Stickman Readers' Submissions July 3rd, 2015

Hope Kills

The lady in line at the 7-11

5 hungry kids at home from 3 different dads but she’s not buying bread

She clings to a case of beer, carton of cigs, and 20 tickets to heaven

Her life is a nightmare but the lotto is her last shred of hope

Lloyd doesn’t get sad

When Mary tells him he has a one in a million chance

“So you’re saying I got a chance….YEAH!”

He’s still got hope

He Clinic Bangkok

Marx has often be quoted saying that religion is the opiate of the masses

He meant that people would not rebel against their government

They would suffer horrible disgraces

All because religion gave them false hope

It may seem foolish to us

The 2 week millionaire falls in love

He just got off the Airbus

And he’s been hooked by a Pattaya Shark

But you have to understand

Before Sam got to sin city he lived every day

A prisoner in a cubicle with no hope of an escape plan

Taking orders from two bosses

CBD bangkok

One boss complains about his TPS reports

The other just yelled for sport

Until the day she left and now he’s paying her support

For the privilege of seeing his kids every other weekend

He works a job he hates

Sam lives in a studio while she lives in the house he bought

That’s where his ex and her boyfriend cohabitate

And to make it worse the kids call him Dad

A man divorced with a bald dome

Middle aged and a little thick around the middle

Doesn’t stand a chance of finding a young stunner back home

But then he steps onto the Soi

Saved his money for this trip

So he could live like a Rock Star in the city of sin

And then he met Jipp

She gives him something like love

wonderland clinic

She gives him sex and affection

He feels wanted and young again

They sleep naked every night and he loves her soft brown skin

No gowns and socks in bed like all the girls back home

Jipp tells him her hard luck story

About her kid back home and the Thai man that left

She wants to quit the bar really

She will be his if he would only send a little money

It wasn’t the sex or the holding hands

It wasn’t feeling like a teenager in love

Wasn’t the sweet talk or pats on the ass

She hooked him with hope

So he made an escape plan

He had a girl waiting for him

She was back home in Isaan

He just had to send 30,000 baht every month

He cashed his IRA to buy the land

She was to build a house

Next to her mom in Isaan

Where they could live like a happy family

One day he would leave his cubicle farm

Say Fuck You to his boss and his ex

Move to paradise and be an Ajarn

Living his dream with his young brown bride

Every day he toiled but now he had a smile on his face

When he thought of Jipp

He was living for more than drinking on Friday with his mates

A light at the end of the dull tunnel of his life

But then he got a message from Steve

Steve was on vacation sauntering down Walking Street

Snapped a photo of Jipp walking arm in arm with a tall Swede

Wearing her bar girl clothes and no shame in her eyes

Sam calls Jipp and she says no

It wasn’t her she with mom

Back to the bar she would never go

She cries on the phone and he believes

But it gnaws at him just the same

It eats at him every day that he works to send her money

So finally he gets on plane

He will see with his own eyes

Sam gets a taxi to the scene of the crime

He’s got a fever burning his brain

He has a bad feeling in his gut the whole time

He wants to believe her – he needs to believe

He gets to the street

He walks into the bar

From where they would first meet

And there she was dancing by a pole

Now Sam is poised on the ledge of the hotel balcony

Ready to join the Bangkok Flying Club

Gone is his girl and his money

But what really killed him is she took away his hope

nana plaza