Stickman Readers' Submissions August 25th, 2014

Rchael, Oh Rachel

You have an inferiority complex. The signs are obvious. You want to be a white girl. You look up to them, and that’s why you have a white boyfriend, so that at least your children can be mixed. But you are denying your “Asianness” by looking down upon other Asian people.

How do I know it? Let me explain it to you. Actually, and I’m going to be arrogant too now, I often visit the Stickman website to read stories about guys being more unfortunate than me. If I read a story about a guy’s life being ruined by a bargirl, I feel sorry for the guy, but at the same time I feel happier with my own life and situation. I can always say: this foreigner is much worse off in Asia than me – so my life isn’t that bad after all. That’s human nature. You are doing exactly the same by looking down upon Thai females. Before I explain to you why, let me raise some other points first.

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First of all, you say: “Hi, I'm a young and attractive Chinese female from England”. You aren’t from England. You live in England (obviously being sponsored by your family who wants you to study there), but you have yet to be English. Why do I know? Your whole submission is full of grammatical errors. You pretend to be Western, but you are still the yellow Malaysian girl. You are not even East-Asian, you are Southeast Asian. In Hong Kong people see you as Malaysian, and not as a Hong Konger. Some people would actually define you here as a Jungle Asian who practices black magic. Does this fact hurt you? Trust me, it isn’t that bad.

Second, it’s your right to find Thai people ugly – I am not very attracted to African girls either. But you call them ugly BECAUSE they are brown. Dear Rachel, as an “English” girl, don’t you realize that in the West people prefer to be tanned? Not that Thailand is full of “brown” girls, but you are just being very racist now. Treat others like you want to be treated yourself. Whereas Stickman thought you looked cute, I have Googled you too. You aren’t very attractive yourself either, dear Rachel. I would have my girlfriend any time over you, even if I could have two Rachels instead of one girlfriend. But hey, nobody is perfect. If you find yourself attractive, please do so.

Third, if you disagree with someone’s relationship choices, it's best for you to be quiet, instead of asking them to be quiet. Live and let live, why are you bothering those guys with your opinion? Be happy with your WHITE boyfriend. Or did you feel envious, that in Thailand white guys actually didn’t think you were that interesting? That those “brown” girls actually were more interesting than you? Tell me…is this envy? That you say: “Some expats used to say they will never date Chinese women because they are arrogant, think about it, can you ever handle a strong women like us” – says EVERYTHING. And that you say the following is pretty funny too: “I've used to have a white guy whose been chasing for me quite a long time, he can't get me and he ended up with a Thai girl”. Dear, did you get dumped for a Thai girl? Didn’t you get the attention you wanted? Are you bored with your WHITE boyfriend? Do you wish to have another whitey? Poor thing.

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Fourth, there is no such thing as a pre-historical race. It only exists in your insecure mind. In 5 years time you will read your submission again, and you feel ashamed of yourself, and you certainly don’t have the right to talk about what “normal” white guys should do or think. I’m sure that there are a LOT of white guys wanting to tell you now that you are wrong. I’m also not going to pretend to know what Southeast Asian girls like you want, do I?

Let me tell you something, there is nothing wrong about being Asian. Being Malaysian is perfectly fine, and you should be proud of your heritage. Imitating Westerners and looking down upon other Asians, to make yourself feel better, will not make your life any better – nor does reading stories about unfortunate chaps make my life any better. Deep down inside, you know you feel ashamed of where you are from. Or, you didn’t receive the attention you wanted in Thailand from those white expats. Or you got dumped because of a Thai girl. In any case I hope that you will find a way to reconcile with your ethnicity and background. I genuinely hope so.

Concluding remarks:

Girls like Rachel are endemic in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong many people look up to white people to such a disgusting extent that they deny their “Chinese-hood”. They pose with their white, freckly, yellow-teethed boyfriends, and even refuse to speak Chinese, just a strange wanna-be British English. This very reason makes me love Vietnam very much. Vietnamese people seem to be attracted to the western culture and people, but they don’t deny their own identity.

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I would say, let’s not be too harsh on Rachel. She is still growing up. She sees that her White Gods are actually more interested in people she has despised for a long time. Instead of realizing that her world view is plain wrong, she is projecting it on those shitty white guys and pre-historic jungle Asians.

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