Stickman Readers' Submissions November 26th, 2013

It Is What It Is

OK, now you have heard these musings of the weak:

– Do not fall in love with a bar girl!

He Clinic Bangkok

– The LOS has a dark side

– Always check the price before you buy (with products too!)

– Do not fall in love with a bar girl!

CBD bangkok

I restate this thread as many times as possible due to the plethora of new postings falling into one of these categories expressing some form of question of truth – look it up! It’s true. Now, I submit this writings for a few reasons. First, I owe the Stick an article for helping me out on a few small items. Second, and more directly, I feel obligated to assist the new, frail, and confused in a land of confusion, a Genesis song for those both my UK friends and from the North! A recent column the author commented on the service rendered in a Thai bar. Personally, I am excited if only a few of the most basic elements are met (even in a five star):

1. Acknowledgement of my presence. A head nod, glare, or grunt so at least they know I am there;

2. They even have a menu. Some places are just under the impression you know what is going on all the time. If you don’t, you are usually in good company – even the staff;

3. The staff actually returns with a drink in a glass or bottle that is actually cold. If this happens within a 10-minute time period – BONUS! A clean glass – double bonus!;

4. You can actually recognize the food you order. Here, I am talking about non-Thai food, but at times, even that!

5. That the food is actually hot when you get it. Even though you are the only one in the place, the kitchen is right there, and you move quickly to eat when it hits your table – again, a BONUS!

Let’s face it, this is a developing country and they are moving so fast that the small things are having trouble keeping up. They can’t keep up with the trash disposal, sidewalks, vendors, crime, electric and telephonic utilities (see those utility poles!). By the way, keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times when walking up open stairwells to the skytrain or just walking down a street! You just might get the shock of your life!

Comments on this site have alluded to the magic behind the curtain. Pull it back and you would see the interworking of a confusing system of religious beliefs, education, and pride. These combined with fast growth lay even more confusion on the tenants of the city as well as its visitors. It will be interesting to see the wide disparity of growth changes in the next five years. Thailand sits poised to really explode (so to speak) in to the next century. Now, no disrespect intended here, but the forward thinking is a little on the light side here. Many in this culture spend little time actually figuring out the chess-like moves of business. Purchasing, manufacturing and the future are mere fleeting thoughts in the daily life of most. On the other side of this coin, this country is exploding in development and growth.

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I have heard some argue that Thai are expert at developing business. What kind? Let’s look at what kind of government strategies to support business is available? If you measure against the traffic confusion created in the larger cities then you would not bet money these strategies are well thought out! If you measured against the marketing scheme of a bar where the price goes up when the volume of customers goes down, you would just sit bewildered! If you evaluated the tight Thai laws regarding property ownership and work visas, you would wonder how LOS is making it all work.

Recently, several postings have been generated regarding buying property here in the land of the enchanted. Read this submission like a fortune cookie and you will discover the solution to the drama that may unfold. The bottom line is that once you are on the wrong side of the mystical mirror that is Thailand, you may find yourself owning a bridge to nowhere.

I spent some time recently helping out a "bargirl" who wanted to open her own business. Now before everyone goes berserk and sends thousands of warning words – I know. I did not spend any money, just really gave advice. This site has protected me from that faux pas many times over. I was really intrigued on how guys get caught up in this stuff and wanted to try it out. I guess that is like drug addiction?

A trip to a "professional" website designer – 35,000 baht 'design only' for a simple site that you can do yourself for 5K that would also include a year of posting and SSL for free (located in a travel agent building in the corner). Five supply stores and a cell phone carrier provided another slice of 'how to' in Thailand. This girl knew her way around the city. She also had a vision of what she wanted. Of course, it did not match any reality of business, marketing or even common sense. It was one of those small "shops" that you would or will inevitably hear about in your travels to LOS. The mystic dream of millions in country. I go back in two weeks to check on her status. I suspect she will be back on stage.

The intent of this post is simple. Seek out professional help with anything that involves a contract. Dancing girls and tight fitted “agents” are not the type of assistance that you need. EVERYONE has a business, cart, stall, or craft they want to sell. It is almost inherent in this culture. A vast amount of this business is not centered on customer relations, return business or marketing. It is solely immediate gratification. That is all…sound familiar?



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