They can suffer from their bad decisions. Lose your life savings to drugs, alcohol or a hooker, and you are on your own, son! There is some nice history to be seen in Phnom Penh, so a lot of walking around will be productive.

Siem Reap….A lot more laid back than Phnom Penh. Still too much tourist hassle, but much more tolerable. I didn’t visit Angkor Wat due to the absurd entrance prices, and blatant rip off double pricing. o maybe you don’t have a lot of money either?  Going to Siem Reap and not visiting Angkor Wat because the entrance price is considered too high is one of the more peculiar things I have heard recently.  A 3-day pass is $62….not bad considering that’s 3 days to roam around one of the world’s most incredible attractions!Stick> It’s a nice place to hang out for a week maximum, in my opinion. Again just too many tourists from Western countries, and a lot were less than friendly and must have thought it would cost them money to say hello or give a simple smile at their fellow-man.

I went to some smaller local provinces and to me this was the real Cambodia. Lots more friendly locals, way less double pricing and a genuine warmth about them. The children were so nice and so many were so happy to see you on the street and gave the biggest smiles and greetings. Often simplicity like that made my day. I was impressed with the smaller places in Cambodia. It was a pleasure to be away from the tourist bullshit!

If you go to Cambodia do not let Siem Reap or Phnom Penh define the real Cambodia and the people. It’s the same in any country where there is tourist money, I guess.

Pattaya…Firstly I am not here to whoremonger. All the Western currencies are screwed against the baht presently. Just to give you an indication, my currency has lost at least $250 per $1k, which to me is a considerable loss. Luckily for me I did my partying in Pattaya when my currency was at its peak. I am not into getting pissed every night and throwing money around at bars, which is a good thing anyway.

Thailand has seen a lot of inflation over the last five years, and it’s not an overly cheap destination any longer, well in the tourist capitals anyway, combined with major currency exchange loss. There is still lots of things to do in Pattaya and one can still have great days and get a lot of relax time, without playing with over priced hookers.

It’s still very nice to waste away the days on the beach, or eating good food, and waking up feeling energised. It’s funny as most guys come here and destroy their health, where as I am the opposite, and I come here and enhance it. Self-discipline goes a long way in Pattaya.

It’s nice to be back in South-East Asia and the journey continues, cheers….


Stick‘s thoughts:

You go to Siem Reap and don’t go to Angkor.  You go to Pattaya and don’t mess with the girls.  I wonder if you ate Indonesian food in Bali?

On the subject of the strength of the Thai baht, my feeling is that it is likely to continue to increase in strength.  Just how far it will go, who knows but given that Thailand is seeing money pouring in, it could go some way yet.  It could well increase against Western currencies at a couple of percentage points a year for some years to come.  You’re right, Thailand is not the bargain destination it once was – but then it was never going to stay that way, was it?

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