Stickman Readers' Submissions May 9th, 2012

The Falling Tears of a FL (Freelancer)


This is the 1st time of my life when I stepped foot in Bangkok for a business trip. I came here for 10 days training and feeling a bit bored and lonely, I checked out one of the forums and caught up with a guy working in Bangkok. I asked
him to meet up and show me the “happening” places in Bangkok.

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We went to a famous gogo bar, some pickup bars, a disco and finally this place where I met “her”.

As per the forum friend, this place is a local joint where you don’t see many foreigners. This place is not a bar nor disco, it looks like a café / restaurant where the FL (freelancer) girls will be sitting around one corner.

So there we were, lurking around to see if we are able to find any girls to spend the night with. I was a bit skeptical at the time due the fact that language is a barrier where most of the girls can't speak English.

And there she was, being brought over by the mamasan, she sat right beside me. Her height was the first thing that caught our eyes – quite tall and slim. Big eyes, small lips, fair skin.

We greeted each other and she is able to speak some basic English, and to my surprise, she can even speak Mandarin. Then I found out that she is not Thai, but she is from Myanmar.

We chatted for a while, and she started to grab my hand. Some intimate conversations and jokes, and we can feel the chemistry (not sexual) between us. That’s when the mamasan come over and asks if I wanted to book her or not. As per
the forum friend's advice, do not negotiate with her as she will overcharge. Go straight and ask the girl. So I did what he told me and asked for her number. She gave me her number and I said I would give her a call later and we left to our
next destination.

I called her after the final session around 5 AM which is the time she finished work but she did not pick up the phone. Feeling rejected and lonely, I went back to the hotel alone. Then I tried to call her for the next couple of days but
still no answer. In my mind, I started to forget about her and moved on.

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Surprisingly on the 5th day, she called me. She asked me where I was staying and so on. I told her I was working and would finish work around 1 AM. She said she would call me again around that time. So I waited for her call. Around 12 AM,
she called me and said she is on the way and asked for my hotel name. By 1 AM, she had reached me and I was so happy to see her.

Then we went up to my hotel room. She said that she had a headache and was not feeling well and would leave around 5 AM. So I went to 7 Eleven to buy her some pills and supper. After she took the pills, she asked me to take a shower. I finished
my shower and she was lying in the bed scrolling through her phone, showing me pictures of her family and pictures of her.

We were lying in the bed with clothes on, chatting about our families and so on but I did not have the sexual urges to bed her, just appreciated her company. Then she ask me if I’m married or not and I told her I don’t even
have a girlfriend. We kissed and made out and she started to unzip her dress halfway. Waiting for me to take it off. Somehow, I didn’t. I continue to cuddle and kiss her. She asked me again if I had a girlfriend or wife, and once again
I told her I don’t have one (which is the truth). She said that she is scared, and afraid that I will break her heart.

Then I told her this. “I was single for many years after some failures in relationships and that I'm lonely and really need a companion, friend or someone to hold at night without feeling lonely. If I were those typical guys looking
for sex, the moment she came up to my hotel, I would not have wasted so much time and would have gone to straight bed her already. I also understand that she is freelance and earning money to support her family or whoever. I didn’t force
her to have sex with me if she doesn’t want to. Even if she wanted to and requested money, I would her. There is no free lunch. All I wanted is just a companion for the night with or without sex, or even as a friend.”

After hearing this, she faced down the pillow and started weeping. I was really shocked! That moment, I know that she is not like any other FL girls out there (maybe I’m naïve).

To be continue..


You *really* need to spice this up. Why not say that you ripped her clothes off and found a raging hard on attached to her body? You need a twist or something to spice ths up. This is Stickman, not Mills & Boon.

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