Stickman Readers' Submissions February 11th, 2016

Thailand is a Casino for Western Men


In this submission I would like to talk about Thailand and how it may as well be a casino for western men.

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Firstly – what is a casino? I think we all know what a casino is but let's be 100% clear about it:

A casino is a facility which houses and accommodates gambling activities.


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The official definition of Thailand is:


1. Formerly Siam. a kingdom in SE Asia: official name of Siam 1939–45 and since 1949. 198,242 sq. mi. (513,445 sq. km).

Capital: Bangkok.

2. Gulf of. Also called Gulf of Siam. an arm of the South China Sea, S of Thailand.

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I put it to you that an entire country can also be considered a casino if the structure, rule of law and other systems of control are setup in such a manner as to ensure the odds of success in any worthwhile business endeavour are higher for the indigenousness inhabitants of that country vs. the odds of success for an immigrant alien or foreigner to that country..

So – to the definition of Thailand I would add the following addendum’s which are important for us westerners:

3. Casino for Western Men – A country in which the business laws, regulations, way and manner of doing business has been specifically setup to ensure the Thai people win at the expense of the western man/farang/alien who is seen only as an income source/moron – synonym idiot.

4. Odds of Success – which greatly favour the house/Thais over the western man/farang/alien

5. Pattaya City/City of Love/House of Prostitution – a city in Thailand where western men/farang/aliens travel to in order to engage in commercial sex with Thai prostitutes and where some western men decide to stay and setup businesses against all odds in order to live true to their nature as men and also to escape the oppressive western world.

6. Card Counter – a person who counts cards in a casino in order to calculate the odds on receiving winning cards or combinations from those remaining to be dealt. Often used to describe a western man/farang/alien who decides to stay and setup a business in the Kingdom of Thailand against all odds of success. He needs to count cards to gain any edge he can to stay in Thailand.

7. Police – an organised civil force for maintaining order, preventing and detecting crime, and enforcing the laws. The regulation and control of a community, especially for the maintenance of public order, safety, health, morals etc. An organised and corrupt force which will extract regular payments/bribes in order to look the other way whilst the card counter/western man/farang/alien runs his bar/guest house in Pattaya.

8. Patsy – a person who is easily swindled, deceived, coerced, persuaded, etc – a sucker – see also Western man/farang/alien in Thailand. Name applies to farang regardless of said mans intelligence, work ethic or other positive attributes due to the way the Thai society and laws are setup to favour the Thais at the expense of the westerner – synonym: resource provider.

9. ATM – an electronic banking machine that dispenses cash and performs other services when a customer inserts a plastic card and pushes the proper coded buttons. Human form especially exists in Thailand – mostly middle aged and overweight (not that there is anything wrong with that of course) – see homo farangtus/western man/alien.

Now – before you go gambling at the casino it is best to understand which games at the casino have the best and the worst odds of winning.

Short term liaisons with Thai people: Excellent odds – highest probability of success. Farang receives sex and a great time and Thai person receives payment. In the best interests of both the Thais and the western men. Can also include longer term sexual liaisons of a paid basis with Thai people.

Long term relationships with Thai people: Poor odds – highly likely to fail for a lot of reasons including cultural differences, upbringing, societal differences, etc. Stickman wrote an excellent article
about this which I highly recommend you read.

Starting/Running/Opening a Bar in Pattaya: Poor odds of long term success for a whole host of reasons far too numerous to go into detail in this submission about. There is an article
about this which I also recommend you read.

Divorce rate Western Men / Thai Women: High

Breakup rate Western Men / Thai Ladyboys: Very High

Now think about this – the odds of success are much lower in Thailand than they are in the West due to the business laws, structure of the society, different culture etc– so why would any rational western man attempt to succeed in Thailand? A rational person should only engage in any activity where the odds of success are high and firmly in his favour. Yet millions of western men travel to places like Pattaya every year to try out their luck with bar girls. Some of these men stay and set up businesses. I have met a number of these men and let me tell you – they are not stupid people. Many are smart, rational and some are quite well educated men. What they all have in common is they are sick and tired of living in the West with all it's rules and political correctness.

What does it say about the culture, climate and society in the western world and what men really want that they are willing to go up against the odds and try for business and personal success in Thailand? To me it says a lot. It ways the western world is not setup to cater to or pander to western men – it's setup for western women at the expense of western men. It says the western world is a politically correct wasteland which men can't say nor publish what they really think without fear where men live in perpetual fear of saying the wrong thing or offending the wrong person – e.g. – the wrong woman or group of women.

I just got back from Pattaya and whilst I was there in the condo right next door to me there was a couple that was constantly arguing. The Thai woman was screaming and yelling whilst a baby could be heard crying. I stay at an upscale and expensive condo development. A farang could be heard in the condo arguing with the Thai woman. Imagine coming to Thailand, buying an expensive condo, moving a Thai woman and her kid in or having a kid with her and dealing with this shit every day. One day I was coming out of my condo and I spotted the woman. She was a working class Thai woman – a street vendor and I watched as she hopped on her motorcycle which had been modified to carry goods for sale – she was one of those motorcycle street sellers. What western man in his right mind would shack up with a woman like that and her kid in an upscale development? The opportunity cost of getting into a relationship is huge in a place like Pattaya!

Opportunity cost – the opportunity cost of giving up bachelorhood in Thailand is a very high price to pay. So whatever situation you get yourself in as a farang you should not commit. In my opinion – you have the best situation if you keep your assets in the west and your income flowing from them which enables you to spend money in Thailand. Why bother buying an upscale condo in Thailand or creating or buying a business in Thailand? Both will take up your time, resources, sanity and peace of mind. A business more so than a condo.

A very learned friend of mine says that I am trying to do 'multiple deals with the devil' in order to stay in Thailand. I think he has an excellent point. Most of us western men who love Thailand are constantly trying to come up with all sorts of ideas, schemes, strategies, etc to stay in the casino – to stay in Thailand without losing our shirts whilst winning the sexual variety and freedom game. The jury is still out on how to achieve this with the only realistic strategy to keep your assets in the West and have the income support you in Thailand or simply holiday and spend your money in Thailand one or more times a year. These are the two strategies with the highest probability of success which ensure that you never lose the shirt off your back which many of our western brothers have. The Thailand minefield is strewn with the wreckage of many a western man who thought he could beat the odds. My ears are wide open to any one of you who has alternative ideas on how to stay in Thailand and live a life of freedom long term without losing your wealth or your sanity and without shacking up with a Thai – a bar girl or otherwise and/or starting a 51% owned Thai business which you are not in control of all the while achieving it legally and without the constant need to pay bribes to the Thai constabulary. I don't think it's possible to stay in Thailand long term with peace of mind without a western income and western assets and some kind of local face to face work (remember that most local jobs are restricted and not available to farangs in Thailand). My. Ears. Are. Wide. Open! Internet businesses are OUT and the reason why is because you need face to face social contact in work and not live your whole work life behind a computer. I lasted 6 weeks running my internet startup from Thailand. The lack of face to face contact with other westerners drove me mad and I came home early after self analysing my behaviour which became increasingly bizarre the longer I was socially isolated holed up in a luxury condo in Thailand. In the end I was pacing around the condo talking to myself – the beginnings of madness. Setting up a local business in Thailand however is no easy feat. What else to do however to use your time productively and feel a sense of achievement. You can't just sit around all day drinking and having sex although I note many men seem to be doing just that!

Anyway – that's all I have for this submission. Until next time Gentlemen – all the best!


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