Stickman Readers' Submissions February 27th, 2017

Trapped By A Young Thai Girl, I Need Advice


I am age 70. I am a nice, old guy retired and living here in Bangkok. She is a Thai girl, age 19, and a very smart and precocious college student.

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She lives with me, but I want her to move out. I want my life back. I want my freedom.

I have offered her a monthly allowance, plus I will give her a small apartment near her university. But instead of accepting my generosity, she whines, and cries, and screams (and cries) and I can’t handle it.

I am really seeking advice.


The Long Story:

I will call her “Porntip”, although that is not her normal nickname. She is a Thai girl, who is an exceptional genius, especially for a Thai person. She speaks many languages, and her SAT score was nearly a perfect 1600. She has a scholarship to a prestigious international university here in Bangkok.

As a young child, Porntip was exposed to Thai educators who quickly recognized that she was unusually gifted at math, language, and music. Porntip had exposure to many free tutors, and she learned quickly, in her early formative years.

Porntip spent most of her final high school years on international exchange student tours, where she lived with foreign families abroad, and she learned their languages and social customs.   Porntip speaks perfect English, unlike anything that you will hear other Thai girls speak. All of those exchange student tours were at Thai Government expense. Porntip’s parents are not wealthy.

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I met Porntip online about 4 months ago, and I agreed to give her a place to live. I live alone in a big condo in Bangkok, and to me, it felt like I was adopting a daughter. Porntip was my final “conquest” from Thai Friendly. )See my previous Internet debacles luridly recounted, here.)

But the tables have been turned. Instead of me, the old whore-monger, capturing a little cutie and having my way with her, the tables have been turned, and I have been captured by a nubile little 19-year old Thai girl. If nothing else, I have learned my lesson about “Internet Dating”, but at what cost?

After she moved in, Porntip wanted more than a free place to stay. She wanted romance, and she also wanted monogamy, and I quickly became trapped. She is not that great in bed, and I want her to just go away. I just want to go see my usual pay-for-play working girls twice per week.

Porntip is also not very good at cooking, or cleaning house, so sometimes I find myself working twice as hard, just to keep my condo in nice condition. I’m 70 years old, and I don’t need to pick up behind a teenager, even if she is on the right-hand of the Bell Curve for “cute” and “smart”. I’ve got a bad back, I may be on my third cancer (waiting for more lab tests) and I’m just too old to have a 19-year old control whatever is left of my wretched life.

To her credit, Porntip really is a cute, smart, and funny kid. She is really in her element if I take her to a nice restaurant, or if we go to a movie together. All of that is well and good, and the “Daddy-Daughter” dates are fun.

Also, Porntip likes to play like a child, and that is cute. Sometimes we arm-wrestle, or I hold her down and tickle her (she loves that) and honestly, I could grow to love her as an “adopted-daughter”, but she simply isn’t wife or girlfriend material.

Porntip is very comfortable with me in public settings, perhaps because she has been westernized by her exchange student experiences. She is very outgoing and funny. She is not at all ashamed to be seen with me in public. In fact, she shows a lot of affection to me in public. We get a lot of odd stares, and Porntip acts as if she is absolutely oblivious to the “jaw-dropping” looks that older Thais give us, when they see us holding hands in public.

A younger guy would probably give his left nut, and sell his soul to Satan to be with Porntip, but she’s just not for me. She is stylish. She dresses nice. She sings. She dances. Her weight is average. Her physique is more “muscular” rather than “petite”. (163 cm, 57 kg) Her breasts are young and firm. (34-C) She has a very pretty face, with limpid eyes that just tear into my soul, when she looks up at my old withered face, and says, “..I’m horny daddy, please lick my pussy, and make me cum..”.

However, I want my freedom, I want my life back, I want to see all of my old gal-pal working girls.

Again, I have made a very generous offer: I have offered Porntip a monthly allowance, plus I will give her a small apartment near her university. But instead of accepting my generosity, she whines, and cries, and screams (and cries and cries) and I simply can’t handle it.

Money is not a problem for me, and I believe that any other Thai girl would gladly accept my generosity, but not Porntip.

If you, dear reader, will allow me to play psychologist here, I believe that Porntip has a “Daddy-Fixation”.   That complicates things immensely, and I don’t know what to do about it. From about age 3 until now, Porntip was raised by a sometimes mean and angry step-father. However, she secretly stayed in contact with her real biological father, who doted on her, and gave her gifts and spending money. Not uncoincidentally, Porntip’s biological father died a few months before Porntip captured me. From my perspective, I find it easy to connect the dots, and I know that I am just breaking her little heart every time that I try to move her out of my condo and into her own apartment. In Porntip’s mind, perhaps I have become her “replacement daddy”.

What can I do?

As an additional compounding factor, Porntip’s cousin, and Porntip’s mother know about our daddy-daughter cohabitation living arrangements. Porntip says that she would “lose face” if I throw her out. I don’t understand that, especially if I’m giving her an allowance plus a free apartment near her school.   It just seems like a win-win solution to me.

Have I mentioned that I want my freedom, I want my life back, I want to see all of my old gal-pal working girls again?   Monogamy ain’t for me, it just ain’t for me.

I am sincerely seeking advice.

Thank you for reading this.


Judge Dredd



Stick’s thoughts:

You are very much the senior partner in this relationship, therefore I think it is you who has to take control and explain things clearly to her.  She needs to understand that while she may have the best intentions, her presence makes you unhappy.  Admittedly, the Daddy issues complicates things.

I think you know the answer.  You need to be assertive and tell her that she has to move on as things aren’t working out.  There will be tears and the may even be yelling and screaming – and no-one likes that.  But it’s better to do it now, rather than to let things linger, be unhappy, perhaps be mean to her and hope she finds it unbearable to remain and calls it off.

Do let us know how it goes.

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