Stickman Readers' Submissions July 31st, 2012

Do Stickman Readers Hate Women? The Answer?

Many thanks to all Stickmanites who wrote submissions in response to my original post (Do Stickman Readers Hate Women? 23/07/12)
and also to those who wrote personal emails to me.

To quote one writer “I think the Professor wrote a good and long overdue submission albeit with a bad title. However he may just have been trying to stir up a hornet's nest and I think succeeded.”

Yes, it is true. I was deliberately trying to be provocative with my title just to see what sort of response would come in.

Interestingly, while my original submission spoke about Stickman writers often speaking negatively about BOTH Western as well as Thai women, the responses overwhelmingly focused on western women.

There was a tremendous amount of repetition along the lines of “western women are fat, they hate men, they are feminazis” etc Repetition of the same old story…nothing new there. (Although I quite liked the sub that tried to counter every one of my points with footnotes. Well done and “A” for effort (shouldn’t that be “E” for effort?).

Makes you wonder how anyone ever gets married in the west, with all those man-hating feminazis out there.

By the way, speaking of fat western women, I refer you to this article from the Daily Express.

Over the past 27 years, Thai women's body shape has changed dramatically. They are now taller, heavier and have bigger waistlines.

According to extensive research, the average height of women under 50 years old has shot up five centimetres while their weight has jumped 5.4 kilograms.

Based on the Body Mass Index (BMI), 48.05 per cent are overweight.”

Wow. 48% of Thai women are overweight.

By the way, although we can all agree that western women are fatter than Thai women, what about western men (I would dare say that the overwhelming proportion of writers to this site are western men.)

The best way to measure this is through BMI or Body Mass Index. It calculates how fat a person is by comparing their weight to their height.

Interestingly, western men are as fat as western women! Here is a chart. (I used American men for this example. There are plenty of comparative charts for other nationalities…for example, British men and women also have incredibly high BMIs)

BMI American Thai
Men 29 24
Women 29 23

I would like to propose that everyone making a comment from now on about fat western women has to sign with their own BMI. No lying. Here is site to help you do the BMI calculation.
I’ll start.

Several of the writers also commented that they were worried / concerned / downright upset that their young son would have to grow up in such a man hating western environment.

I was in the US recently and spent time with my 20’s son and his roommates, also men in their 20’s, and their girlfriends, all women in their 20’s with jobs. There was a party one night where there must have been thirty 20-year old men and women having a great time together. I wanted to shout out to the guys “Watch out! These women hate you. If you sleep with them tonight they will accuse you of rape tomorrow! I know this. I read this on a site in Bangkok with posts written by many men in the 50’s."

I should have said this, but I didn’t. My son and his friends were having too good a time and I felt bad about ruining it. The next morning I was so disappointed when the three girls my son and his roommates spent the night with came in for breakfast, had coffee, and went to work without accusing anyone of rape. What a letdown for me.

Another thing I thought was strange in many of the responses were the number of personal attacks. Writers, not wishing to rely only on facts, felt the need to say things like “so and so is an idiot, he doesn’t know what he is talking about,” etc. I have personally never understood the need for attacking a person, rather than focusing on what he is saying.

I was even amazed to read one writer slagging off Stick (as a guy who was a “former English teacher” and “hangs out in bars”.) Well, I never knew that being a former English teacher was something to be ashamed of, but you learn something every day. I hang my head in shame. (Shame for Stick, that is. I am proud to say, for the record, that I am not now, nor ever have been, an English teacher.) <If being an English teacher once is shameful then some of the other stuff I have done must make me one of the most shameful people on the planetStick>

I read several positive stories about living with Thai women, and received several more as emails to me. It is great to read how living with a Thai women can work out. Would it be too much to ask for a story about a positive relationship with a western woman?

So now we come to the answer that you have all been waiting for…Do Stickman Readers Hate Women?

Drum roll.

And the answer is…

I haven’t a clue. Actually, no one even tried to respond to the question directly.

But, I am really going out on a limb here, so try not to attack me too sharply…I would say “No”. Stickman readers do NOT hate women.

There, aren’t you all relieved?

I would even go so far as to say, in my opinion, Stickman readers love women. Really. I just think Stickman readers have had some bad experiences with western as well as Thai women. The majority of men in honest, stable relationships with women of any nationality probably have little reason to write in to this site. People who have suffered perhaps are more apt to write in. Who’s to say?

But the question I want to leave you all with, is, whose fault is it?

Many men blame the woman, but is it her fault only? Do you share some blame? Does it take two to tango? Two to make, or break a relationship? Be 100% honest now, in your last failed relationship, was it entirely her fault, or do you bear some of the responsibility?

Write in to Stick, write in to me, don’t write at all, but think about it. Speaking for myself, I can say that I always bear some of the blame when things go south.

What about you?

Take care.


BMI 25.2

Stickman's (BMI 23.4) thoughts:

I like the point about asking people to preface their article or email with their BMI. The follow-up submissions that your article generated went beyond this site and it generated much discussion. I kept repeating to people that I'd love to actually see some of these guys who post online who really hate Western women. I wonder if they are the catch they think they are. Maybe some are…but I bet plenty aren't!

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