Stickman Readers' Submissions June 24th, 2014

One Dimension – dating in Thailand with Thai girls from Bangkok and all over Thailand!

So, the point of this submission is to weigh partly into the past economics debate as well as a few other comments that, I feel, should be included.

He Clinic Bangkok

First, I have not submitted anything in a few years for two main reasons: 1) I am busy in life and have no real complaints except for the retarded people who blog and write idiotic venting submissions and 2) I got tired of arguing with people who wanted to tell me via email that I did not know how the world works and any assumption about Thailand was wrong because any and all of my life experiences were somehow wrong and only their excellent viewpoints mattered. Jackasses!

Let’s move on. I think people tend to forget the internet has changed many things throughout the world where people are connected. If we look back to the 90’s, there were no blogs, YouTube, Facebook or the various number of dating websites that can be found with any type of search.

Thai women today have so many more options than just a bar to make money from the tourist or monger. They can sit home all day and just connect online for various sexual encounters. They can work a job and go home and then use the same approach. The options are almost limitless, so why people assume the world is static and unchanged and only supply and demand in the bars go against some illogical economic sense bemuses me.

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Is it true that Thailand has grown economically? Yes. Is it true there are still many poor women, who head to the bars because of no education and lack of any real skills? Yes. Is it true that these women, because they are well informed (i.e. the internet and other past bar girls), will demand the highest price they can get paid? Yes. Is it true many would rather not be there? Yes. Should bars do more to attract customers? Yes. These are but a few of the thousand different truths that apply to the entire picture.

I restate my point earlier that people are thinking in only one dimension and assume everything else has stayed static. We know this is not the case. I want the U.S. to be like it was in the 1950’s where people were nice to each other, raised one family and were able to correct other people’s kids, but that is not the world we live in, so as Thailand changes because of world and different influences, again why would one think it has to fit a specific picture?

We evolve, we change and so does our surrounding environment. Gone are the days past of having your own slice of heaven, unless you find a spot and tell no one! People see what is happening everywhere and if it looks entertaining, they will come to be a part of the scene. Seems like common sense, but again people forget these simple things. So many people freely wrote about their experiences in Thailand and then are shocked to see others who want to come and join the party. It is as if in some alternate universe they thought people will only read what they write, but will never come experience it and if they do, nothing at all will change.

I do not care about the morality or destruction of the woman who enters the industry and exits. Call me unsympathetic, but nothing comes easy and free in life and though the fantasy they believe going into it is not the reality they face, it is almost always made with the choice of making easy money with doing little work. Today’s populace loves the easy work and high pay and it may be appealing to many people, but with this type of job a real cost in life is incurred. In their case it is absolutely damaging mentally and even physically. Again, I do not care and I believe we are all accountable for the choices we make both good and bad. The morality debate has been done many times throughout the past here.

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I also think people tend to forget that if you were a “barboy” and had to have sex with the nastiest, fattest, smelliest women; would you only charge 500 THB? Can you switch roles for a minute and try to even imagine the circumstance you would be in? Do you think only good-looking women with awesome bodies would come and pay for your services? Again one dimension!

Does it make sense that if they can charge 4,000 THB for one night and spend the other 6 on their iPhones? Absolutely! We may not like it as we want cheap, hot, porn women at our beck and call, but again this is dreaming of days gone past. There are just too many options for the past to come back to the way it was. We reminisce, opine, cry foul and throw many tantrums, but in the end it is what it is and either we adapt or we GTFO.

Strangely this is how many came to live here under this same philosophy that we did not like how it was at home and then decided to pack up and move to the LOS only in later years to have it fail because we lived in delusion what Thailand was or might be in the future. We made the choice and we are accountable, yet 90%+ of people claim it’s all other people’s fault (2-week millionaires, Stick defending bar girls, greedy bar girls, etc.)

While writing this two quick examples come to mind:

1) Whenever I go out to eat these days, I see the Thai family with Mom and Dad on their smartphone and the kid(s) on the tablet. First thing I think is “Why are they even out to dinner?” Again this is a changing environment and whether I like it or not, it is what it is.

2) Just 3 years ago I could go to the bars and talk with many travelers or locals and today it’s a battle between their smartphone or tablet. And even worse is any subject we discuss needs some fact checking on the internet to be sure what they say or what I said has a reference. It takes a lot of self-control to not just pick it up and throw it, but again the environment has changed and either I adapt or I am left in the past regarded as a dinosaur.

So, why is it such a shock that these Thai girls do the same that all of us do. Until about 2009/10 they did everything they could for our attention and now we must do anything we can to divert their attention from the phone and, of course, we don’t like it. People can rant about the apparent laziness of Thais as they always have and then try to convince me that after all their vitriol about their laziness, “How dare they use a cell phone in a bar!” Just silly!

Why some would argue that the uneducated bar girl does not have her Ph. D in economics and should charge less because this is how some readers feel and this is the way the world works is beyond me, but for some reason this belief exists and must be adhered to. Or why does the bar owner not have his DBA and understand all of the foreigners needs in a country that requires excessive rents and “grease payments” and many other things foreign to the foreigners is also unbelievable. Maybe it’s time some people do a reality check and see if what they write is actually real or some fantasy they create because of their “keyboard warrior” status that has developed over time.

Ok, so enough tough love for the moment. The real point of this is to remind everyone that nothing in life is static. We live in an ever changing dynamic environment and to believe otherwise is not living in the real world. Economically speaking there are 1000 different influences that have allowed for prices and changes in the bar scene and if you are thinking in one dimension, then it is time to open your eyes and see a little more than the specific thing you want unchanged!

Lastly, I think some people also forget that Thailand is a negotiating country. One can read through many past tips and recommendations on where and how to be more economical in the bar scene. Our immediate desire to have the hottest woman at some ridiculously low price at the snap of our fingers any time day or night is not realistic and maybe showing up at primetime is not the time to get the best deal. It’s not difficult, but doing some real research and taking the time and effort will make many of these horror stories untrue, but I would recommend that if you find the right place for the right price that you keep it to yourself otherwise it will change!

Take care gang,


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