Stickman Readers' Submissions August 23rd, 2014

Shit White Men And Thai Spouses

Hi, I'm a young and attractive Chinese female from England, recently I've got back to Malaysia for family business and seen things ridiculously in Southeast Asia, Thailand.

Thailand is a nice country with very nice people and foods, who doesn't love that place?! I've been to Thailand twice with my boyfriend (white English) for holiday, what I can see its the majority of Thai girls are ugly! ok, maybe I shouldn't use that word, those girls are prehistorical face, short, brown and seriously not attractive. People used to called that place 'The Land of Smiles', I really wonder how bad taste and low are those expats. I've been talking to few Caucasian men from Denmark and Belgium, they can be holding a Master Degree, having a nice job in Thailand, but they are dating their girls. What I can observe it is those men are usually friendly, desperate and needed love, most importantly they NEED a nice girl to talk good to them, so they found Thailand. I've talked to a guy named J, he is from Denmark, he gets really angry when he heard of people don't agree about white men and Thai girls relationship, blaming on people by saying they are racist bastards. Think about it, can you really blame the world of disagreeing those relationships happened? Its your choice to date them, so its better to keep quiet and date your Thai girls when you heard people saying those things again and never ever talked back! You re being low it means your low, nothing can change the fact so better accept it!

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Sex tourism, why would I catogorize you with them its simply because you don't even have enough budget to travel to Japan and have fun with better looking girls, so you ended up in Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. Once your there you will try to convince yourself that you've found your true love! When it comes to outsiders criticizing your relationship and you will become extremely self defensive, try saying things that makes yourself comfortable. These men are usually the most pathetic creatures in the world. I will skip this part, this article is not about sex tourism.

One of my English mates told me, I shouldn't really waste my time on explaining to those Bangkok expats, they are living in Thailand what can you expect anything from them? It doesn't matter if you don't have a choice or you've chosen yourself to be in Thailand.

White guys who are in Southeast Asian countries and dating those girls actually pull down the reputation of all white men. I know this is harsh but its true. Not all white men are into Thai girls, they've actually made all white men look easy to Asian people, because they dated any girls! Thai, Filipinos Viet etc. I'm being mad because my Chinese relatives and friends always thought that MOST / ALL white men love dark skin! That's absolutely WRONG! Not all of them are low like those white men whose dating / married to Thai women!

Some expats used to say they will never date Chinese women because they are arrogant, think about it, can you ever handle a strong women like us? BTW we will leave the relationship anytime if we want it. In England the most common interracial relationship it would be East Asian women and white men, but unfortunately those white men are very different in England and Thailand. They used to say Chinese women are cheap because they sleep in the first date, and Thai girls don't, seriously I don't know if they've actually owned a brain or being with Thai girls for too long. Thai girls sleep around in the first date! Chinese women are serious in life and Thai women are actually happy going person and just keep everything easy and fine. Men who ever chosen those girls seriously can you ever imagine how classy he can be? How motivated are these white men to life? I've used to have a white guy whose been chasing for me quite a long time, he can't get me and he ended up with a Thai girl. I've not seen things this unbelievable in England! Jesus Christ!

To me its pretty normal for a white men to go for East Asian women like us, the world most wanted female! It would appear, as a study by Cardiff University in 2012 on facial attractiveness showed that East Asian women scored highest, but if your choosing to be with those prehistorical race Southeast Asia women, there must be something wrong in you. Thai girls usually have larger feet I know this word is harsh but I will still have to say it, we called it jungle Asians! Normal white guys would never do that, or maybe the Euros will, they are FUNNY and WEIRD! That's why I would never date any of them, being happy and 'not serious in life' is in their genes. Those men are not attractive to me lol. They don't even look like a man to me to be honest, lack of masculine.

White men who are dating Thai women, I respect your opinion, but I would never waste time talking to those men. They can be good in other things, but lose in one thing and we called it taste in women.

PS: I usually don't say it in front of anyone, but cant help myself posting it up to the net. I don't have a problem with Thai people, they are friendly, nice and soft. This article is not about Thai women, it's white men that actually dated them.

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Stickman's thoughts:

Quite unbelievable arrogance and you have successfully managed to do something few can – equally angered and upset both Thai women and Western men. The points you try to make are very poorly made and I am not sure who you look down on more – Thai women or Western men with Thai women. I imagine you have also angered Chinese women, to include Malaysian Chinese, Thai Chinese and others of Chinese ancestry who would be shocked at your contemptuous arrogance and snobbery and would hate for others to think your attitude is representative of them in any way.

What I'd *really* like to know is what the trigger was for you to write this. I just don't see a Malaysian of Chinese ancestry in England writing this without something triggering it.

I am always interested in what people who make such extreme, hateful comments are like so I did something am very reluctant to do – and I Googled you. OK, you might look cute enough from the outside, but your words show you are absolutely rotten on the inside. Rachel, your looks will fade with time…but your attitude you are stuck with forever.

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