Stickman Readers' Submissions June 26th, 2013

My Experience With Thai Dating

Hello to all you farangs. I thought I would send a letter about my experience with Thai dating. I have been very lucky so far with the ladies I have met and they have been fantastic! No, they are not bar girls or butterflies, they are just looking for their soulmate. If that's what you are looking for in a relationship with a Thai women? The thing I have been impressed with is I haven't had to go to Thailand to see them as they are more than willing to meet me half way and one even came over to see me. So these are my views that I have noticed since I started this journey 6 months ago.

The first thing you don't do is get a bargirl as there is no point in doing that. It's not real and never will be and if you are on Thai dating sites and you have half a brain you will be able to know if they are a bargirl or a scammer from Ghana – and there are many of them! So it depends what you want with a Thai lady. If you just want to have fun, well, the bars and the streets are for you. If you want to have a real relationship then a dating site is probably the best place to start.

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And how do you go about finding a lady on a dating site? Well just be you! What Thai women want is a guy that is honest and has a good heart and it’s not about how much money they can get out of you, believe or not! And why are they looking for a farang? Well, they are sick of being classed as second class citizen by their Thai boyfriend or husband and they are tired of their Thai boyfriend who spends more time with his friends and gambles, drinks, smokes and wants to sleep with the 20-year old that lives down the road.

The best tip I can give any guy looking to be with a Thai woman is to talk to a few of them and don't fall hard for just one. Keep your options open and when you do decide to go to Thailand for that trip you can see one two or three of them. Now it's not about going there for a bonk fest, it’s about seeing three different ladies and to see which one fits you best and which one likes you the most. It is a long way to go to see one person and if it does not work where do you end up? Maybe alone in a bar? Hmmm NOT GOOD.

Thai women are like western women and they can be moody, jealous and can be very stubborn and opinionated but one thing they have is if they like you they are very open, loving, affectionate, caring and wait for it, they are good with money too! If anything they can be quite tight so if you are a big spender and you go out with a Thai lady you might save money!

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Now if you meet a nice Thai lady and it is going well and if the feeling is mutual in time you will end spending some quality private time together! So what's the difference between Thai women and western women? In a sexual way, well, lots. OK, where to start? Thai women are very sexual creatures and they like to make love just as much as you do! More so than western women! But they are shy when it comes to sex and they find it hard to express themselves because they really don't talk about it to their friends, let alone their boyfriends. It's just the way it is, but once you get involved in a serious relationship you will be surprised how open they become. Why? Because Thai men are very different from we Farangs. Thai men are not really into oral sex, let alone foreplay. Thai men are more focused on intercourse and it is not uncommon that many of these ladies have never had an orgasm before so when a farang comes along and actually spends time on them enjoying themselves and giving them foreplay and oral sex they are very shy but they are blown away by you making an effort and wanting them to orgasm too! And once that happens they are all yours and are more than willing to experiment with many more things then western women. So why do Thai men not like oral sex? Well they consider the vagina dirty and they don't like putting their mouth anywhere that is dirty. Thai people are super clean, far more so than us! Their house and their personal hygiene is far more then we are. Sure, you walk outside and Thailand is chaos and it's pretty dirty but the people are not.

Yes I have yellow fever as the saying goes! ONCE you GO ASIAN you DON'T GO CAUCASIAN!

So if you think you have the patience to get to know a Thai lady and are prepared to be patient to learn their language and they learn yours you might surprise yourself that it has taken you so long to give this new journey in your life a go. So good luck in your search for your future partner.

Please note these are just my opinions and what I have experienced in the last 6 months and I don't mean to offend or give any one false hopes.

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