Stickman Readers' Submissions July 16th, 2013

Why Are The Angeles City Bars Being Raided And Why There Are No More Bar Fines Available

Just back from a 20-day trip to the Philippines and happened to pass by Angeles City for a couple of days to catch up with some old friends and have some fun. I had heard from friends reports that Angeles had changed for the worst but shit, the mere mention of barfine in an Angeles Bar has the bargirls running shit scared!

I will state here and now, Angeles City is over as a mongering destination!

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Here are a few words to explain what has happened and why there are no more barfines in Angeles City and why bars are being raided and closed down almost daily.

Let's start at the beginning…

A couple of years back the Philippines government asked for a payment of humanitarian aid from the USA to the tune of some 250 million dollars. Yes was the answer from Hillary Clinton who was dealing with the request, but only under certain conditions and in stage payments dependant on performance.

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There were many conditions attached to the aid money but one of the main conditions was that the USA would send a human trafficking task force to operate with the Manila police with the aim to stamp out prostitution / barfines and underage girls working in the bars of Angeles City. Hence over the last two years we have had countless bars raided by the specially formed task force of American NGOs and Manila police, hundreds of underage girls have been caught in these raids working in the bars of Angeles City. The girls have been rescued by the raiding teams and the bar owners / mamasans / managers locked up and charged with human trafficking (some are still locked up and awaiting their day in court even two years later).

Roll on to February 2013. The mayor of Angeles City summoned all of the bar owners of Angeles city to a meeting and in this meeting the mayor made it perfectly clear that bar fines and prostitution end today. Any bar found to be offering barfines will be raided / closed down and the owners / managers charged with human trafficking which under Philippines law is an un-bailable offence that carries a term of 20 years in prison plus a 2 million peso fine.

All of the Fields Avenue bars have gone along with the mayor's wishes of no more barfines being offered but some of the smaller Perimeter bars thought they would basically ignore the mayor and still offer barfines. These bars have been raided over the last 10 days using foreigners with marked money to enter bars, barfine girls, call in the raiding team with automatic weapons to make the arrests of the bar owner / mamasan and girls. Some bars remain permanently shut.

Some of the bars in the side streets off Fields Avenue thought they could also get around the mayor's rules of absolutely no barfines by offering to sell the customer a bottle of party animal (cheap fizzy wine) or a tray of cheap shots as a substitute for taking cash for the barfine. Basically the bar owner thought he could claim that he had not sold a barfine but only a bottle of party animal or shots! These stupid bar owners have also been arrested on human trafficking charges and their bars closed down.

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The mayor and the new laws of the Philippines are very clear. Nobody can offer barfines or accept barfines regardless of how they have been paid for or arranged. Even meeting a bargirl in the bar, exchanging numbers and her coming to your hotel room later is classed as human trafficking and the customer / girl can be arrested and charged if caught!

Just as a side precaution and a bit of useful information, under Philippines law any foreigner in the company of a Pinay which is more than 10 years his junior and not directly related to him found in a hotel room together could also be prosecuted under the same human trafficking law and carries the same 20 years jail time and 20 million pesos fine! Now I'm not saying that this law is used often but just to say it's there and if the NGOs, police or mayor's office want to get someone then they can very easily use this law to their advantage.

Hillary Clinton, the American lead NGO task force, the Angeles City mayor and the Philippines police are hell-bent on getting rid of human trafficking and in the last few days they have 100% succeeded.

My advice would be to forget Angeles City. It's over!

The good news is that there are hundreds of other destinations all over the world to enjoy ourselves with young honeys.

Stickman's thoughts:

Having never visited I really don't know anything about the Philippines so am not the right person to comment on what is happening in Angeles City. It does sound, however, like the authorities want to things change, maybe even cease. You can't win fighting the guy who makes the rules!

If things really do die in Angeles City or change to the point that it's no longer fun, it's fair to expect that Pattaya will see a major influx of naughty boys…


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