Stickman Readers' Submissions November 25th, 2013

Despicable Us?

There is some merit to the judgements for the writer last week about those of us not wanting to be in a permanent relationships with

I have been here a long time now and am weary of the scene. I see fellow expats who would not want to be friends back home with each other hanging around bragging of their fabulous sexploits as if the other guy gives a damn. When we get up in the 60s, it takes chemical assistance to do anything like the activity one does in their 40s / 50s. And we cannot expect love from sexy vendors.

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With the testosterone comes a price to pay, often unjustified rages toward others and an emotional climate more closely resembling the teenage years. So, if we are going to go that route, maybe blood tests and staying within the dosage boundaries would be the only sane way to go. All a guy has to do is find an honest lab to do the blood work….good luck! Some just overdose on juice, Viagra, and whatever other bone firming medicines to the point where they may as well be trying to fit an oyster in to a coin slot. Sex and for a lower price with thinner more attractive women plus no lawyers is why 99% of the farangs are here. I don't care what else they say. <Maybe that's the case in Pattaya but it's not like that in Bangkok – Stick> The exception to this generalization is the unknown number of criminals bribing their way through this refuge from jail back in Farangland.

Recently I was in a minibus going to Manila for the NBI fingerprinting required for the permanent retirement visa in the Philippines. On the bus were 3 old boys in their mid to upper 70s. As the conversations unfolded, all 3 confessed to having "Peter pumps", an erection producer that pumps it up via a 3rd ball. They all said they were very happy with the idea as they no longer took any supplements to their own body's chemistry. All lived alone and enjoy Angeles fun.

To me, it has always made sense to check out the older guys to try and see what may be ahead and how I might need to cope. Well, not yet will I be dropping $20k for a short, thick one. Yeah, they won't let us have jumbos! But the Asian girls complain about western length anyway and they never are unhappy with girth. Evidently one squeezes one ball for an erection then squeezes again for flaccidity.

But my group of expats are much older than many who write in to the site with a craving for love. Sure, I can understand that and it seems we are on the planet for reproduction anyway. That natural urge is compounded by the Asian gene pool's attraction and the natural selection aspect of beauty.

For many, the warmth of family living is a great way to go. Some of us lack the chip or the cash, or just find it too hard. So, live and let live I say.

We are not all despicable, which of course applies to all judgemental generalizations. But, many of us are dishonest and will lie to women to get hotter performances. As young men we notice a great change in the willingness to follow through on those promises we may have made to get there with ladies. I suggest it is much easier to just deliver on what you promise and don't resent her for what you offered. Keeps me from a ball of fire famous final scene.

Accountability is a quality many foreigners lament about Thais having or not having.

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The man in the mirror is the one whose accountability we need to support. If there is one sure thing I have learned in these 28 sober years, it is that when we are pointing a finger at others, 3 are pointing back at us!

Why walk through life conflicted? Prostitution is an everyday reality here and it will continue to be so. If she lures you in to a promise of love to enrich herself, that is her job, often her career. And if you buy into it, you will be angry at yourself later but condemn her. Is that healthy?

Isn't it best to just see it for it is, catch and release, and enjoy yourself?

Yesterday I had a nice time on soi 6, rode my bike back on Beach Road with a silly grin for the experience with a great 18-year old. As I left I told her to have a nice evening and to cheat on me. We both laughed!

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