Stickman Readers' Submissions October 2nd, 2013

Thailand Makes Sense

Things got to the point where I did not find women attractive. On one hand I knew that they are too aggressive but on the other hand I did not know there were any other options. Women who had menopause a quarter of a century ago walk around calling themselves “girls” and acting like they have something to offer to a 50-year old man. Ouch!

And 20 years ago we had to deal with women who lost any sense of femininity. It was like having sex with men except they had vaginas from birth (I guess). Actually, I am not sure about the previous sentence since I am 100% heterosexual but that is how it felt to me. Yes, in my 20’s and early 30’s I took full advantage of women’s lib and the sexual revolution. Women gave it for free. What’s a nice young Jewish man to do?

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Well, feminism was not totally lost. This is because men were becoming feminine. I am not talking about all the homosexuals who were coming out of the closet; people like my family doctor, my university professor, the grocery owner at the street corner, and all the others. I am not talking about the gay parades that seem to take place every day of the year wherever I go (I thought it was supposed to be a once a year event). I am talking about all the other men who would not think of having a sexual encounter with a man but they started acting like my little sister. It got to the point where I started wondering if they had testicles while I was not sure that most women around did not have testicles.

Oh, please excuse me. This whole thing does not sound politically correct. I know I should feel like a primitive pig. I must be uneducated with low I.Q. What else? Oh, maybe I am a closet homosexual. Blablabla. Balls.

I love women. Every heterosexual man loves women. And we love them as women. We are attracted to beautiful feminine women and nothing is gonna change that. All those New York Jewish women who burnt their bras in the seventies did not change nature. Oh, yes, they changed the attitude of women and they taught the less intelligent and less educated women how to become masculine. But they could not change nature. Men still wanted real women. The “funny” part is that they themselves made sure that they marry a doctor or a lawyer. After all, if the woman is only a social worker, she has no plans to cook for her family and she needs time to read and write books about feminism then a husband who is a simple government bureaucrat is not good enough. His salary would be good enough only for a woman who is still stupid enough to cook for her family, clean the house, and do the laundry. The idealistic liberated women had to have a maid who would clean their toilet, wash their husbands’ underwear, and bring them breakfast to bed. Women’s lib is too important. Do you see the logic?

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So here I am. I can confidently say that I am a good looking man. I am tall. I am intelligent. And I had more sexual experience than most men. But after the age of 45 and not being rich enough, what are the options? I met some women when I was 45 – 50. But I preferred masturbation than having sex with them. I am a man who used to have two girlfriends at a time. I once had a sandwich the whole weekend with a girlfriend and her girlfriend. But now I did not have intercourse for 4 years and 4 months. I went into depression. I guess it was not only the lack of sex or lack of a relationship.

Fast forward a couple of years. I got out of my depression and decided to give myself a present by taking a vacation in the Far East. I did not know anything about Thailand. I was in Tokyo for three days and headed to Bangkok. I was clueless about Bangkok and Thailand. Bangkok bombards your senses immediately. It is unavoidable. In the first few days, I did not understand what was going on but I calmly had a good time walking around and eating the best fruit I ever had. The food and the beer were cheap and the best in the world. I fell in love with life and this is before I even met a woman in Thailand.

There are many reasons why we love Thailand. But when you get to know the women, you realize that you have been cheated out of life in the west. Forget all this nonsense about prostitutes (although there is a lot to enjoy there). But meeting a 30 year old woman when you are 52 years old and feeling that she accepts you and that you are not a dirty old man who should associate only with grandmothers with dry vaginas is kind of refreshing to say the least. And if you think about it and forget the bullshit of fat American, aggressive, promiscuous, non monogamous, liberal, and liberated so called women then it make sense. Women have until the age of forty to have babies. Men have forever to have children. It feels good, normal, and natural to be with a 30-year old. It feels like shit to be with a 52-year old I don’t know what.

Not only is she 30 years old but she is also happy. What an amazing world. A happy woman. We are not used to that. On top of this, she is totally comfortable with being a woman and she likes being a woman. What an amazing world. Does she want something in return? Of course she does. Who doesn’t? But you can be sure that her expectations are not as high as the liberated woman in the west. Just don’t bring all the bullshit that women taught you in the west to the table. Don’t act feminine. Don’t teach her about women’s lib. Let her cook. Let her be a woman. She will not become happier if you act like a woman and you teach her to act like a man. You are not doing her a favor. In Thailand things make sense.

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Speaking of femininity, I want to expand on something that I mentioned above. I live now in Canada. Canadian law allows men to get married with men. Women can marry women. They have so much right by the law that it is fashionable to be homosexual. If you apply for a government job, you are given the option of indicating that you belong to a minority (which in reality translates to women and homosexuals). This indication will give you a priority for the government job. And so, ladies and gentlemen (I’m not sure who is who), I have two bosses. One is a homosexual man and one is a lesbian black woman. I am not kidding. I did not make this up. This is 100% true. How do I know? They introduce themselves as being homosexuals. They are proud of it.

I never had anything against homosexuals. They can do it to each other day and night until the cows come home (oops! I should not say cows. American women might think that I am referring to them). But I am really starting to get annoyed. Why? Because they shove it in your face 24 hours a day. The salesman in the shopping mall is gay. My family doctor is gay. My bosses are gay. Come to think of it, I think that I am the only straight man in Toronto. Which is very bad because it is not normal to be a straight man anymore. What makes me really odd is that I act like a man instead of a pussy. My boss does not like me. I don’t know if it is because he is attracted to me or because he does not like straight men. And this black lesbian woman boss turned out to be the most prejudiced thing that I have ever seen. Go figure. For so many years I tried to be politically correct and I truly believed that all human beings should be given a chance. Blacks, homosexuals, women, etc. and now I get one who is all of the above and she turns out to be the biggest aggressive and prejudiced piece of shit.

They don’t have all these problems in Thailand. In Thailand, they are tolerant of homosexuality but that is because homosexuals know their place. They know that they are the odd ones and they stay in their geographical areas. Society does not persecute them but it lets them know their place. They are not in high places in the job market, for example.

Thailand simply makes sense. Let’s hope that it never becomes like the west.

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