Stickman Readers' Submissions August 26th, 2014

Regarding Rachel

Last time I wrote to Stick, I complained about the quality of submissions as of late. Christmas came early this year, and a new submission by Ms. Rachel Chan will certainly change the tone and tempo of responses to the site for a while.

Now, let me begin by saying that I’m not Rachel’s target. I’ve never married, nor slept with, a Thai woman; since she seems to consider East Asian women and the Caucasian men who marry them superior, I suppose she considers me one of her allies, since my wife is East Asian and I’m Caucasian.

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Of course I’m not her ally, because I’m not a moron.

Her ramblings about Thais being physically less attractive than East Asians is idiotic and not really worth responding to (I’ve seen plenty of gorgeous Thai women, and plenty of Chinese dogs). Her ramblings about white men in Asia, East or Southeast, is also not worth commenting on. She’s quite simply wrong and stupid.

A bit of Googling can uncover why she is this way. A Chinese girl living in Malaysia, as she hints at in her submission, Rachel is cut from the same cloth that has produced Chinese merchants who ply their trade and eke out a living throughout East Asia for centuries. She is, to put it simply, just one of millions of Chinese people who have a curious sense of superiority.

And it is curious. How a nation known for spitting, urinating, and defecating in public can claim its sense of superiority over anyone is beyond me. African nations have complained of Chinese immigrants and their bad behavior. Lengthy articles in Italian newspapers about the fowl-mannered Chinese workers have decried their terrible manners. Then, of course, there is the pea soup sky that China’s casual destruction of its ecosystem is causing not only for itself but also for its neighbors. Perhaps Rachel sees this as a good thing; with all that pollution in the air, she won’t have to worry about direct sunlight making her skin darker (although looking at her picture on her blog, she doesn’t look that pale, or attractive, to begin with).

Obviously, this is an angry and stupid young girl who is intoxicated by what limited power her own sexuality has over men. You can see this on her blog, when she writes about kissing men and then telling them she’s not going to sleep with them, and then describing the thrill she gets from it while also complaining about bitches who have offended her in one way or another.

The five minutes I spent reading her blog reminded me of why I am glad that I do not socialize with teenage girls anymore. They’re just plain horrible people.

But I am much more interested in a much more important point, because this has implications not only for expats in Asia but indeed for the geopolitical tensions that plague the Asian continent. Teenagers will express their insecurities and rage in various forms, but her focus is very clear—and common:

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1. Caucasian men who like East Asians are superior.

2. East Asians are superior.

3. Southeast Asians are inferior, animal-like.

4. East Asian women will use and dump men whenever they want because they are “strong”.

Obviously #4 is an adaptation of western feminism—call it gender equality with Chinese characteristics, if you like. The combination of a generation born during the One Child Policy and exposure to western ideas has brought about a shameless arrogance, materialism, and unrealistic demands from some (not all) Chinese women. Those attitudes are obviously bleeding over to Malaysia, which is not too surprising. It is also evident in Korea and to a lesser extent Japan.

#1 is not terribly interesting or frankly important in itself, but being spoken by a Chinese-Malay, it is disconcerting, especially when combined with #2 and #3. Put simply: centuries of Chinese mercantilism in Southeast Asia has created a two-caste society in many southeast Asian societies that is fxxxing over natives. The political struggles in Thailand are not entirely unrelated to this young girl’s angry babbling; in both cases, we see a group of Chinese-descendants who see themselves as genetically superior to the native animals, and thus deserving of a disproportionate share of the nation’s wealth and bounty.

What makes this situation even more frustrating is that, in the west, the poverty of many of these nations’ locals are being blamed on the West and not on the generations of Chinese-descendants who have made a living by raping, pillaging, and extorting wealth out of Southeast Asian peoples.

So sadly we cannot just dismiss Rachel’s angry ranting as the complaints of an angry teenage girl. It’s symptomatic of a much bigger problem. In Asia, there is a cultural tradition of seeing Southeast Asians as inferior, as animals, as deserving a life of servitude and poverty. This attitude should be fought on every front possible.

How can we do this? Simple:

1. Point out the barbaric behavior common in China, much worse than anything seen in Thailand.

2. Point out the history of China raping and abusing the rest of Asia.

3. Encourage smaller Asian states to get closer relations to other nations (European countries, the U.S., each other) to counterbalance China’s growing power.

4. Point out the inherent inequality and slave-like conditions of many people in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand that has been created by people like Rachel’s ancestors.

5. Laugh at people like Rachel for being stupid spoiled little children.

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