Stickman Readers' Submissions December 16th, 2011

Bangkok Caught Me Young

My first visit to Bangkok was two and a half years ago. I was 21 at that time. I think I was just a typical 21 years old. I had just graduated from a reputed university in Melbourne, had broken up with my girlfriend of two years (heartbroken) and just
wanted a change and to have a good time. A friend suggested a trip to Thailand and I said why not?

Packed our bags and off we go for a week in Bangkok! I had stacked up enough cash working part-time and the exchange rate assured that I was a millionaire for at least a week. Before coming to Bangkok, I had heard things about this crazy
city but never really got a grip of what exactly it’s like. But that wasn’t supposed to last long.

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I remember we landed in Bangkok quite late and as soon as we checked-in, decided to grab a bite thinking to take the night slow and hit the city tomorrow but Bangkok had other plans. Outside of our nice hotel in Silom, we met a taxi driver
whose first words were “girl boom-boom”. I didn’t knew what to say or do but my buddy just started to follow the guy and we were off to our first go-go experience. He drove us through some alleys and stopped in front of a
small bar (not a go-go). As soon as we stepped we had 2-3 men around us who made us feel as if we are the kings of the world. Opened the car door than rushed to open the door of bar.

One step in to that bar and my world was changed forever, I saw around 20 beautiful Thai girls dancing their night away and it was just me and my friend among the customers. All eyes on us and those warm smiles from everyone around the room
did their magic. I understood what the hype around Bangkok is all about and I knew I wanted to be a part of this! I had read things but it was nothing like what I had read – it was better.

We sat on a couch while the girls danced, swayed, and seduced with their eyes to grab our attention. My blood was rushing and I had the feeling that I had never had before- it was amazing. My friend turned over to me and asked which one you
like, and I was like just one? I like them all!! But then one caught my eye, her smile and eyes just grabbed my attention and I knew I wanted her. I pointed to pappasan and there she was right next to me. It was that easy! And what happened after
that is all history and is been written in the tales of Bangkok a zillion times.

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In the one week we were there I had the time of my life. It was just amazing! Not just the girls but the food, the weather, the warm smiles all around and that sense of innocence all around caught me. I don’t know what people talk
about scams in Thailand I didn’t came through anything like that. Of course there were some touts who tried pull some tourist scams and at times we paid a little extra but nothing extreme. I think with some common sense, all that could
be avoided and there is nothing wrong if for once you paid 5 bucks extra.

On coming back, I just couldn’t get Bangkok out of my head and wanted more of it. But wasn’t possible, I got busy with my new job. I was busy at that time but just couldn’t stop thinking about the LOS. I thought maybe
I just need to move on and start seeing someone. I went out with a few girls, but the whole concept of dating seemed to be a boring task to me. All I could think about was in Bangkok everything is so easy!

What followed those torrid six months were two trips to Bangkok in the span of one year. They were as amazing as the first, probably even better, as I found out stickman by this time and knew a lot more about the city in general. I just love
that city despite what others say.

Right now I sit in cold and rainy Europe, regretting not been able to visit LOS this year as I decided to take a step ahead in my career and go for a masters degree in business after working for almost two years. I don’t where I will
land after I finish my degree in July next year but I know where my heart wants to be i.e. Bangkok. Am not really sure what I shall do?

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I am 23 years old; people say I am good-looking, well-educated and after my degree hopefully will be well paid as well. I have developed a fear of relations since I broke up with my last girlfriend two and a half years ago. Dating seems to
be a hard task to me, when I can get what I want so easily in Bangkok, even in Bangkok all I do is butterfly. I don’t even stick to a girl for more than night, they just bore the life out of my. All I want to do is save up money and run
to Bangkok even if that for a week or a month. Somewhere down my heart I know I can’t spend my whole life like this, but then I think I can absolutely live like this. There is nothing wrong in this and I be happy whole my life.

I am not sure what I shall I do. Is looking for a job in South-East Asia be of any help to me? Or shall I stick to the western world that I no longer feel the part of? Am asking all you experienced guys out there to show me some light.

Urban Nomad

Stickman's thoughts:

Wise decision to pursue a higher education. That will open doors that will allow you to enjoy Bangkok – or wherever else your travels take you. Putting you education ahead of visiting Bangkok this year was an excellent decision and one that may seem tough now, but one which you will gain much benefit from for the rest of your life!

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