Stickman Readers' Submissions February 23rd, 2017

King For A Day … Fool For A Lifetime

I can’t believe most of the things I read on internet. Sometimes I read things so hard to believe even when I put my naïve mask on. How can a fool believe in the love and the words of a prostitute? There’s no such thing … love of a prostitute! And the more they spend time working in the industry, the more they tend to be deceptive.

Everybody wants to make a big profit with less effort. That’s how life is. If I could make more money with less effort I could have a better life for me and for my relatives. That’s how most of this “working girls” effectively think.

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Imagine a guy full of girls all his life, women of all kind and from all backgrounds, from lower classes to more hi-so classes. This guy definitively has the looks or charisma or the money to achieve this. Maybe he’s only a speak-easy kind of guy, the kind of guy all women love to have chasing their back.

In my short intercourse on internet dating I always found it amusing the way some men present themselves. Some guys are so full of themselves they just don’t see how ridiculous they look. If I were a lady I would make fun of him and make him suffer. I would turn him in to my internet toy. Obviously some of those guys are the same who are sending money from overseas to someone who they didn’t met before or they knew for a short period of time. For me, this is totally unbelievable. They’re the well-known “2 week millionaires”. Some are genuine and only want some fun and to bang as many hookers as they can. But we have the other side too. They start like pussy hunters and ends like mice, trapped in a huge mousetrap by those hookers they were willing to fool around before.

To be a 2 week millionaire you need a strong mindset and a disciplined mind to not fall in love with the hookers. And you need some sort of skills to do so, because some are really beauties and they will turn your mind from inside out, hard to resist because they are so easy-going and positive thinking. It’s particularly easy to fall in love for some of them. And their bodies … some look like teenagers even with 30 or 40 years old.

Some guys fall for the first girl they meet. Hookers are there to receive money for their services, not for socialize or give you love. They can give you some time for understanding and talking, but that’s it. In the end they are only working for their fee, a free meal and / or extra money for taxi. Accept the fact they are working to support their lifestyle and sometimes their lifestyle is not the best. You are entering a zone where prostitution, mafia, drug addiction, gambling problems, kid without fathers and so on stay side by side. You are not only dating a hooker. In fact you are adding to your life some if not all of her life problems. This can be a huge turmoil of emotions. I can’t imagine taking part in such drama. I read some stories across this site and … boy, oh boy, some guys make all the kind of mistakes even with big red flags everywhere. Einstein once said: “the definition of craziness is doing the same thing all the time expecting a different output each time”. Making a mistake is normal. A person can learn from it. What is not normal is doing the same mistake over and over again when you already know what the output will be.

Spending money is always a pleasure. Spending a lot of money makes you feel good, like you are in charge. In fact in Thailand you’re always in charge … of paying big bills. Some of those guys work the whole year to have a decent amount of money to spend in Thailand in booze and hookers. Nothing wrong with that, in fact they are having their best times. I wonder how they live the rest of the year in their home countries. Would they spend as much as they do in Thailand?

The title of this submission resumes what I think of those who go abroad and spend money like crazy, having fun for sure, but on the other hand sending money from overseas to their new “teerak” in Thailand when they do not live “so” comfortably in their home country. Those who go there to pay for play have the right idea. They keep things like they are … a deal! Agreement, service, payment and kiss, kiss, bye, bye!

Once I met a guy in Phuket. He was working in a hotel in Patong and he interviewed me regarding his functions in his office. He started asking me questions about my life in the west and I tried to be honest with him as much as possible. In the next minute he started telling me about how he started working in Phuket. His story is like so many stories told: he met his wife in a bar and she was working there at that time! The way he told me, making him so proud of marrying with a former hooker made me puzzled. He was bragging like she was the hottest girl in town and like she only had eyes for him. His Thai was really bad and when he talked with Thai people in the hotel, they only smiles like: “what the fxxk are you talking about?”! This is how every single soul looks when you brag how you started dating and married a Thai hooker. At the end of the story this guy left everything he had in Australia, probably a steady job much better paid, to marry with a hooker in Thailand and started a life in a paradisiacal island like Phuket. Only the last part looked good, I mean, living in a paradisiac island like Phuket. He left his brain in Australia for sure. Note this guy was in his 30’s at the time, while I was 40, a young guy with the whole life in front of him. Maybe he already had regret his mistake, who knows?

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I think the best way to know someone to enjoy time with is looking in the right places like malls, restaurants, shops, offices and so on. Even on the BTS or MRT. In other words, the right places are not Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy or Patpong, of course.

You can look at the dating sites as well. Before I go to Thailand to spend some vacations I found some good ladies on those sites, especially One I will remember forever: she was half Thai/half Vietnamese and she was working in an office in Sukhumvit area, probably with good prospects of a career. She was saving money for her MBA in the US the next year. White skin and pretty enough for someone to fall in love. That time I already made plans to go Thailand and when I arrived there we made plans to meet but not rushing things up. It took 5 days for me to decide to meet her. Finally I decided to meet her and one night we met in Terminal 21 and it was pretty easy to arrange a date. She came alone, with no sister or friend, on time or just 5-10 minutes late – what a nice surprise now I look backwards and know how many ladies are actually on time. She came and talked with me and although she had a hard accent, her English skills were good enough to keep a conversation with. We went to Emporium Mall where we had dinner and was a pleasant dinner. We made arrangements to meet the next day. She came to meet me in my hotel near Asoke interception and we went to Chatuchak Market. The time ran easily with no pressure. She even paid for a massage for me near her room in Huay Khwang area. What I felt was a refreshing turn. She was intelligent, good-looking but no stunning. Look like she was a family girl and she never made pressure to be gf/bf, although the way she looked at me sometimes, made me think she was really interested. She tried that I kissed her but I felt that was not the right time yet. That time I already made plans to go Phuket and she already made plans to go Hua Hin with her family. When I returned back to my country, with the time passing by, we end up losing contact, but I will remember her as one of the most interesting ladies I ever met in Thailand. Not love at first sight, but with time I think we could have built something.

In Phuket I met another lady from my dating sites. She was too short and not the most attractive lady although she had a nice body. Not exactly my type. But we spent some enjoyable time together. One thing that made me angry with her many times was the fact she always came late to dates. She was one hour late or more every time, which was terribly annoying. I remember I took her to my hotel during the night, where we spent some time exercising. In the morning after she needed to leave to work on a well-known furniture shop franchise, but before that we always took our breakfast together in the hotel and then she always took me on her motorcycle to Patong beach before she went to Phuket Town to work. Life was good! She asked me 1 or 2 times if I was serious with her, but it wasn’t my intention to have anything serious with her, so she quit on me, what was some kind of a relief for me and let me free to have fun with some other ladies I met in Phuket that time. I was having the best time and was not attached to anyone. The ladies were easy-going, and I felt like if I decided to take anyone, she would come easily with me. Thailand has the easiest pussy I ever seen in my life. They are so easy-going, but at the same time so deceiving. I always felt like I had a hook in my mouth. In fact, I never felt, when I was related to any of those women I was a free man, exception made, perhaps, with the first lady I met, the half Vietnamese lady. All of them wanted to control me and kept me on a short leash, because of the other women around. They know exactly how they are and they know how the other ladies there are as well. Always trying to fish a good “farang” prospect to be a future husband, or boyfriend or whatever they think we are to them.

The idea of having a Thai girlfriend attracted me in the beginning, when I started to went there for vacations. But in fact I always tend to look for the most attractive ladies and that’s not the best way to find my future partner. So, I just gave up. One important factor to give up was the huge lack of intellectual curiosity for any matter outside Thailand. Most of ladies’ interest are on their meals, the way they dress, their face towards other people and to find someone to support them. One thing I think is most annoying is the fact they are living for the moment. They don’t think in the future and they tend to fail to adapt to other lifestyles outside Thailand. I saw some cases in the country I’m currently living in Europe. I don’t know, I think some things will never change.

So, when I see a foreigner with a Thai lady and posing so proudly I always tend to think what will be the future for them as partners in life. If they live in Thailand with the “farang” money I think it would be easier, and the guy will have eternal love until the money ends. Taking a Thai lady back to the west will be a hard endeavor. Lots of work and bureaucracy awaits those men. In the end will it be rewarding?

Some blokes I see in the bars, when I look from outside, look like they are having their best time, spending big money with honey. For the beholders, like me, they just look silly. Some of them look like kings! There’s something that will never fit: hot birds with fat and ugly guys. The way these guys dress up says a lot of them.


Stick’s thoughts:

So long as each party treats the other with respect, so be it.  It’s always a shame when one party (and it can just as likely be the guy as the girl) isn’t genuine with their intentions from the outset.

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