Stickman Readers' Submissions November 24th, 2014

Another Good Thai Wife Story

Reading the recent revelations from several people on their observations of Thai/Farang couples, I felt it was time for me to update my good wife stories that I submitted years ago.

To recap, I met my Thai wife in 2005, we married in December of 2006, and her and her three children came to the US in 2008. My wife when she came to the US did not speak English and I did not speak Thai. We had only spent a little time together when we decided we would see how things would work out.

The oldest daughter is in her last year at a private university that she has paid for out of her own pocket. She has little student loans after five years of school. She plan to attend Pharmacy school and obtain a doctor of pharmacy degree. Her motivation and abilities place this well into her path. At 22 she still lives at home and plans to remain until she is done with school. She has fully accepted the opportunities offered to her in the US.

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The youngest daughter just graduated as class valedictorian after maintaining a 4.0 GPA, honors and college level classes throughout her four years of high school. She is well rounded, having been involved in sports, school activities, volunteer work, all with a plan for scholarships. Of which she has received several. Her long-term plan is to complete 7 years of college and become a physician’s assistant or medical doctor. Her abilities and efforts make this very possible.

In the beginning, after reading so many horror stories I kept waiting for something BAD to happen, the demands for money to become excessive or some other major event to destroy me. What I have is a wife who works full time and saves most everything she earns. She helps me with major funding items around the home and pays most of the time when we go to dinner / travel (including trips to Thailand). Me? I take care of the household expenses.

My wife still comes home from work and curls up in my lap to snuggle. We spend time discussing life, American politics and watching the Walking Dead. She is eager to learn and she does very well despite a 6th grade Isaan education. Education for her children is her number one priority.

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We are now looking at buying a new house that her sister will live in until I am ready to retire. The home will provide a place for us to stay when we travel to Thailand. The key thing here is that my wife will be paying for the house from the money she has saved from her work. She expresses that the house is for the two of us and has no issue if I want some paperwork to give me a legal right to be in the home. Our home in the US is in only my name, and she has never even mentioned this.

In our group of friends, some have been married for 40 plus years (Air American helicopter pilot), others for only a few. Some of the ladies my wife tells me that their husband met them in bars. None in the last eight years have broken up. In our group of friends, we have husbands who have high level incomes, some are retired and some never seem to be able to hold a job. It seems the ones who don’t seem to be able to work, find hard-working wives that take care of them. The ones with lots of money seem to have wives that need to be taken care of.

In my home my income was good but not high, a government job with good benefits. It was both of us working together that have allowed us to save a lot over the few years and allow me to build my retirement account. For my wife, she see that I spend countless hours helping her kids with school homework and planning their careers. The children see that I am giving them a real opportunity in the US. But they have to work hard also.

My wife has always been reasonable in her request and she never presents things to me as a demand. I have found that she is always willing to reasonably help someone in need, but is not willing to help someone who through bad behavior places them in a bad situation. Her family for this reason has never been an issue. We do provide some monthly support for her elderly father and she feels this is enough. She told him this year that she would buy him rice as it was costing her more to give him money to raise his own.

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I wrote this as I wanted to join the others in showing that many people have good marriages with their Thai wives. I had been married three times before, in each case I left when their behavior became demanding and neglectful. In each case I knew by year five that it was not going to work. With my Thai wife we are at year 8 without any issues.

For anyone considering a Thai wife, I wish the best of luck to all of you.

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