Stickman Readers' Submissions August 10th, 2012


In my condo south of Jomtien I had a very simple and effective connection to the internet. The signal was delivered to me by my telephone company’s solid line cable and transferred from there to my laptop by a router. Every month I had to pay a few baht with my telecom bill, regardless of how much I browsed. The connection was not high speed super fast, but fast enough to download Amazon’s Kindle e-books in seconds and read the “Bangkok Post” and the “Asiatimes”. Only videos began sometimes to stutter. Mai pen rai. I could download them first and than watch in original speed.

Ten years ago I had to go down to an internet café on the Sukhumvit Highway and save Stickman’s pages – then still under the name of “Chopsticks” – on a diskette, from which I loaded them later on the hard disc of my laptop. Compared to this tiresome access, the technical progress allowed me now to browse sometimes without a clear aim, just to see what was moving the internet. So I came accidentally upon a website called “” I know that in Thailand more than two thousand websites are shut down by well meaning committees. But “” escaped their attention. This website offers free of charge ten thousands of videos of two or more copulating adults, no details omitted. Average duration five minutes, but there is no lack of longer material, up to two hours.

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Somehow this is fantastic. On Thai TV I could neither see a burning cigarette nor an exposed female nipple. But on my computer in the same room my Thai telecom company enabled me to watch an unlimited supply of porn videos. The source is an American company legally incorporated in California. Google denies the existence of this website but presents expensive copycats. The videos of “” are free of charge for the end user, but the servers, who deliver this product all over the planet must cost the company a pretty penny. Why this lavishness?

I belong to a generation that grew up completely isolated from the existence of porn movies. I needed to come to Asia to see at the age of 30 my first explicit sex movie. That was in Singapore. The film was of Japanese origin, without sound, and accordingly boring. Seven years later I saw in New York a second porn movie, off Broadway. It’s title was “Deep Throat”. I understood immediately that it opened a new age not only in the relations between the genders but also in mass communications. And there we have arrived now. If you remember “Deep Throat”, the clue of the movie was that the heroine had her clit in her throat where it needed to be touched by a penis to give her release. In nearly all “” videos the actresses behave as if they suffer from the same error of nature, which is not the case. They suffer – with tears in their eyes – from pretending that they need this.

I bet, many of my readers have discovered “” by themselves and use or even enjoy it, more than I can. As I confessed before, I lost my libido in the Millennium winter. So watching porn does not turn me on. But as a former TV producer I have a post-professional interest in the know how of making moving pictures.

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In an average porn video the partners spend one third of their time with a blow job, one third with straight intercourse and the last third with anal sex. And this is the great beguilement, because it has nothing to do with the real preferences of loving couples.

I stem from a family of medical doctors, and I have always learned that anal intercourse is unhealthy. Just imagine how the millions of bacteria flourishing down under would look if blown up by a factor of, let us say 1: 8000, and one might hesitate to follow the example of the videos.

While it is generally accepted that blow jobs are not unhealthy (only in a travel shop in Angeles City I found a flyer warning from incurable throat infections), in my eyes blow jobs are unfair. The menacing male exuberance is disproportionate to the size of a girl’s lips made for smiling. Their encounter cannot be very comfortable for the woman. Also, if you read on the screen the eyes of a woman when the man climaxes, they are full of disgust. A reaction, impossible to suppress. Last week a specialist on the Philippines shared his research with me, writing: “There are a lot of girls in Angeles City who will not give blow jobs, and only a very few who will also take it in the mouth.” So the reality is quite different from what the videos insinuate. No wonder the proverbial housewife gets angry when she discovers her husband secretly watching internet porn, in which the female partner is humiliated.

In retro fashion, the lips and the tongue of a man and the private parts of a woman are compatible in size. So if a man wants to advance the affectionate union with his partner, it is he who should insist on this kind of caressing and not vice versa. In the internet this does rarely happen, for them it is not a recommended way of love making.

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My worry is that if millions of viewers see regularly acts of sex performed which are not in the best interest of a woman, they might think: “Why not? Let us try this also.” If you are not very distanced and skeptical, watching “” can amount to a process of subconscious brainwashing. For unsuspecting viewers the actors in these videos win the status of role models. What they do is the way in which it is done. And this is an error that might poison one’s sexual behaviour.

In the beginning of the worldwide distribution of porn mainly through VHS, scientists warned, that watching porn might turn men into rapists. This has been an historical error. But now I think the influence of internet porn might replace in some men’s mind courtship with the entitlement of consumer’s rights. The fact that those videos are offered free, without payment, does not make them harmless. To the contrary, they can lead their spectators on harm’s way.


I gather that porn is illegal in Thailand but hardcore pornography is available on the streets of Bangkok, often openly displayed. Some of the covers of these movies have the sort of hardcore images that the very tourists Thailand is trying to attract would not want to see. It's something that really needs to be cleaned up.

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