Stickman Readers' Submissions October 24th, 2012

My Tale Is Done Post-Script

One thing I've noticed about life in Thailand is I'm constantly amazed with irony and coincidence here. It was only about a month ago that May's profile also popped up again on
ThaiLoveLinks. I wrote her a message, saying how it would be nice to get together and have a laugh about old times. She deleted her profile within
the day. Then while talking to Sujittra it wasn't 5 minutes before May's name came up and Su asked me if I was still in contact with her. I said," almost kinda, sorta, not really."

It seems like every other week something odd happens. One other girl that I didn't mention meeting in 2008 was Gaem. I'm still not sure what she was about. Hard life, good girl, a little needy and riddled with problems, I had to
decide to let her go because of her troubled experience with another farang. She tried to lie about it. She kept pointing to things she said never really happened to her. I couldn't understand how she expected me not to pursue the truth and
let it go. I'm just not wired that way. If I was, I'd still be someone like May. The more beautiful, the more mental problems and drama.

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May leads a pathetic life, the harem girl, the sex slave, having to constantly feign interest in men that she likely can't stand to be with a second if they didn't have excess shopping money for her. How exhausting this kind of
life must be. May has about another 10 or 15 years on the clock before her beauty meter runs out. Then I can't imagine what she will do. She is a private person and I doubt she has any close friends. I never heard her talk about anyone in
her life that seems close and important. And love, haha. I can't see it happening with her any time soon. Every day in every way she gets more jaded, more into her own head. People are just a nuisance she has to put up with because she can't
do anything for herself. I told her she had not changed but that's not true. The spark is no longer in her eyes. They are dead like a shark. She is obviously a freelance prostitute now and has to come to terms with that reality. Seeing me
last night made her probably think about how it all started, and all the other men there must be that are sending her that 50,000 baht Isaan Tax every month. I'm sure she has polished her act and it's a well-oiled machine now.

Maybe 5 years ago it was a different story when she started on TLL and her intentions were perhaps purer, but that is just wishful thinking on my part. I know why May contacted me. The keyword search: generous. Back then I was flattered with
the attention and didn't really wonder why this hottie contacted me first. Now I see it as a big red flag and I realize she is hunting constantly in the shadows. She closes her profile when she is not hunting. She doesn't want past or
future sponsors contacting her first. Everything is on her terms. She has more patience then most, and doesn't mind waiting for the big back end, but with me she sensed that I wasn't going to fall for it and thus her frustration and
ultimatum. She was cutting her losses. Actually quite wise. The idea of paying a girl a salary every month is ludicrous to me. If any one of my friends suggested this in Canada I would suggest a visit to a mental hospital until they snapped out
of their temporary insanity. But here in Thailand it all seems so normal, matter of fact really.

I have an uncle that married a lady from Peru this year after spending 3 weeks there total, last year on vacation. He was targeted no doubt. She is as big as a house, doesn't speak a word of English and is now living on a farm in the
middle of Prince Edward Island. It must feel like a bit in a concentration camp for her. I told my mom she won't last two winters on that frozen rock.

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My uncle couldn't be reasoned with. When I explained to him that she can't be real based on her absence of any information on her Facebook page of the upcoming wedding, he refused to see my point. I kept insisting, how could any
woman not want to announce this to the world that she was getting married and moving to Canada soon after? How could there not be a single photo of him or mention of her fiancé's name? I'll tell you how…he didn't have Facebook
at the time. Nope, he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't know, didn't really think about it much." Yeah, exactly, he didn't think much. At the very least, a true relationship is based on communication in some
language, even if it's sign language. There has to be something. I can understand how someone can love their dog without communicating to them in English or Peruvian, but c'mon, uncle, I hope you are not having sex and babies with your

Well I really got distracted today. My ex-girlfriend just had her 44th birthday and was pestering me to write the monthly blog for our website but this is a far more therapeutic distraction writing for Stickman.

One more thing of note. Last year I remember a story about police searches at the intersection of Asoke and Suhkumvit and on my last day I decided to take my passport for the first time and head out to Cowboy for some fun. I took a taxi down
Rama 4 and ran into that police shakedown. It must have taken 20 minutes to travel that last mile and I was seriously considering getting out and walking before it was too late. Sure enough I was hauled out of the taxi and searched rather closely.
I'm never going to take a taxi when the skytrain is running again. However, I wasn't worried, I had Stickman and his gang watching my back and I came prepared for once. Thanks again, Stick, your services are appreciated in legion.

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