Stickman Readers' Submissions October 9th, 2014

Review of A Famous A-Gogo in Ubon

Hello Stick and Friends,

I arrived in Ubon Rachathani today and decided to check out a gogo bar that I heard about. There were no reviews about it on the internet so I decided to write one.

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The gogo is called Famous A Gogo and it is located near the Regent Hotel, behind the small food market. I had been there before and didn't realize it. The reason was because the last time I went there were no girls dancing and it was pretty laid back. It reminded me of a Thai Juicee bar (Buy me drink).

I first arrived at 6 PM and it was closed. I decided to go back at 9 PM and found it was open.

I was warmly greeted by the staff, 1 Thai male and 3 Thai girls downstairs. I went upstairs and two of the women from downstairs (a women in her 30s and a 20-year old) came up and sat next to me. The third made a beeline for the stage. She took off her shorts and T-shirt and got on stage and started dancing.

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It was hot as hell. I asked for the air-conditioning and they turned it on. It took 30 minutes for it to kick on and cool the place.

The girl dancing on stage was very pale and the most of attractive, and all the other girls were dark skinned with powder on their faces. I got the impression that this gogo bar was made to cater to Thai gentlemen.

The older woman and the girl in her 20's started to ask the usual basic questions. Where are you from? What is your name? How long are you in Thailand. I politely answered.

The girl on staged finished dancing after 2 minutes and came and joined us. I was the only person in the gogo. The 20-year old asked for a drink and then all the women asked for a drink. I asked how much for lady drinks and they said 100 baht. I allowed them to each get a drink and I myself drank Singha beer. They were polite. They joked about my skin tone, with me being a black man and they being light-skinned. They made comparisons between my skin and their skin.

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I had 2 beers and then a bottle of water and continued conversing with them. After I finished my water I asked if the girl with the white skin who danced if she wanted to go with me. She said yes and said she could only go short time for 3,000 baht. I asked her why she wasn't working in Pattaya. She said that the Thai men pay more and that she liked me. I found it hard to believe because I was the only customer in the gogo. I am a Yank so I believe in supply and demand. I asked the other girls including the older one and they all said 3,000 for short time. I laughed and asked for my bill.

When I got my bill it was highly inflated. I calculated 500 baht. It was 960 baht. Then I remembered the same thing happened to me the last time I went in there but the last time there were no lady drinks. I pulled out my phone and used the calculator and then I saw that they doubled the amount of lady drinks on the bill. I politely contested and then the male cashier pulled out a number from his head for me to pay and asked if I was ok with it. I showed him my calculator and he obliged.

In my 5 years in Thailand I have learned that when someone argues about an error they didn't do it on purpose, but when they don't show any resistance normally they are testing you to see if they can rip you off. They argue about mistakes because typically the staff member who makes the mistake gets the difference deducted from their salary. Because the guy was being shifty I didn't leave a tip, I took all of my changed, wai-ed the women and left.

I honestly think that your time is better spent online trying to meet a girl in Ubon as the girls at the gogo were not attractive, they wanted too much money and then there is the hassle of having to debate what your actual bill is. Within 5 minutes of getting back to my room I met a girl off the web and she came to my room and was an 8 out of 10. The hottest girl in that gogo was a flat-chested 5.

I hope this review helps. Please email me if you have any questions.

Stickman's thoughts:

You waied the women in the bar? WTF!

Ubon is not known for gogo bars. If you want bars with chrome poles, stick to Bangkok and Pattaya.

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