Stickman Readers' Submissions January 24th, 2012

Advice On My Thai Bargirl

The first night

I have just been to Bangkok recently and met a very nice Thai bargirl. The first time I saw her she was with an Asian customer at the bar and I was being introduced to her by her so-called "sister", her good friend at the bar. She's
the most beautiful girl in the bar and I do not know why her "sister" would introduce me to her. I was just sitting at the bar counter having a few beers with my friend and checking out people playing pool and suddenly her "sister"
came over to me saying that she likes me and I just played along saying that I liked her too. Throughout the night she was with the customer until the customer went off at around 1 AM. She came over to me and we had a little chat. The bar closes
at 2 AM. From 1 AM to 2 AM she did not ask me to buy her any beer. I was expecting that she would ask me to buy her beer so she could earn some commission, whereas her "sister" wanted us to buy beer all round.

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After the bar closed at 2 AM, we went to a nearby karaoke to have some food as I told her that I was hungry. At that time, my friend also hooked up with a girl and we went off together to the karaoke. At the karaoke my friend's girl
helped us ordered some food. I was afraid that she would over order but there were only 4 dishes and some drinks and I thought they would earn some money from the karaoke too but when the bill arrive it was only about 700 baht. They did
not force us to order liquor either.

In the midst of having fun at the karaoke, my girl said that she needs to go to a club, and she promised me that she will be back after awhile and true enough she was back after 2 hours. I find this very nice of her to fulfill her promised.

After the karaoke closed at 6 AM, we decided to go off, as we were walking out to get a taxi, her "sister" offered me to follow them back for free. I was wondering what that meant as this was my first time visiting Bangkok. All
along it was her "sister" talking, and she did not say anything. I can see from her expression that she is quite uncomfortable with her "sister's" idea so I rejected them and promised to come back the next night.

The second night

The next night my friend and I were back at the same bar again in search for them. When I entered the bar the first person I saw was my friend's girl and she offered us a to sit down together with her and her female friends. Next come
my girl's "sister” where she was busy playing pool before she noticed that we had arrived. The first thing she told me was that my girl was not around because she has to take care of her Dad where he stays outside of Bangkok and
maybe she is able to rush down after her dad sleeps which was after midnight. She showed me messages from my girl saying that she was sorry that she was unable to make it tonight. (after I checked with my girl the next night, she told me that
she was out partying with her friends). My friend's girl had to go off early for her birthday party so we left the bar early that night.

The last night

We were back at the same bar again. When we arrived, her "sister" came up to me and asked why we were so late. We reached there around 10 PM, and they had started working at 8 PM. She immediately
showed me messages of my girl asking whether I had arrived or not. There were 3 messages asking the same question and asked me what time my flight was the next day. Her "sister" asked me to reply to her personally using her phone, and
so I did, asking her where she was and whether she would come tonight. She replied that she will be but it will be after midnight because she is outside of Bangkok and needs to go back home and change before coming down to meet me. After a while
her "sister" called her on my behalf and asked me to talk to her to ask her to rush down, on the phone she keep saying sorry that she was going to be late.

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My wait was not wasted. She arrived at the bar at 2 AM after the bar closed. In my heart I was wondering why she was so nice rushing down just to meet me where I did not buy her any beer or other things. We went off to the same karaoke again
to have some food and drink. Throughout the night we kept talking and I found out that she has been working there for the past 2 years but now she no longer worked at the bar and she was there just to help out her "sister" as translator
for the customer. (I do not know whether is it true). She stopped her uni studies half way through due to personal reasons where she did not wish to disclose to me. After we left the karaoke, she left me her email and Facebook address.

Back to home

I added her on Facebook immediately, but she took 1 week to accept me. After I checked, she was active on Facebook during the week. I got her number through her "sister" and I tried calling and messaging her but no reply. I have
been messaging her for the past 3 weeks and she did not even reply me a single message. Why is it so?

Can provide me some advice, I do find her very nice as she did not ask for any monetary throughout company. I was thinking that we had a lot of fun time together and why is she ignoring me now?

Stickman's thoughts:

This woman is a working girl and probably has various customers paying her for the use of her body, at different times. She may have genuinely liked you and yeah, working girls may find some customers to be more desirable than others. But at the end of the day, it is all about the money. Her job is to make guys feel good – and she is compensated for it accordingly. NEVER FORGET THAT! Don't make the mistake of thinking that she has genuine feelings for you. For more info on the phenomenon of falling for working girls, go back and read some of the writings of Mega whose stories cover this sort of thing better than most.

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