Stickman Readers' Submissions January 30th, 2017

In Praise Of…Smooci!

Coincidentally, I started writing this piece only four days before Stick’s piece appeared on the site! Apologies if this sounds like a re-run of his article, but I hope that a personal experience piece may be of some interest to those who may be curious about the site, and are thinking of using it in the future.

Having been a fairly long-term reader of this site, and having taken on board various pearls of wisdom which enabled me to enjoy some of the ‘naughty’ delights that Thailand has to offer, whilst avoiding some of the pitfalls, I have finally decided to add a little something to the collective trove of information on here.

He Clinic Bangkok

After some years of sampling the ‘delights’ on offer in various bars, clubs and go-gos around this part of the world, on this most recent visit I decided, after listening to the various arguments, to indulge my carnal needs by way of using an “Escort”. The well-voiced theory that going out to a (noisy, smelly bar or go-go, buying drinks you don’t necessarily want or need, paying for frankly ludicrous ‘Lady drinks’ trying to catch the eye of one’s current hearts (or lower extremity’s!) desire, making the usual banal small talk and hoping she doesn’t have tramp-stamps (my pet hate) or too many stretch marks, is a waste of one’s time and energy.

When one adds up the cost of…your drinks, her drinks, bar-fine, her fee and possibly taxi fares you will find yourself down around 5K Baht, at a rough estimate.

Consider, if you will, the stunningly simple and painless alternative; use the wonders of modern technology and have the ‘girl’ of your lustful desires delivered directly to your hotel room?!

CBD bangkok

This, my fellow mongers, is exactly the thought process that lead me to finally that the plunge and embrace the future! In the comfort of my fairly large and comfortable mini-suite (free up-grade!) I poured myself a nice long drink, fired up the iPad and logged onto There in front of my jaded eyes were a host of tasty totty to choose from. At that particular time of (early) evening, I had approximately 40 possibilities to choose from. After eliminating the very young, the tramp-stamp bearers and others that just didn’t “do it” for me, I finally made my choice of…let’s call her Gin, and completed the online (two-hour session) booking. Within moments I had a phone confirmation and was able to track her approach to my hotel! All so very civilised and stress free.

Gin turned up on time, nicely dressed, polite and reasonably conversant in English. She was, more or less as the photos portrayed, slim petite and very sweet natured. She was a tad nervous upon entering the room, so I was careful not to rush matters! She accepted my offer of a drink and we immediately got cosy on the sofa as we made some small-talk to warm up the atmosphere. When I got her stripped down to her rather nice underwear, I was delighted to find…no tramp-stamps and no stretch-marks. Gin told me she had had no children and the evidence backed that up. Better still, when completely naked, she was delightfully bald in her cunny area, which is a particular thing with me!   Needless to say I certainly enjoyed her sweet, sexy and tight body. She was happy to comply with my lustful requests and do so with some gusto. Gin appeared to have a good time too, which I hope, as I did put some effort into her pleasure too.

Whilst not GFE, with only a two-hour window, that wasn’t my requirement anyway. I’m sure she would be easily able to fullfil that role, if the client so desired. The two hours passed very quickly and very enjoyably. We showered together afterwards, which was a pleasant way to end our brief time! I paid her the 3K Baht fee, with no need to tip or add taxi money, and Gin seemed more that happy. She again asked If I was satisfied with her service and asked to rate her on the website, which promised and duly did, almost as soon as she left, wishing me a pleasant rest of vacation and hoped to see me again in the future.

So, all in all, a very pleasant, drama-free experience with a very convivial lady, of my choosing at the time and place that suited me. The money was well-spent and I was more that satisfied with the whole episode. If I am back this way again, I would most definitely consider availing myself of this site. I cannot really think of any negatives and echo Stick’s remarks about the whole operation.

wonderland clinic

In conclusion, I cannot state how highly I rated my experience, and would recommend it to any of my fellow-travellers who may be getting weary of the tedium and games that some of the bar/go-go girls indulge in.


The Silver Fox

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