Stickman Readers' Submissions May 23rd, 2017

The Night Out

After 2 beers in the bar, plus the 4 I had before I entered, I started to totally let go. The ‘happy me’ was about to emerge.

My new friend did turn out to be a professional. She tried the slutty approach for a second time, hand on my crotch while saying ‘4000 baht and I’m yours until tomorrow’. Again, the hand was quickly removed with a compassionate plea as I looked directly in her eyes. “Please, I don’t want you to be like that.”

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She totally understood as it was an honest, compassionate request, this plea also seemed to have an ‘unwind’ effect on her.

I’m a bit of an awkward social butterfly. I like to engage, but I need everything to be in control before I can emerge, the stars need to line up, the wind needs to be blowing in the right direction, my mind needs to be empty of work, kids and every little issue that is constantly bouncing around in there, past, present and future.

Tonight was one of those nights.

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The bar was still empty and it was just me, 2 sexy girls and the older ‘past it’ lady behind the bar whom I gauged as the same age as myself. I’m not ‘past it’ but here I am in a bar with a woman young enough to be my daughter. I still got it going on…

The second girl had given up standing on the street as it seemed I had hit town on a quiet night, or perhaps the fact that the bar was a little back off the street, it made it seem too scary to approach… ‘This is Thailand, I ain’t goin’ down there, mate.’

She came and joined us at the bar, drinks were on me tonight, “How much can these two skinny, tiny Thai girls drink…right”?

I was full of beer, so I went on to whiskey, as did my new friends, three of us sat behind the bar, a lady to my left and a lady to my right, in front of us was the angry lady, she wasn’t really my friend yet, I needed to work on her.

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The second girl was pretty new to the job, a little reserved and still unsure, dressed in some white hot pants and low cut tight white top. She had tried to dye her hair blonde but it didn’t really work, in fact, it was a total mess. It kept on drawing my eyes, I wanted to find the start and finish of her hair, I couldn’t.

I introduced the angry lady to the chat by asking her where she was from. She was a local, her farang husband owned the bar but he was back in Blighty for a funeral of a close friend.

Have you got Tequila?

She bent over and put a bottle on the bar along with 3 glasses. Can I have 4 glasses please?

The 2 girls were still slowly sipping their whiskey, things were catching up, We all skulled our Tequila, and another and another and maybe more, I can’t recall.

In a Thai bar, drunk, with 3 ladies and a credit card. What could possibly go wrong?

It was late, the bar was still empty, my little black dress girl was getting close and touchy, ‘You very nice man, I go with you for free.’

Did I just score a free hooker for the night….oh yes I did.

This was an incredible offer, an offer that no red-blooded male should ever ever refuse…but…I really can’t be with you.

This brought upon a bit of a downer, talk stopped, then the music stopped and then, just like that, the night was over. The bar lady got angry again and quickly wrote out the bar tab, before I even saw it I knew I was going to dispute it. When she handed me the tab, I looked at it with gritted, shiny, white plastic teeth… 3,860 baht…My head quickly done the maths, it seemed cheap, too cheap…I paid the tab and walked out, no one said goodbye, no one said thanks. I felt used…

My hotel was a good 10-minute walk away. It sounds close but you can cover a fair distance in 10 minutes.

With the fresh air, I got drunker with each step. I managed to make my way over the road, over the bridge and then over the second road…you had to be there to understand.

My hotel was near, but still so far. I reached the little back road that took me to my bed, it was dark, I stumbled, I fell, catching my ribs on a piece of steel protruding from a fence…Oh crap…

My t-shirt was white with a print of the Virgin Mary on front. She was cradling a basket while above her two angels were floating, holding a banner with wi-fi imprinted on it. It was my fave t-shirt at the time. I had only worn it twice. I bought from TK Maxx and I still had the receipt. My white t-shirt had a hole in it, with red staring to seep through.

I sat for a few moments wondering what I would do if it was a bad injury. I reached a decision: walk back to the main road and get a taxi to the hospital. I lifted my shirt to view the damage. It was only a scratch…maybe 100 mms long, not so deep, just enough to be annoying. I sat for some time on that back alley, just thinking about where I was, what was I doing here, why I was here and the girl in the little black dress. I smiled to myself. She was a babe. I got up and understanding the state I was in, I needed to be careful.

My hotel was less than a hundred meters away. Turn right once I get to the main road and turn right again just after the laundry and I was there.

In my room safe and sound, I washed my injury with bottled water. As I washed it, it brought me back ten years to Bangkok and the day I met two ladies in a shopping mall while I was out looking for something to eat. While stopped outside one of the restaurants, these two lovely young ladies approached me enquiring if I was about to eat.

I’m thinking about it but I’m not to sure what I want to eat. How about you come back to ours for some lunch.

“Why I would love too, as it’s quite normal for two young ladies to approach an older man in a shopping centre as ask him if he wants to go back to theirs for lunch. Do you think I am stupid is what ran through my mind but what came out of my mouth was ‘Sure, do you live far from here’. It’s only a taxi ride away…

10 minutes later me and the two girls are in a taxi zooming over to their place. What could possibly go wrong….

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