Stickman Readers' Submissions June 22nd, 2016

Changes Are Life As We Know It

From where I am it is just breaking daylight and I’ve been lying awake for some time now thinking about some of the topics on Stickman. The one in particular is the ongoing changes in Thailand'. Can't really put my finger on the reason why to write about it, perhaps it's because in this country it is about to arrive at the shortest day which means the nights are quite long and that in turn means less time doing, and more time thinking,

Having reached my three score and ten years plus a little I am aware of the planet we all live on and some of the goings on. Nowadays it's hard not to read or see on the media one way or another what is happening.

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Please bear with me as I will use one word frequently as it is the very same one mentioned on this site a lot over the recent months and dare I say perhaps the last years. It is the word change, as in changing times and circumstances.

Having lived nearly half my life in the ''lucky country'' or ''the land down under'' as it is almost universally known as, and nearly half the remainder in ''the land of the long white cloud'' or for those a little unfamiliar with the name 'Aotearoa', New Zealand. Both countries are only apart by about 1,000 of miles of water. Just enough. In fairness, both countries are not too bad to live in. The other country I have lived in for seven years is of course, Thailand.

I can say from my personal experience except for the language barrier most of us have to contend with, that Thailand is the most hassle free country to live in. Whether it is to build a house, do business in, or get public transport in. Of course I have not mentioned the fairer sex either (yet). Either to get it or just look at it!

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About changes in Thailand. As I see it there has been far less changes in the LOS than in the rest of the world. This may be good or not good depending on one's perspective. Let me give some examples.

We'll go back a bit to the days in the 50's and 60's. Just the other day I was reminded about the time in the 'long white cloud' country where milk was subsidized by the government and so was the following: butter, fertilizer, cartage for the farmers, the spreading of fertilizer. Either by aerial topdressing or ground spreader, weed spray. Farmers also had a guaranteed price for mutton and other items also. Of course the country was a member of the EEC then. It was also possible to see up to 12 aerial top dressing aeroplanes waiting at the local airport for daylight to break so they could take off for the days work. Now all that has disappeared. That is a change when one thinks down the employment chain.

I will try to summarize a little, as to mention up to this day would take more than this submission. But I will plug on a little.

The New Zealand newspapers could be put in an honesty box, simply put your few pence/cents in the slot and take out your newspaper. Put out your milk bottles out at night with money in for the milkman and all was safe. Not so now by a long shot!

Back then there was zilch unemployment. No-one! The petrol price was stable and the same all over the country as were so many other products. That is a major change, possibly worldwide. I won’t rant on except to say things were pretty good for all here. Now, the mean / average price for a house in Auckland is tipping $1,000,000. Check it out. There are dozens of people sleeping on the streets in the same city, and there are many children going to school without breakfast. I kid you not!! Maori maraes are taking in many homeless families to give them food and shelter. Is that a change from times gone by? The sad thing is there will be no happy ending either as I mentioned to friends 40 years ago, the only difference between this country and the second most inhabited country in the world is "time" and time is rolling on. If I were to compare here with other places it would not be fair but in my opinion if one compares it with the LOS. Then perhaps things have only improved there. One can still build a nice home there or if no money then a house of sticks and corrugated iron is ok as I see some locals do. No big brother to come down on you. I will not go into the building of a home in this country as it brings tears to your eyes, just believe me it is far, far, beyond pedantic and hopelessly out of reach of the young generation.

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Your question is. Why do you live there then? I am in the health care system here, and I have friends of old here, also my health insurance got harder to maintain in the LOS once one reaches 70 +. Then why don’t I live in my country of birth? It was a close call and I did try but alas, 'the lucky country' isn’t all that lucky now either unless you happen to be an alien.

It’s not really important to go down the similar track to describe that place, Oz… Which is much the same, except to say the biggest smack in the eye was the enormous size and aggressiveness of the fairer sex.. Not to mention the changes in government and leaders even within their own party. Talk about change! And depending on each persons perspective. Quite likely not for the best either.

Will I go on about Britain? Not really, except the changes in that country are horrendous. Anyone with some savvy will know what has happened with the influx and the ability to pay a decent pension to its own subjects. Remember it had its tentacles out all over the world in so many countries. Has it now almost receded its own shores? So is that a change? The whole world is changing rapidly, trying to cope with the increase of population and its needs and greed.

Now to the place many have commented about on this site. And its changes…..

So it has had some changes in country leadership to say the least. Has it in the end, as of now been detrimental over all? You can decide…does it keep its land for its own people or does it invite millions to come in and buy up great swathes of prime real estate. Has it got public transport to almost anywhere? Are the fines for speeding etc. Bearable, do you lose your licence for more than 4 speeding tickets? Can you build more or less any house anywhere and paint it any colour you want? Does the population in general get on their moral high ground about sex? Are the females easier on the eye? Can you get good dental and health care at a sensible cost? The list goes on. Is it the second longest raining monarchy in the world has it ever been colonized like every other country and had its culture bastardised?

It may seem I have been biased about a few things but that is reality. Haven’t mentioned the very unfortunately countries we all know about though

Yes, the planet is a changing place, always has been and always will be, but Thailand is an ok country for most.

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