Stickman Readers' Submissions February 9th, 2016

Men are the Real Romantics


Firstly – I would like to wish all of you a Very Happy New Year. I hope that 2016 brings you great joy and happiness.

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In this submission I would like to talk about how men are the real lovers and romantics. I bring this topic up because over the last 11 days I have been here in Pattaya, Thailand engaging again with ladyboys and having some absolutely fantastic experiences. Not just sex – but mind expanding and heart warming experiences which have only deepened my attraction towards ladyboys and caused another nail in the coffin for any future experiences with genetic women both here in Thailand and back home in Australia.

As a younger man I was blind to my own gender, my true nature as a man and the incredible acts of kindness, self sacrifice and dedication that we men direct towards women. I was focused only on finding a woman and gaining closeness and intimacy with a woman. I kept however having bad experiences with women that left me feeling empty and dissatisfied as it was always all about them and what I could do for them. It was not until I came here to Thailand in 2012 and experienced going with ladyboys for the first time that my mind started to think and reflect and my heart started to feel more towards men and what men are capable of. When going out with a ladyboy your heart and mind is connected with a person who is a member of the third gender and has the best and sometimes worst qualities that each gender is known for. Ladyboys were born male and they have male qualities in their hearts like loyalty, self-sacrifice and honour – qualities I have rarely if ever seen nor experienced in women. Transsexuals brains have been scientifically proven to be different from men's and we really are dealing with a third gender.

For me – the lesson from ladyboys is that men are the real lovers – not women. It is men who are the true romantics – not women. It becomes so obvious when you are on the receiving end of acts of kindness, self sacrifice and love which you have never before experienced from a genetic woman. I received gifts from ladyboys I had just met. I felt affection, intimacy and romance from them right from the beginning without being qualified for how much money and resources I could provide over the long term. I felt respected for my personhood as a man and interest in who I am as a person and not just in what I do for a living. This I have never really felt from a genetic woman.

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Let me tell you a little about the last 11 days. In total I have had sex 12 times with 5 different ladyboys. Four of these ladyboys work in bars and 1 is a middle class ladyboy who works in a normal office job away from the naughty nightlife. Whilst the sex has been fantastic – and in the case of one particular ladyboy has been simply incredible – sex specifically is not what I would like to discuss in this submission. I am more interested in discussing everything else apart from the sex act.

To begin – I will talk about my experience with a 33 year old ladyboy I have just met on this trip for the first time. This individual I met at a new ladyboy bar just off Soi Buakhaow. I sat in this wonderful new bar and bought her a drink and we started having a chat. At first I was a little bored but as she talked a little more I really started to warm up to her. I explained that I had already been with a ladyboy just an hour or so before and that I was only there for a drink but she started getting touchy feely and I could tell she was attracted and very interested in being with me. She overcame my initial resistance – perhaps this excited her knowing I was hard to get. This I too found very exciting so we went upstairs and had a short time encounter. It was one of the best encounters I have ever had first time! Afterwards we went back down to the bar and continued drinking and talking and I gained a glimpse into who this person was and what I saw really interested me. There was something she said at the end of our time together as she gave me a hug – a warm and heart felt hug. She said “don’t forget me”. Now – I have heard this before from ladyboys but this time it felt different. It felt more from the heart and not just something she was saying. I believe this was because there were future possibilities with us to really get to know and understand each other well because she travels to my country of Australia regularly as part of a ladyboy cabaret show. I had 2 more experiences with this ladyboy including dinner on New Years Eve, drinks and another short time encounter back at my condo. I can’t wait to see her again and I would be proud to be seen with her, to act as a tour guide in my home city and to help her in any way I can in Australia. I told her – if she was working in Australia I could not afford her services but I would be happy to catch up with her as a special friend. She is interested in freedom just like myself and has no interest in a boyfriend. I really felt we had developed a connection and that her and I had future possibilities in Australia.

The next experience I would like to discuss is the middle class ladyboy who works in an office job in Bangkok. This person I met on She sent me interest and we started communicating with each other. We have been talking semi-regularly for about a year. She is around my age – 36. The interesting part about this ladyboy is her English language skills are excellent and we can talk about advanced subjects together and she understands what I am talking about. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of messages I have received on – this ladyboy is the most intelligent. We spent 2 days together in Bangkok and she was very accommodating. She took 2 days off work to meet me and to drive me around and spend time with me. We visited Erawan Museum and Wat Pho which were absolutely incredible – I have never seen anything like these 2 places in my life! I was nervous spending time with this ladyboy as she is the first I have developed a closeness with who doesn’t work in the commercial sex industry and we never spoke about sex at all in over a year of talking with one another. We did however have 2 sexual encounters together which were great and brought us closer to one another. The lessons I learned with her are that there are ladyboys who are working outside the naughty nightlife who are interested in developing a connection and a long term closeness with a western man. She fully understood the difficulties that ladyboys and younger western men under age 50 experience including long time away from each other due to the difficulty younger men face staying in Thailand due to VISA restrictions. I could tell that she was really happy for the time that we did spend together – even though it was only 2 days. She felt lucky and privileged to spend time with me and I felt exactly the same way. I opened her mind to western music and we watched John Lennon’s Imagine film clip together – she had never seen or heard the song before. We also watched part of the Crying Game movie together and she will watch the entire movie soon as I explained it was about a western man developing a relationship with a transgendered person. On the last day when she met me at the hotel I was staying at I opened the door and she gave me a big hug – a warm embracing hug. I gave her a friendship band with a peace symbol on it for her wrist and she was overjoyed at this simple gesture.

The bottom line is that you as a western man are high status in the eyes of ladyboys who are a marginalised group of people. Ladyboys are searching for real intimacy, closeness, respect and acceptance. Many of them are lonely people who’s dating and work options are very limited. Most Thai men don’t like ladyboys, 100% heterosexual men wont go with them, gay men don’t like them and western men under the age of 50 are rare in Thailand due to the VISA restrictions so therefore – if you are a western man who is attracted to ladyboys – you can pick and choose amongst them in the same way that a beautiful woman at the peak of her youth and fertility can choose amongst high status, tall and good looking men with resources. The supply and demand ratio is very much to your advantage as a westerner and you can develop friendships and more with these people and experience being treated like a King in a way a genetic woman could never treat you nor understand. It is men who are the true romantics and true lovers. Ladyboys are indeed a third gender and it is not until you are on the receiving end of a ladyboys strength qualities that you realise that it was never women who were the true lovers. It was always men and these people – being a third gender having the outer shell of a beautiful woman with a heart and mind that often has the best qualities of a man and a woman without any of the bad or irritating characteristics of a woman which have turned so many of us off and in search of alternatives that might offer us men a sanctuary and refuge from the manipulation and games women play.

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Men are the real lovers and true romantics and ladyboys can offer you some amazing experiences and possibilities.

All the best Gentlemen!


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