Stickman Readers' Submissions November 25th, 2014

One Final Report Before Stickman Signs ‘Over & Out’!

It’s now been just over 6 (six) years since my virginity with the Thailand experience was initiated, christened and lost.

Over that last 6 years I have been a semi-frequent writer to Mr. Stickman’s website.

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My written chronicles on why and how I met my Thai wife have been numerically deposited in the Readers' Submissions section and can be found here
and subsequent days onward.

The value of this submission is to update readers on the current status quo, plus also to provide hope for all of those thinking about doing something similar…that is, finding a good Thai wife.

Looking back, the master plan I hatched to find and secure a good Thai wife was cavalier, ruthless but also executed (even if I do say so myself!) to perfection with a stunningly happy outcome for both parties and also for the extended families involved.

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I’ll not bore you with a recap of events… The stories are already available on the How, Why and Where etc.

I agree 100% with others that say: if you are going to marry a Thai girl, that you do it fast. We concluded our nuptials within 9 weeks of our 1st face to face (plus other various body parts) meeting.

Life back in Farangland with my Thai wife has been sweet, easy and relaxed. Most days I really find it hard to believe and comprehend that it has been 6 smooth plain sailing years of marriage.

Our lifestyle since getting married has seen twice a year, month-long visits to Thailand in July & December.

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Whilst up visiting the family in Korat during December 2013 we were casually looking for a Thailand home.

We came across a stunning new development and decided to purchase immediately the plot of land.

Building will commence in December, 2014, and the home will be completed for occupation in May, 2015.

Korat house

The land of course has to be registered in my wife’s name, however I will enjoy a 30-year usufruct (right to abode) registered over the property.

Our current 10-year plan has us residing 3 months in Thailand and then 3 months back in Farangland then repeating over and over. (Never to endure a hard Winter in the West or a hot Thai Summer ever again!)

I think for most guys from Farangland, the total cost of a new Thai home is just about a 10% deposit on a home back in the West…

Our day to day life back in the West is structured around eating and food, Thai food of course!

My wife has found her ‘niche’ and enjoys a small business teaching local folk how to cook Thai food via a workshop run in our home kitchen.

Life is sweet (did I mention that already) and we have bonded into a routine which works for us!

It is a rare event to hear her verbally say ‘I Love You’… I have adapted to this slowly and reluctantly – reading other submitters' writings also helped understand this Thai trait.

However, this is only our Western ideals that we are bought up with. I accept that what is really more important is how she ‘shows her love for me” – and that is every day, day in and day out.

Mia produces yummy Thai food every day for us, she cleans and gardens without being asked or cajoled into it.

It’s all about how she cuddles up close and somehow has magically decided to make it her life’s mission to massage my genitalia whenever we are relaxing together… Who am I to complain – what a life, what a wife!

It was only last year in December, 2013 (after 5 years visiting Thailand) that I had my 1st ever visit to a Thai gogo bar, oh and also combined at the same time my 1st ever visit to Nana Plaza. Not strange to many readers I am sure in itself, but my best mate that took me also took us (yes, my Thai wife and I). It was the first time ever to Nana Plaza and Spanky’s for both her and for me.

Still to this day, a buffalo has never died (her eldest brother died of lung cancer @ 52 years old), her family have never had a dire emergency and request cash. I am aware that on a couple of occasions she has lent her family money for a short while, but she shields this from me and it only emerges after the fact, when my wife feels ready to tell me, almost like in passing conversation.

So I’ll try and wrap up with a few profound words…

Be strong. Be ‘the man’ – the Thai ladies respect this. They do really want you to make all the decisions.

My wife still walks 3 paces behind me when we are out and about – I have grown used to this now (it can almost feel just like taking a dog for a walk!)

I believe and have found that a happy, comfortable, confident Thai lady (30 years of age +) does not create mayhem, drama or chaos.

All I can do is wish you the very best of luck with you search, your chase and the close of you potential new Thai wife…

Note to Stick: Thank you so very much for this site. It has taught me so very much in preparation for getting on with my Thai wife.

Stickman's thoughts:

It's great to hear these happy reports of marriage with a Thai. One very clear trend has emerged and that is that Thai / Western relationships seem to do better in the West than in Thailand.

On the subject of when Stickman will sign out and the submissions, at this stage there are no plans to stop the submissions so as long as they keep coming in, I will publish them.

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