Stickman Readers' Submissions May 14th, 2013

Indian Loves Pattaya

I have been an avid reader of your site for last few months and must thank you for providing such a wonderful way to pass my spare time. The readers’ submissions are also full of in-depth knowledge about Thailand and then some.

I envy the free thinking ways of the westerners as compared to us in India. Most Indians, even if they had surplus cash, would not retire to Thailand, or any other country for that matter. This does not mean that they find India a great country to live in but the social & cultural habits of most do not inspire them to think for themselves only. The family comes first. Even if it is a family which hinders individual thinking & happiness! Then of course, there is the Indian passport which does not command any respect in most countries.

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I confess that I have fallen in love with Pattaya after visiting it twice in last 2 years and not necessarily because of its women. I have no desire to marry a Thai girl. Your site is full of the major concerns of western man in Thailand i.e. how to or not to get married to a Thai girl. However, my major concern is how to lead a wholesome retired life if I decide to retire at this juncture. Pattaya would, no doubt, qualify as the best place to live especially from October to March due to the good weather. One advantage of living in a tourist place is that life in such places is more about entertainment rather than business and hence moves at a likable and slower pace. The evenings are easily spent and the attraction for opposite sex always remains to some extent which need can be easily fulfilled in Pattaya. And massage! And the fantastic food choices! And the fresh air from the ocean! Maybe some day I will be sitting in my condo, overlooking the ocean, and find myself working on my laptop to track the stocks & commodities markets and the taking a ‘walk’ through an ill reputed street of a similar name.

Nowadays it seems that my love for the readers’ submissions published at your site is even more than actual thing which goes by the name of Thailand. Most of the writers appear to be highly educated & intelligent people who seems to be living in LOS not due to any inability to lead a better life in their home countries but due to the fact that these are fearless people & hence, adventurous. It is generally the case that highly analytical people rarely waste their time in religious dogma & fully realize that death is the ultimate truth. Often such a person may ask himself, is it bad to sleep with young woman of questionable reputation if you are old. But then, what is the definition of being ‘bad’? All of the ‘bad’ & ‘good’ gets buried with you when you are dead. Does it mean that one may do as many bad things as one likes? Not so since the analytical person will realize that although he may do something bad to himself but surely he is not capable of doing anything bad to others. So, is sleeping with such women is bad for himself or for the women? The woman, in this case, is only a product for sale and whether she should be indulging in such practices is not for us to decide since she has as much right to live her own way as we have. So no ‘bad’ can happen to her due to a temporary or permanent liaison with her. And I fail to understand what ‘bad’ can happen to me if I take care not to hurt anyone, emotionally or otherwise. The relatively cheap prices of goods & services (as compared to the west) are an added bonus but it is my submission that these are the sort of people who would get what they want. The only thing such intelligent people (like Phet) cannot overcome is the treachery committed upon them by mean thinking people of low intelligence. There is no such thing as logic there. There is only the Thai necessity to be considered. Logic is what fulfils the necessity at a given moment.

But what solution do we have against this treachery? None! And none is required. Believe me; the game can become even more interesting if only we realize this simple truth. Just take care of your wallet and do not pay for the goods unless delivery has been made! And someone at your site has already pointed out that it is hardly a good idea to a Thai girl out of Thailand.

CBD bangkok

The honesty of the writers such as Phet, the laser like intelligence of Dana, the ramblings of Sawadee and to the point submissions of Pattaya Gary are just a few of the examples which I love to keep readings. As a 53-year old physician in India, I can easily appreciate the depth of their thinking.

Thanks to Stickman for providing such a wonderful forum to stimulate the mind.

Stickman's thoughts:

It's nice to hear from India. More and more of your countrymen are flocking here every year, although like you say I don't see many retiring here. That said, in the past 2 years I have had A LOT of emails from young Indians asking for advice about moving to Thailand and what work opportunities exist.

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