Stickman Readers' Submissions February 9th, 2016

Reflections on Past Life

Ahhhh, the joys of Pattaya… once visited, never forgotten.

Being a married man but with a licence to partake it is a joyous thing. But…. be careful, as the ladies of the night can influence us men into unwise and crazy decisions and play with our heart and soul. Many wonderful stories of people and excursions are held in my memory. As I move into middle age, I reflect upon the girls that I have slept with both overseas and at home. Each has added value to my life and left a small indelible mark which has given me a different outlook on how I treat / understand women and life.

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I have met hardcore hookers, single mums, romantics, nymphomaniacs, porn stars, girlfriend quality, married women and the genuine 'mad as hatter' chicks… which I am sure we all relate to at some time in our lives.

Kiwi, Aussie, Fijian, European, African, Indian, Russian, Asian… big / small / tall / short / beautiful or ugly, each of them has had an impact on my journey in life.

Things have changed….

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On a recent visit to Pattaya I find myself sleeping and hanging out with just one girl that reminds me of my wife….. dangerous times indeed!

Whilst sitting in a side soi in Pattaya I reflect about the girl that has got my heart. I feel lonely and empty sitting surrounded by all these stunning or not so stunning ladies of the night. This girl I miss is at home.

Who is the girl you ask? It's my wife of 25 plus years.

Tried to play the game…..'men going their own way'. Despise feminism and all that it stands for… but 25 years together is not something to just push aside even if she gets grumpy at times.

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As I sit in this soi I think of her….. whilst not 5 minutes away I have a beauty… sexy, stunning, young and willing to take care of me physically and with love, (maybe not that stupid to believe in that statement) sitting in my condo awaiting my return, with a glass of whiskey, warm and friendly smile, and a desire to please me in every aspect of my life. She would be substantially cheaper to support than my wife!

What decision do I make?

Well, not that old… so jumping in to bed with a tight, young, fresh smelling beauty does go some way to sooth my thoughts.

But in all reality what does it mean? I have money so I can travel at a moment's notice. Family / sport / health / friends and desire to grow business feature heavily in my life.

Sleeping with many women is just not doing it for me anymore. Worrying times are bearing down upon me…. <Maybe, shock of horrors, you have grow upStick>

Maybe I have smoked too much pot in my lifetime and it is making me reflective. Maybe I am getting wiser in my older years but more probably the desire to stay loyal and loving to just one women is starting to appeal a whole lot more.

Yes, I have trawled the websites for that perfect condo in Pattaya. Yes, I have fallen in lust with a Thai hooker… been there and got the t-shirt. It is all meaningless.

I think it's best that I just remember the good times and spend time with the love of my life.

Mongering in Thailand and elsewhere has been an entertaining, exciting and brilliant experience. Time is upon me to give up that life for the foreseeable future and spend time with my one true love… sad I know, but it makes me happy and that my friends is what life is all about.

Stick's thoughts:

We change, we grow up, we mature. What we do, what we believe in, the very way we live our lives….all of this stuff changes over time. As a young adult I holidayed in New Zealand and Australia. In my mid 20s I took a couple of trips to Europe. In my late 20s I discovered Asia. Today, other places appeal. We change….don't worry, it's completely normal!

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