Stickman Readers' Submissions January 25th, 2012

Told You So 15: It Took Ten Days

This is the latest update on my trials and tribulations with my Filipina Princess estranged wife. I have filed for divorce. She found a new boyfriend and moved into his house, with him, his ex-partner and their vulnerable child. My last update told how (in late November 2011) the boyfriend ‘came to his senses’ with the benefit of being directed to Stickman’s site and how FP disappeared off the radar.

I received a few phone calls from FP. A couple just before Christmas and a couple just before New Year. They were always tearful, ‘little girl’ voice, and just to wish me a ‘Happy Christmas’ or ‘Happy New
Year’ while giving the impression that she was just about ‘hanging on’.

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She did tell me that she’d got her job back. Apparently the nursing home were short of staff so they called her in. Management had decided that they had reported the facts to the regulatory agency and unless and until they were directed
not to employ her, it was OK to do so. As far as I knew, she was living in temporary accommodation locally and making it through.

I really was not interested – my only concern was to get the divorce sorted out and move on. I was always polite and friendly on the phone on the basis that an amicable divorce is always better than a hostile one.

Just over a week ago I received a phone call from the ex-partner and I learned the true situation.

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It took FP just ten days to move back into the boyfriend’s house. This was accomplished by an unrelenting campaign of phone calls, text messages and so on. I can only imagine the promises and actualities involved.

So, the times she called me in ‘desperate circumstances’ she was actually back in the house with the boyfriend (and a very nice house it is, too).

But it gets worse. When FP moved back in apparently they all sat down and discussed the situation like adults (?). This is a big house with plenty of room. Boyfriend and ex-partner agreed that they could all live together for the sake of
the child and make the best of things. (Ex-partner agreed not to have any contact with me so that I could not ‘poison’ the relationship between FP and boyfriend).

This may not have been an ideal situation (and to be honest of no concern to me) but had its benefits for all concerned. Vulnerable child had both parents available. Boyfriend had the perceived (and no doubt actual) benefits of FP available.
FP was living in a very nice house with (no doubt) many financial benefits available.

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Sadly, this was/is not enough for FP.

She is applying pressure on the boyfriend to remove the ex-partner from the house. Those readers who have lived with Filipinas will have an idea of how Filipinas can bring pressure to bear. It is not pleasant or easy to live with.

Specifically, she has now told the boyfriend that her father would be very unhappy if he knew that she was living in a house with the ex-partner and that this is a big ‘no-no’ for her. Her father’s disapproval may be
enough to convince her to move out (or at least in the interim deny her favours). This has been enough to convince the boyfriend that the agreement reached with the ex-partner may need to be revised.

I have no idea what FP’s father would think about this situation. Neither does anyone else, to be honest, because he’s been dead for a few years.

FP is continuing to cause havoc.

She called me a couple of days ago. She’s received the divorce papers from the court and is not sure how to respond. This is not a complicated issue. She can respond how she likes, the divorce will go through anyway.

I am struck in all this by comments Stickman has made numerous times in response to different situations. I believe that FP is playing all her cards, juggling all the balls, and keeping her options open. If I were to take her back (no chance)
she could easily get a Residence Card. If the divorce goes through, within a few months she could marry the boyfriend and have access to his money. Perhaps I’m cynical.

I’ve read and re-read many of the submissions here. The consensus seems to have been ‘Thais for fun: Filipinas for marriage’. My experience is different. As always, a caveat. I may just have been unlucky, but I would
say this: I have not personally met one Filipina I would trust.

Your mileage may vary, but I’m just an ‘ordinary’ guy with what I think is an ‘ordinary’ experience.

Think ok.

Stickman's thoughts:

The guy who let FP back into his house must be seriously pussy whipped, or stupid, or perhaps a combination of the two!

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