Stickman Readers' Submissions June 23rd, 2014

Philippine Sex Slave in Japan is my Love Interest

I have known this woman online since 2009. She went under the name of Tiffany Chelsea. I am in New York. She said she was in Canada at first, but after a few years of conversation, she told me she lived in Japan. I was married at the time, but my wife gave me the ok to have a foreign 'pen pal'. In 2010 we began exchanging gifts and I kept the mailing label of her first gift to me as a souvenir.

My wife passed away from an undetected cancer in 2012 and my friend Tiffany was so supportive. We grew closer and called each other Internet sweethearts. She was even jealous of other female friends I made on social networks. She always told me she had no boyfriend and in December she asked me to make our love complete and to meet her in Japan. I had scheduling problems and told her later in the Spring would work for me. I was so excited that I bought a gold and diamond engagement ring.

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She had asked me to post similar theme photos of snow landscape on December 15 but she did not show online. I waited until January and still there was no word from her. I knew one of her brothers and he told me her family had not heard from her either. I was a technology manager and began searching for her using "tor" and "zenith map". If you ever watch the TV program "24" well, I did similar net heroics – and I found something unexpected. My friend lives in the apartment of her "boss", and had done so since at least 2008.

At that time her brother received a one line call from someone in Japan that "Tiffany was a LESSON". I didn't understand the message at the time. A few weeks later, on Tiffany’s' birthday, I got through on instant messenger – text only no voice / video.

The first words my friend said were not understandable to me so I Googled them and discovered they were Philippine for 'no hope'.

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I tried reassuring her and someone else typed '(I) have no rights'!

My name is Peter and suddenly my friend went on and on about how she had all kind of 'Peters', but not my 'Peter'. This made no sense either.

And then silence for a month. On my birthday she sent me an airmail letter with what was a medical diagnosis. The letter was inside a secondary envelope and written as if in a hurry. There was a return address but not an addressee. I had the diagnosis analyzed by a doctor as well as several nurses and all agreed, she had been hit on the upper left temple and it had caused a brain aneurism. The boss told her family that she had either fallen on the snow while skiing or had had a bathroom accident. He was the one who took her to the hospital.

Her family could not get an official record because he had her admitted under yet another false name, Ai, which did not match their family name. The boss instead of keeping her at the hospital, but at his house, with my friend screaming in pain, until this last week, when, yet again she is admitted with the new name of Aiko.

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I had suspected she was working in sex and reported it to her family and they responded strangely back to me that Tiffany is in good hands and they had asked her and she told then she was not having sex with anyone. They then told me to stop making stories.

The other night on instant messenger, I showed the ring to Tiffany but she told me because of her hospital stay she now has to stay with her boss for 5 more years. I told her I can't wait that long. She then told me if I wanted to replace her boss as boss – and then I got it. "Boss" to her means boss of her life. I told her no, but as a husband and wife team.

She then confessed she has been with her boss the last 11 years since he 'hired' her in the Philippines, and he has engaged her in sex ever since.

I was not thinking and didn't answer for a time. She called my name, Peter, and I replied. I know all I need to know about you and (her boss's name). She hung up and has not replied to my calls. I bought her an unlocked smart phone weeks before because her boss had taken her phone away back last November. I hope she got her operation, still she had told me even with that her brain was bad.

So, what is your advice? All my friends are telling me to walk away. My heart says otherwise. In your experience, do I have a chance to successfully take her from this guy?

I have written to all 3 embassies – US, Japan, and Philippines and because it deals with one woman they can't guarantee they can intervene for at least a year. She may not have the time, as it is she also has a "minor" STD which needs attention, but her luck could run out and she can catch a big one if she continues with that work, and brain surgery and all, her boss told her family he will book her to another job right after she finishes recuperating.

Would you do as I plan, to go there and take her while he is away from the apartment?

's thoughts:

Don't walk….run!

You hardly know this woman and who knows how much of what you know – or what you think you know – is true. There is likely so much you just don't know – and it probably isn't very good. You've been caught up in a fantasy and developed an emotional attachment to someone you actually don't know, a woman who has not been entirely truthful with you because she knows that if you knew the truth your interest in her would vanish.

It would be better to start a new relationship with someone you can actually get to know in person, not online.

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