Stickman Readers' Submissions July 30th, 2012

Australian Escorts Versus Thailand Bar Girls

Cruising for women in Thailand is very much a ‘buyers market’. You have many girls competing for the attention of one customer, whether it is to buy drinks or get their bar fine paid early, many girls will not even secure a client for the
whole night, sometimes even moving on to a disco to freelance or another venue that may be a ‘last chance saloon’. In Australia, it’s an entirely different ball game. You have many customers sharing the one girl in the course
of her shift. Not only that, but a customer may have to wait up to an hour to get any girl at peak times, and if he’s after a particular girl….who knows how long he may have to wait?

The way STDs and STIs are viewed seems to be very different when comparing Thailand against Australia. In Australia an escort or brothel worker will demand to inspect the client’s penis before she agrees to do anything with him. If she is not satisfied
with the look of his penis, she will offer him a refund or a handjob-only service (for the same price as intercourse / blowjob). Of course, wearing a condom is mandatory, and there is virtually no way you could get an escort in Australia to have
sex with you without protection. But in Thailand we find that girls may be persuaded into not using a condom if pressured by the client. They may also negotiate the use of no condom if extra baht comes into the equation or they may not even ask
about a condom at all if they are particularly careless. Some girls may even be so careless as to not carry condoms on them. (It would be great if the bars had free ones for them to grab on their way out), and find going to the 7 Eleven a hassle,
or embarrassing.

Of course, there are escort services in Thailand that do look out for their girls, and demand testing for STDs, as well as instructing the girls to always wear condoms (and enforcing this on difficult customers). Brothels in Australia
will have literally thousands of condoms on hand for their girls, and in the case of most escorts, they would almost always come prepared.

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Another factor affecting the use of condoms is the fact that maybe a customer will take a bar girl out for a week or two and then they build a certain level of trust, emotionally. This trust factor can lead to the neglect of condom use, when the bar girl
and her client assume the roles of boyfriend and girlfriend. Many clients would not use protection with their regular girlfriends back home, and it can be easy to slip back into this pattern when you become more familiar with your sexual partner,
despite her profession.

It would be great to see Thailand get their infection rates of viruses such as HIV down to the levels such as those in Australia, but only time will tell.

Of course, money is a huge factor when comparing the two scenes. Visitors to Thailand can have the full girlfriend experience; grab a girl at a bar, take her out dancing and then have sex and wake up with her by their side for about $40 Australian (or
sometimes less). Seeing an escort in Australia is going to cost you at least $120 for half an hour, barely enough time for introducing yourself, let alone foreplay or pillow talk.

This price factor can be the unravelling of an expat though. Grabbing two girls at a time, or having sex with multiple prostitutes a week. For some men it can become a full blown obsession. Just try hanging out with a bunch of expats who really like to
indulge in their hobby and you will be regaled by many tales of sex stories and it does get quite boring after a while <I’d go further and say it becomes nauseating hearing of a guy’s “conquests”Stick>.
Simply overusing bar girls for the fact that they are so cheap can lead to quite a shallow life where men are unable to form genuine relationships with women because all they know is to wave baht in their faces and get their way. They are completely
eroding their chances of being able to communicate with a Thai girl from a modest background and even if they did eventually marry a bar girl, the chances of her going straight would be slim because she would be so used to the financial aspect
of their relationship that things would turn sour when the man required emotional support, rather than pure sexual release.

Ironically, the open air environment of Thailand, where it is illegal to be a prostitute, is completely different to the ‘behind closed doors’ legal industry in Australia. Just walk down Bangla Road, Soi Cowboy or Pattaya and you’ll
see many men walking arm in arm with what are clearly prostitutes. That is not the case in Australia. Men in Australia may even go so far as to park their car far away from the non-descript building in which they go to procure their legal sexual
services. In the red-light districts of Thailand you have bar girls screaming for you to “fxxx them” or let them “sxxx you long time” or something along those lines. Professional escorts in Australia would not use that
language in the confines of a hotel room, let alone if you were out in public with them!

I think that the girlfriend experience is something that is very unique to Thailand and South-East Asia. Sure, in Australia you can pay an escort to go on a dinner date with you, but it will cost you an arm and a leg, and even then it may not feel genuine.
In Thailand the false ‘love spark’ that a girl may provide you with can be from when you first meet her (well, in some cases, if you’re a gentleman and not obese, she may genuinely like you, but that’s a whole other

Many men fall into this, for lack of a better term, trap. Marrying a prostitute is something almost unheard of in Australia, in Thailand, it’s barely even gossip. Many older men, and sometimes younger, end up marrying a Thai girl who is a prostitute
and it suits them just fine, however, for some it doesn’t always work out so well. Some won’t even have any reservations about letting it known that their girlfriend or wife was/is a prostitute, in Australia I can guarantee this
would be something a man would carry to his grave without mentioning to anyone.

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In a nutshell, Australia offers a discreet service, better STD prevention and professionalism, whereas the Thailand boasts a more personal experience, affordability and a laissez faire atmosphere.


‘s thoughts:

I like the comment about how Aussies using the services a prostitute might park their car some distance away from the premises. That says so much to me about how using the services of a working women is perceived in the West.

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