Stickman Readers' Submissions August 25th, 2014

Once Upon A Time

In my time, when I was younger, a slight show of affection to a fellow male was catalogued as “homo” and who dared to show it was severely punished by his inmates (school colleagues, training mates, etc.). Now, after reading several submissions, I am assisting a new era, the era of glorification of anal intercourse between males. I don’t understand who in his perfect sense thinks that it is normal even with Ladyboys. LB is a personification of a woman’s body in a man’s mind. LB is nothing more, nothing less than a hybrid. He acts like a lady but thinks like a man. LB has another synonymous: shemale, although a shemale is intended only to dress like a woman maintaining his sexuality. So, if a shemale is male dressed with women dresses pretending he’s a she, a LB is someone, in this case a boy, acting like a lady. In both cases they are man acting or dressing as a woman. In other words, LB lovers are gay. END STOP.

When some guys have the courage to have any sexual relation with a LB, I think they believe they are the bravest guys on earth. I think because it's common sense that it is painful and shameful being drilled by some other guy. Perhaps those guys are submissive in their relations and they carry those feelings trying to find a “lady” that makes them feel comfortable. This means “caught by behind”.

He Clinic Bangkok

I can’t imagine a guy who claims that he is the dream of many women in the west and consider himself as an Adonis, go to Thailand to be screwed by “one or more beautiful LB with great bodies”. That seems so controversial, but in other hand so sweet and dearest. I believe those particular guys are in fact “teddy bears” and easily manhandled by ladies. In fact they think of their selves like heroes because they sustain horrible pains derivative of their acts with the LB when they are only a shadow of what a man should be.

Then we have what we call in my country “punheteiros”. This means a guy always ready to pay for sex. One that frequently goes to go-go bars looking for meat and waste a small fortune in this bars. He can’t have a regular relation with a woman without paying her. This particular kind of guy, usually have some flaw that keeps away any desirable woman in the west. This guy claims himself not a looser, but a winner, because on his point of view, when he decided to go Southeast Asia, he thinks he will be seen like a god and not like a walking ATM that he really is. He’s a winner, because he can have several good looking women if he pays her a certain amount of money for a good girlfriend experience that makes him believe she loves him. These guys are obviously losers, despite they can’t see that. In their minds it’s normal to pay for “love”.

Now, a big issue here. What is expected to be a fair price for a “short time” in Thailand? Some guys will say 1000 baht maximum. Stickman will say 3000 baht minimum. I will say the market will set the price for you. It’s a fair price? Like everything in life, something worth what you are willing to pay. Another important factor: the implicit value of the lady. So, I think some ladies worth the 3k or more and some don’t worth a dime. In general 3000 baht for a short time in Thailand looks too expensive. One will say: “I pay 7-8k baht in USA for the same kind of lady. 3k looks cheap.” Others, like me, will say “in my country, I pay 2-4k for the same lady and I think it’s expensive due to my salary”. Someone can connect the dots here? What we can afford or what we are able to pay is directly indexed to our income in the country lady is performing her activity, usually our home town. So, I think 3k is totally outrageous to pay in Thailand for a short time and 1k is fair enough. Sometimes 1k is too expensive due to the lady quality. Some guys are willing to pay that amount, but that don’t mean is the usual price. In my home town some guys pay a good amount of money for a lady, but that is not the usual neither.

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Now let’s see what the cost of living in Thailand is. Traditionally is quite lower than in the west. In my case it can be a third comparing to my home town. When I pay 1000 baht to a lady for her services, that implicitly means I’m paying the equivalent to 3000 baht in my country due to the relatively of the cost of living. Now market and economics are worldwide and not regional like before. The price you pay for a good in the west is the same you pay in Thailand. The only difference can be explained due to the taxes (in Thailand you will pay 7% VAT for example). Prices are expensive in Bangkok? Sure they are! They are expensive for everybody, but most of the Thais can’t afford a nice meal in a farang restaurant except when invited by farangs. That means Thais are living the live they can afford, cheap meals in local restaurants or street vendors. Instead, farangs are willing to try a nice western meal with some wine for a few thousands of baht. This is just a scenario, doesn’t meaning every farang eat in western restaurants and every Thai eat a cheap meal. The exception proves the rule. This long dissertation is to conclude that 3000 baht is expensive for the locals, concluding this means it’s expensive for everyone. What is the average salary in Bangkok? I would say it would be in the range 10k-15k for a non-skill job like 7 Eleven stores (please readers, I know in 7 Eleven is around 9k or less, but the point here is to explain about a non-skill job not about 7 Eleven jobs). That meaning a job like this gives a daily income of 300-400 baht. In my country, for the same job, an average daily income is around 800 baht. In my country, a sex working lady will make around 2000-3000 baht for a short time in average. I can’t discuss about service provided because it depends on the lady and not on the country. I had good experiences in the west and bad experiences in Thailand and vice-versa. The idea of the girlfriend experience is not an isolate act in Thailand, far from that. Many of the readers only have Thailand as a reference.

An interesting current theme: Thailand visa crackdown. Imagine this scenario, your country have open borders with their neighbor countries. Everyone can circulate inside your country if they have a valid ID from your neighbors or a valid visa. If you have a valid visa you can come across a lot of countries freely. I already heard someone call it “freedom land”. This space is called European Community. We have many undesirable people across Europe, but it’s our politic right now. Some countries are becoming more restrictive like France. Why should Thailand be different? In the last years we have observed a lot of people emigrating Asia due to the poor economic situation of Europe. Everyone would ask: “Why, if Asian salaries like Thailand are lower than Europe?” Because the cost of living in those countries is lower too. They can have a better life with less money. Rental is cheaper as well as food, the basic commodities to live. And have the climate factor, very important indeed. We can have cheap rents, cheap food and hot all year without losing quality of life. Before the visa crackdown it was easy to live in Thailand. For a small amount of money your passport can take a trip to a neighbor country and apply a visa without you leaving the country. It was so easy that becomes immoral. Now Thailand just restored morality, simple as that. The visa runs only benefit the outlaws and some characters that don’t meet the minimum requirements to stay in Thailand. Thailand don’t need these undesirable people living there, most of them drunks, addicted and psychotic people with problems. If you want to work as a teacher, just apply for the correct visa. If you want to live in Thailand with an internet business based there just apply for the right visa. Why it should be easy like snap your fingers and think: “I will move Thailand. It’s easy to live there. No one cares. I can do visa runs every 3 months.” If you are smart and want to live in Thailand for, imagine, 1 year, make a new passport without stamp. Every time you go out of the country stay a few days outside and when you come back just book hotels like you are a tourist and have a pre-determined route. Hotel booking are easy to cancel without any cost. This will be what the immigration officer will ask you in first instance if he’s in doubt. You just need to prove you are a genuine tourist if you already have a few stamps in your passport. Of course you need to show money too. Just have a thousand dollars or Euros and a few credit cards with you. I think is a better idea than marry with a Thai lady for sure.

My conclusions are that the 2 week millionaires are pushing prices up, no doubt. Mr. Stickman thinks is normal for a sex working lady asking 3000 baht in Thailand for a short time. That is delusional and makes the illusion of a strong and competitive economy, these same illusion made economics decrease in the west. Someone will call it speculation. The 2 week millionaires are speculating over prices of ladies in Thailand and make them rise to a certain level unsustainable to most of the men. Of course market will balance prices when supply is higher than demand. It’s not expected to pay 500 baht or less forever, basically because of the inflation. Economics are such an extraordinary issue to talk about. In the end everyone will agree we are living times of pure speculation and prices of goods are overpriced. In the other hand, manual labor are generalized poorly paid, meaning the ladies in Thailand will consider to work in bars to have a better life.

Stickman's thoughts:

wonderland clinic

I'm bemused at the way some guys get all bent out of shape about those who go for ladyboys. Who cares? Live and let live!

As far as the rates Thai working girls charge, in Bangkok gogo bars the girls ask for 2,000 – 3,000 for short time and it can be 4,000 or more for long time. I don't think there is anyone on the planet who would willingly accept less for the same job if the next person was willing to pay them more so I think the girls should be encouraged to make as much as they can. We all want to be paid a premium for our labour, right?

It's highly amusing the way you try to justify a low price for the girls when you at the same time you say that the market will determine the rates. The market has, and rates are on the way up. In Bangkok 1K baht has not been the going rate for some time, unless you like to throw the dice and are talking about streetwalkers.

Why don't you just come out and say that (in all likelihood) you don't have much money and you cannot afford 3K, or say that you don't think the level of service offered is justified for 3K?

Let me tell you a story. In the past I provided investigative services for guys supporting a lady who had worked in the bar and who wanted to check that the lady no longer worked in the bar as she had told him. Those from one country (clue: Mickey Mouse) never baulked at the price. They would be happy with the rate, easy to work with and almost never complained. Those from another country (clue: Shakespeare) often thought the price was too high and when they did go through with an investigation, they would often complain and were, frankly, difficult and sometimes even unreasonable! As such I soon worked out that there was one group of customers who were easy to work with and who willingly paid the asking rate. They were the group whose business I was most interested in. It's the same with the bargirls who have come to realise that there are some customers who pay handsomely AND treat them well and others who don't pay well and who, amazingly, are more likely to mistreat them. Can you blame the girls for A) wishing to maximise their earnings and B) being more willing to go for those who treat them well?

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