Stickman Readers' Submissions July 25th, 2012

The Professor Flunks Logic

This serves to rebut a recent submission in which the author suggests that Stickman readers hate all women. In a nutshell, his argument goes like this.

A) Stick readers hate Western women because so many submissions to this site violently attack western women, saying they are fat, they are ball breakers, they hate men, they hate sex, they drive men to drink, they drive men away, they are like Nazis.

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B) Stick readers hate Asian women because many submissions to this site also violently attack Asian women, saying they are liars, they are deceitful, they are not faithful, they take money from multiple men, they hate western men, they drive men to drink, they drive men away.

He concludes by asking whether Stick readers hate all women.

The obvious problem with this line of reasoning is that categories A and B aren't generally the same people. If you take any large group of people and average their opinions you won't likely get a consensus. Instead, you will get a set of bizarre and self-contradictory statements. That is true even if the opinions of each of the constituent individuals are consistent and reasonable. Yet the author does not identify a single piece or a single individual that falls under A or B, let alone the intersection of the two sets.

The author's line of reasoning exemplifies a common left-wing fallacy. That is, people are treated as members of groups, and not as the individuals that truly identify them. If a person of a certain category makes a statement, and another person of the same category makes a different statement, both statements are attributed to both people. Never mind that the two individuals don't know each other and haven't even communicated.

The author objects to the following choice of words: Several writers to this website use a phrase feminazi, which I personally find morally repugnant.Epithets such as this makes one appear angry, and
I usually try to avoid them. However, calling an extreme feminist a feminazi or some other variant such as a femo-nazi or feminista is ultimately fair in the following sense.

I'm a 57 year old guy who retired from America and came to Thailand to live. I gave up on Western women long ago. Even before I moved here permanently, I made frequent trips. For me, as a middle aged Western guy, Asia is a far greener pasture. I've
been dating exclusively Asian women (read: regular girls, not prostitutes) that are about half my age, for a long time. They don't wear tattoos. I met them by mingling in everyday life situations, not bars, and not on dating sites. They don't
generally speak passable English, but if she does, unless she has a lot of education, it's a major red flag.

What would a feminazi call me if she saw me with my girlfriend who's less than half my age? Perhaps a sexual predator. Certainly a misogynist. Feminist-speak is a language of clichés, with a bad word to describe anything of which the feminists
don't approve. My girlfriend would be submissive though she's actually she's quite assertive and independent. When two adults enter a consensual relationship, that fact is their own business and no on else's.
Why should a feminist be angry? Because she can't compete with Asian women in the open market, and resorts to name-calling in order to browbeat gullible men into submission.

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The author begins his piece with the following statement: The first impression one has when walking down an American street is how fat the people are. America is a country in decline, in so many ways,
and here the author writes something about which I actually agree. But that doesn't describe me. I'm about 5'10" tall and weigh about 150 lbs. Incidentally, I'm not bald, and before I retired I had a relatively high paying
job, by American standards. Most American women in my peer group would weigh at least as much as me, but would be shorter, and would have children and a lot of emotional baggage as well. Sorry, but I'm just not interested.

The author points out that during a recent visit to America he saw quite a number of slim, very attractive, women on the streets of many US cities. How many of these slim, attractive women were available and how many did the author actually date? He doesn't say, but I'm guessing zero.

The bottom line is that America is a seller's market for women, while Thailand is a seller's market for men. Virtually any guy, regardless of his age, education, economic status, social skills, and physical appearance, can do far better in Thailand
than America, provided–and this is a major caveat—provided, he can talk to girls in their own language. I am of the opinion that any expat who writes about Thai women but can't speak the language simply doesn't know his subject, regardless
of how long he has lived here.

In his comments, Stick suggested that farangs have problems in relationships because Thailand tends to attract Western guys that are not what you would not term "the best of the West." Stick is a former English teacher who hangs out in gogo bars. That pretty much summarizes the company that he keeps, and why he would make such a statement. The only farangs in Thailand that I have gotten to know well, are those that I've met while studying the language. I don't know whether Stick's observation is correct because I haven't taken a census. I don't seek out other farangs. I don't go to bars very often, and I skip over this site's comments on the bar scene. I only read it for its peripheral content.

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