Stickman Readers' Submissions April 23rd, 2012

Why I Bring White Chicks Into Mongerville

I am one of the guys who brings white women into our bar areas. Not just Cowboy but the Holy Grail of sacred Mongerville, Nana Plaza. The times I have taken white Honkey women into the plaza I will admit that the white girls were really hot and in their
early twenties. Some were friends and one was a bisexual girlfriend. if you are wondering, let me say that we went to bed alone and woke up alone.

I feel great when I do it and the white girls I am with enjoy themselves too. White women don’t want their men associating with prostitutes. They all know about Thailand and are curious to see who the competition is. I believe that
when they leave they are satisfied that Thai prostitutes are no real threat to them. The reason is that hookers are low rent and dirty.

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The reason it is great to have sexy, young, hot Farang girls occasionally in our bar areas is that they are the real eye candy. There are gangs of hot Swedish girls walking around in tight shorts and bikini tops. Most of the guys are sitting
in Nana Plaza drunk on a barstool are there because there is no way they can get what they really want – which is a hot white chick that’s sexy and beautiful and can be your real friend. For a handful of coins you can pay some impoverished,
illiterate ho to pretend she likes / loves you.

Too many Farang men believe white girls are Medusa vampires who are the spawn of Satan, whose sole purpose in life is to steal their money. When they approach white women they are scared to look them in the eyes and reverse up to her using
the reflection in the back of a highly polished shield. This is not true. Farang girls are the best in almost every way. Foreign hookers are like chewing gum, a bit of pleasure for a brief period.

Isn’t it strange that when guy’s relationships with their white women come apart they blame someone else? It’s never their fault. She was difficult to live with, she was nasty and my favourite is that she is too fat.
That’s the best one yet! It's always a bald fat guy that says that too.

I will admit that I absolutely love hearing stories about Farang women who go to Thailand and can’t find any men. It’s the only time their sexual power over us is neutralised, but only slightly. The white chicks still hold all
the cards.

Unlike some of our friends who pay whores to sleep with them, I don’t think I am a playboy. We should remember we are in a third world country screwing the dregs of their society. A whore girlfriend means YOU are either a bit of a
loser or a full blown loser, but worse than that is everybody knows it. Everybody will tell you that to your face if you ask them. Ask anyone and they will tell you it's disgusting to sleep with hookers. I even think it's disgusting
and I do it. Hookers are desperate, like their Whitey customers.

I only go to the land of smiles for holidays but my friends and I all agree that after you have slept with as many Thais as you can in about a week or ten days then white chicks start to look really hot. We even find ourselves looking at
average and below average Farang girls and thinking how we would much rather spend time with one of them rather than some rice farmer's whore daughter. All over Thailand I see young Thai ladies following fat Farangs around and they can’t
even speak to each other. Absolutely nothing in common is why. Nothing worse than eating dinner in silence with a lady, is there?

Thai prostitutes, or any prostitutes, are cardboard cut-outs of real people. As fake as fake can be. As fake as their plastic shoes, Prada handbags and Cartier watch. They are even covered head to toe in fake clothing. Maybe that should be
a hint.

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Mongers who hate Farang girls remind me of the fat ugly kid with braces, red hair and acne who no-one wants to go to the school dance with. He then turns around and tells everyone he hates dancing so doesn't want to go anyway because
dancing is stupid. But everybody knows the truth.

Patpong has always had female tourists, so expecting none in Cowboy and Nana Plaza is not realistic. And maybe that’s my whole point. Many of the patrons inside Cowboy and Nana are delusional. In the USA it’s called drinking
the cool aid. Prostitutes belong to everybody and if white girls wanna look at them then so be it.

There are also plenty of white girls in Phuket bars and Phuket is bursting at the seams with prostitutes everywhere you look. Nobody complains about that. Also don’t forget that Patpong has had Farang girls wandering about for years
even though it’s a third rate area that is being rightly shunned by the patrons of the Bangkok bar scene.

Farang men see white women with a Thai guy and get annoyed. Double standards. I wonder what they would do if their own white daughter came home with a Thai boyfriend?

Many a true thing is said in jest. Here are 3 jokes Farang girls told me. This is what they think of Thailand:

(1) The rudest thing you can do in Thailand is show the soles of your feet. What nonsense. On my last trip to Bangkok, <edited because it is truly disgusting and I do not believe youStick>

(2) My Thai wife caught me in a strip club last night. She said, "What the fxxx are you doing in here?" I said, "I'm not paying you to talk".

(3) I call my Thai bride Rolls Royce. She's always got a prick in her.

Stickman's thoughts:

If you had reduced the hyperbole and just concentrated on making a few points this might have been a more interesting submission. Some interesting points for sure, but too much nonsense talk and abuse make it hard work to get through.

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